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Greeting Cards Maker


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Greeting Cards Maker

  1. 1. Gr eet t h e w or l d ar ou n d y ou !Created by Softbox
  2. 2. You want to greet someone on a particular occasion, event, celebration or just tell somebody you love them in an original way?Created by Softbox
  3. 3. Looking for a quick and easy way to do this using your mobile device?Created by Softbox
  4. 4. You want your greeting to be unique, one-of-a-kind, and according to your taste and preferences?Created by Softbox
  5. 5. Greeting Cards Maker the solution in several simple stepsCreated by Softbox
  6. 6. 1. Choose a category and greeting card template 2. Add a greeting or write your own one 3. Add emoticon to exress and share your feelings. Complete the design of your greeting card by choosing clipart.Created by Softbox
  7. 7. Choose the way you wish to share your greeting:Created by Softbox
  8. 8. ... and finally, simply click SendCreated by Softbox
  9. 9. Features  Browse and download our collections (more than 300 greeting cards) for Love, Birthday, Thanks, Holidays, Nature, Wedding, Baby.  Import collection of clipart and wishes in English, Spanish, German and French.  Use the photos on your mobile device.Add text, wish, clipart or emoticon from our collections to the card.  Adjust the size, transparency and color of inserted image.  Simple Finger Paint for touch screen devices.  Send/Share the greeting card via Email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry® Messenger. and many others…Created by Softbox
  10. 10. Under the hoodCreated by Softbox
  11. 11. Status  10 000+ downloads  8 times more users a day after launching version 2.0  30% of all users have purchased the application for the last 2 months  Regional Selection in the 2010 BlackBerry Partners Fund Super Apps Developer ChallengeCreated by Softbox
  12. 12. Future directions for development  Web Site – web based version of Greeting Cards Maker in which users will be able to access and share their greeting card collections.  Development of versions for:Created by Softbox
  13. 13. Created by Softbox