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Bda presentation e-odisha

  1. 1. Bhubaneswar – Transforming the Temple CityA presentation by Bhubaneswar Development Authority Bhubaneswar Development Authority
  2. 2. Bhubaneswar Development Authority Entrusted with •Development Planning •Land use Planning •Building Plan Approval •Undertake works pertaining to construction of – housing colonies, – shopping centers, – markets, – industrial estate, – public amenities Vision Transform Bhubaneswar into a world class urban center and an important gateway for national and international investmentsCompiled by : SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 2
  3. 3. Growth entails its own issues and challenges Inability to align and prioritize infrastructure growth Alignment with 1 Development with development plans and rules leading to unplanned growth Manual approvals of building plans were lengthy and 2 Responsiveness cumbersome leading to stakeholder dissatisfaction Limited capacity of systems and people leading to Capacity 3 Constraints inability to keep pace with growth velocity of infrastructure Inadequate management insights regarding Performance 4 Management performance of department due to fragmented view of operationsCompiled by: SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 3
  4. 4. Enabling reforms in building plan approvals was animperative for BDA Automate scrutiny of drawings vis-à-vis DC rules/ Building bye laws Accelerate scrutiny Provide alerts and process by reports for different eliminating lengthy stakeholders via and cumbersome SMS and email computations Automate workflows and Map authorized roles enable collaboration and responsibilities and between various track file movements stakeholdersCompiled by: SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 4
  5. 5. Building Plan scrutiny process at BDA Architect BDA Committee Submits Approve/ proposal Disapprove online as per regulations Rejection Objections & Compliance Counter Assistants Planning Member Scrutinizes for adequacy Checks Raises Reports Demand Note Sanctions as per Authority Field Inspectors Asst./Jr. Town Associate Planner PlannerConducts sitevisitReports Findings • Perform Document Scrutiny Workflows • Issue Sanction Fee Invoice Approval flows • Issue Permission LetterCompiled by: SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 5
  6. 6. Sanction of Proposals - I 1. Architect submits proposal in required format along with supporting documentation 2. Counter Assistant receives application 3. Processes drawing through AutoDCR 4. Rejects if the plan fails in any component 5. Verifies against hardcopy of documents 6. If approved issues Demand note for Scrutiny Fees 7. Issue File Acknowledgement no. after confirmation of receipt of fees 8. Forwards to concerned Field Inspector/Amin for Site Visit ScrutinyCompiled by: SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 6
  7. 7. Sanction of Proposals - II FI/Amin 1.Conducts site visit : Checks Road width and Plot size as per requirement 2.Generate Site Visit Report Asst./Jr. Town Planner and Associate Planner : 1.Conducts document scrutiny 2.Reassigns Site Visit if Required 3.Conducts Technical scrutiny ( Compares AutoDCR data with FI/Amin Report) 4.Prepares Demand Note 5.Uploads Drawing in non-editable PDF format 6.Raises objections (if any) and verifies Architect’s compliance 7.Prepares Agenda(if applicable) for DP (Development Plan) / BP (Building Plan) Committee 8.Approve proposal based on delegation of powerCompiled by: SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 7
  8. 8. Sanction of Proposals - III 1. Checks Report submitted by Asst./Jr. Town Planner and Associate Planner (Technical Scrutiny and Site Visit Report) 2. Approves proposal as per delegated powers 3. Forward to DP/BP Committee as per recommendations and requirements 4. Stop permissions 5. Take appropriate actions based on MIS ReportsCompiled by: SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 8
  9. 9. Sanction of Proposals - IV 1. Approve / Disapprove as per proceedings 2. View full legal history 3. Stop permissions 4. Take appropriate actions based on MIS ReportsCompiled by: SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 9
  10. 10. Proposal Status ReportCompiled by: SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 10
  11. 11. Summary of Benefits 1 Uniformity and Standardization of Approval Process Before the AutoDCR was introduced ATP/JTP were doing the manual scrutiny resulting in confusion and ambiguity among the Architects and BDA officers. 2 Good Governance Better Governance Practices followed in BDA Planning division after AutoDCR implemented. 3 Better Quality and Faster Services to Applicant & Citizens Architects and Applicants getting faster Response and transparency in their Approvals. 4 Accountability AutoDCR brought more accountability in terms of Responses and Approvals both for BDA and Architect’s resulting in better co-ordination and benefiting citizens. 5 Increase in Revenue (Planning Division) BDA’s Planning wing recorded an exponential rise in revenue after AutoDCR implementationCompiled by: SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Limited 11
  12. 12. Thank You Contact Details: Designation : Planning Member Contact No : 0674- 2390691 Mail : Website : Bhubaneswar Development Authority