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Managing Requirements with Word and TFS by Max Markov


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Managing Requirements with Word and TFS

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Managing Requirements with Word and TFS by Max Markov

  1. 1. MANAGING REQUIREMENTS WITH WORD AND TFS Tuesday, November 17, 2015 9 AM PST/5 PM BST/6 PM CEST Max Markov webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar
  2. 2. SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS*: 39%*CHAOS Report 2014 by Standish Group webinar
  3. 3. Document Work Item Easier to tell Easier to track webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar
  4. 4. Easier with document: • Elaborate from context to details • Good diagrams outcompete text Easier with work items: • Each item has unique ID • Keep documents up to dated • Continue elaborate details webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar
  5. 5. Word TFS 2 3 Development teamBusiness analysts 4 Approved specification translated into work items 1 Updated work items translated back to document webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar
  6. 6. Other great tools: • Visual Studio Storyboarding • Excel integration with TFS webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar Download link: