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There has started a strong trend of moving to service based software in the last few years. A typical lifecycle of a software product in this case consists of two major phases – transition and operation.
Your organization may have the experience and capacity to conduct the Transition phase, however the Operation phase could introduce some additional risks and issues. This is caused by the difference between boxed- and service-based software delivery models.
SoftServe’s Development Operations Consulting services include an analysis and assessment as well as providing a solution for continuous delivery and build automation, data management, availability monitoring and operations automation.
This presentation by SoftServe`s Russ Hertzberg, VP Technology Solutions, describes SoftServe`s approach to Development Operations.

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SaaS Operations Practice Overview SoftServe DevOps

  1. 1. SaaS Operations Practice Overview SoftServe Dev Ops Russ Hertzberg Vice President, Technology Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda▪ Market Situation▪ Practice Overview▪ Technology Advisory Services▪ Operations Frameworks▪ Case Study Artifacts
  3. 3. What is Dev Ops?Dev Ops is a set of processes,methods and system forcommunication, collaborationand integration betweendepartments for SoftwareDevelopment, TechnologyOperations and QualityAssurance(QA)… andskilled professionals that will run this!
  4. 4. How We See Dev Ops: Node Management Network structure Environment Management Build Deploy Upgrade Disaster Application Recovery ManagementBackupRestore Operations Data Migration Data Security Tenant Data Management Maintenance Monitoring Provisioning UnProvisioning SLA Customization Performance Capacity
  5. 5. Dev Ops Drivers▪ SaaS – Business pressure to deliver new features faster – ideally 1 or 2X per day!▪ Cloud – Advances in the tools available to automate the delivery/deploying process (cloud, virtualization, automation)
  6. 6. Product ISV vs. SaaS ISV: Technical Staff Needs Clients Clients Client 1 Client 2 ... Client NClient 1 Client 2 ... Client N Solution Provider(ISV) Solution Provider(ISV) DevOps Support Team Team Development Client Solutio team Support team Development Team SoftServe SoftServe
  7. 7. Activity Domain as Keywords DevOps hosting capacity backup & restore storage 99.99% uptime puppet UNIX installation Azure RPM delivery Rackspace LAMP Linux monitoring CDN provisioning operations stagingNagios disaster recovery S3 BASH Amazon WS Zabbix 24/7 support deploymentload balancing TCO
  8. 8. Application management Activity Domain as Process Infrastructure Management Availability Support • Continuous • Staging, QA, p • Monitoring • Need delivery roduction… • Performance somebody to • Build and • Hosting and stability support our Deployment selection or improvement product in • Installation migration • 99.99% production and packaging • TCO availability • Routine optimization needed! activities need • Hardware and to be software tools automated • OS migration • Need 24/7 support • Content delivery speed • The system needs very • Issues with fast recovery static content ability • Backup and restore
  9. 9. Typical Dev Ops Assessment and Planning Engagement▪ Service Operation Lifecycle for New Solutions: ▪ Transition Phase ▪ Delivery Phase▪ Gaps and Risks in Current Solutions, Based on ITIL and ISO Standards▪ Define Operations Frameworks and Processes – IaaS Layout – 3rd Party Services, TCO, Tool Selection – Tool Extensions and Customizations – Continuous Delivery Strategy – Define Service Monitoring (SLA), DR, Backup, Incident Management
  10. 10. SaaS Operations Framework (SSOF)▪ A SoftServe solution that: – Provisions from bare metal to load balanced server farms in minutes – Stores and controls deployment packages – Consolidates management and monitoring – Centralizes key/credential management – Centralizes logging and backup – Manages rapidly growing inventory
  11. 11. Operations Framework Construction▪ An Advisory Service to Help Clients Use Current Environment Management Tools and Current Environment to Enhance Disaster Recovery Application Management Operational Performance Dev Ops Tenant Data Management Maintenance Monitoring
  12. 12. Continuous Build and Deployment
  13. 13. IaaS Options Analysis
  14. 14. Requirements Elucidation▪ Decrease levels of non-required virtualization and abstractions▪ Remove any single point of failure▪ Restrict node network communication▪ Encrypt network communication▪ Encrypt messaging and tenant data▪ Zero-downtime deploy and update▪ Restrict mobile clients and server-side network communications▪ Encrypt mobile clients and server-side network communications▪ Bastion and Load Balancing System
  15. 15. Assessment
  16. 16. SoftServe Assessment Tool: Dev Ops Maturity Quadrant SM▪ Scope:• Assessment of the current engineering and release processes• Review and analysis of the typical IT environments: eBiz, J2EE, etc.• Reviewing the tools portfolio to determine their DevOps/Cloud readiness• Building the roadmap of changes to be done to implement DevOps
  17. 17. Contacts Europe Headquarters US Headquarters 52 V. Velykoho Str. 12800 University Drive, Suite 250 Lviv 79053, Ukraine Fort Myers, FL 33907, USA Tel: +380-32-240-9090 Main Tel: 239-690-3111 Fax: +380-32-240-9080 Main Fax: 239-690-3116E-mail: E-Mail: Thank You!