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TIMControl is a new generation, 2.0 eLearning System (LMS/LCMS). As a Learning System is based on Company Knowledge and therefore offers more features and benefits or a regular Learning Management System. TIMControl assists and helps companies in the process of crafting effective learning communities.

TIMControl has many useful purposes. It is a training and communication tool which is used to evaluate staff and/or handle certifications.

Furthermore it is a powerful file management and sharing tool. TIMControl is supported by SoftControl, your trusted IT Partner since 1993 serving you and your Company in English, German and Thai language.

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Learning Management System (LMS) - TIMControl

  1. 1. by IT Peace of Mind IT Peace of Mind - Your Learning Management System Helping international companies boost capabilities and grow business for the last 20 years SoftControl.Net Ltd. 9th Floor, BB Building #3906-07, 54 Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Asoke Road), Bangkok 10110, Thailand Voice: +66 2 105-4068 Fax: +66 2 664-2306 info@softcontrol.net www.softcontrol.net
  2. 2. Learning & Knowledge Management • New generation, 2.0 eLearning system (LMS/LCMS); • Can assist the process of creating effective learning communities; • It can be used as: • A training tool; • A communication tool; • An evaluation tool; • A certification tool; • A file management and sharing tool; • An more…. • Supported by SoftControl, your trusted IT partner, speaking English, and Thai IT Peace of Mind Train·Instruct·Manage
  3. 3. • • • • • • • • • • All-in-one Learning and Knowledge Management solution; Securely hosted on YOUR server; Build Content/Tests, Deliver, Assess, Reports; Multilingual; Standards compliant (SCORM/AICC Certified); Intuitive and Attractive (icon based interface); Runs everywhere (any OS, mobile, any bandwidth); Runs on anything (any browser); Fast, new generation web application (AJAX); Expansible (modular technology). IT Peace of Mind Overview
  4. 4. Branch management Skills management Use branches to reflect your organizational hierarchy Create, assign and use skills to identify who knows what Jobs management Detailed employees info Create Job descriptions, map them to Branches and assign them to employees Store, Search and Analyze extended info about your employees Skills-Lessons Correlation Jobs-Lessons Correlation Assign skills to employees as they successfully complete assigned lessons or courses Assign lessons to employees based on their working position IT Peace of Mind Features
  5. 5. Reports Generator Employee log A highly flexible reports generator. You can create your own reports with ease Supervisors can evaluate employees and together with the system log create a detailed employee log. Employee placements Training record Create a coherent report for the skills Assign one or several job placements to each employee within one or more branches and educational status of all employees. Files sharing Organization Structure Efficiently share files between employees and supervisors of each Branch View and interact with the entire organization using the organizational chart IT Peace of Mind Features
  6. 6. Company-wide communication Search for perfect candidates Internal messaging based on your organizations structure Search and locate the perfect candidate for any given task based on several criteria Notifications Advanced lesson options Share folders, clone, copyproperties or restrict participation are a few of the advanced lesson options Create custom communication emails that are triggered on a wide range of events and send personalized emails Security and access control Features like LDAP support or IP restriction help building a secure and open system Surveys Create, share and analyze responses from people inside or outside your organization IT Peace of Mind Features
  7. 7. Certifications User management Build and issue your own certifications Full support for managing users. Custom user roles can be created depending on your needs Lessons, Courses and Categories Progress tracking Several visual indications guide the user through the lesson and his current progress Organize lessons by topic into categories. Bundle several lessons inside a course Content editing A powerful and flexible visual content editor with internal support for a plethora of media Test builders Create tests by assembling questions from a question pool. Several types of questions can be created, used and reused across multiple IT Peace of Mind Features
  8. 8. Customization & usability Search Drag and drop components, select a new theme or the active components for your lesson. TIMControl is an elegant and flexible solution that does not look outdated Search for anything and anyone, anywhere inside the system Projects Assign projects with deadlines to endusers and track their progress Administration The administrator is still a human - put the same special care on his interface as well Multilingual Unicode support and a full language administration module. Adding a new language is easy! Access rules Restrict or guide the users through the content IT Peace of Mind Features
  9. 9. Customized Applications for Your Business CRM that fits YOUR business; Document archiving and management; HR and recruitment process management; Learning Management based on Knowledge base; Create online surveys and get reports easily; WorkFlow Automate YOUR workflows; eCommerce YOUR business is visible on web and mobile. IT Peace of Mind Improve YOUR Business
  10. 10. Total Solution Your Production Site or Office Disaster Prevention Remote Server (OPTION) Server Every 15 Min Onsite Backup (Option) Every 15 Min IT Peace of Mind Your Data is Safe
  11. 11. Company Profile Thai company since 1993 Support small, medium, and large enterprises Serve customers in their language Western style service and business philosophy Customer’s needs is our main focus IT Peace of Mind Your Local IT Partner
  12. 12. Some of Our Clients Kolang IT Peace of Mind 200+ Customers Served
  13. 13. Services and Solutions For You Boost YOUR Capabilities IT Maintenance: network support, IT Health Check, IT consulting , planning and audit; Secure Cloud: access, backup, sync, share data between users and your corporate server; Secure Email: your emails’ privacy is really protected technically and legally; Hardware & Software: Any Type of IT and Software, IT as a Service. Reach YOUR Customers IP Telephony Tele-& Video-Conferencing IP Telephony as a Service Secure YOUR Data Backup Solutions Disaster Prevention Backup as a Service Grow YOUR Business Business Solutions: CRM, HR, Document Archiving, Training, Online Survey, etc.; Workflows: SharePoint, K2, custom; Customized Software development; E-commerce: Web and Mobile Sites; Online Marketing: SEO, content, design. IT Peace of Mind “IT Peace of Mind”