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Analysis of madagascar


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Analysis of madagascar

  1. 1. Assignment 2:Researching a Cross Media Film CampaignASSESSMENT CRITERIA1. Skilled use of MEDIA LANGAUAGE/TERMINOLOGY2. Using EVIDENCE from the media text to support your analysisIn your lesson today you are going to be examining a case study and looking at how it promotes afilm before its general release.The Key Words which I am looking for in your analysis are SIGNIFIES, CONNOTATIONS,SYNERGY, TARGET AUDIENCE, GENRE
  2. 2. 1. Carry out an analysis of the home page explaining what you can tell about the movie from thehome page (remember to think about images, colors, fonts, hyperlinks, multimediacontent. Use words like CONNOTATIONS, ANCHORS, SIGNIFIES, REPRESENTATION)The homepage has bright colors with a lot of different pictures. The conations suggests that thewebsite and film overall is for children and it is based on a comedy and is a happy family filmand can be watched by any gender and age as long as they are with a group of people. The filmalso signifies that the action film is action judging my there faces and by the entire circuslooking audience. The hyperlinks show the films are on DVD which them persuades theaudience to buy it. The blue with the light suggest that the audience is being highlighted tofocus on that part of the poster. The text ‘Europe’s most wanted’ represents that the film isaction and that the genre is action as well as comedy. The anchorage demonstrates that the filmis for kids mainly as they are cartoons.
  3. 3. 2. From your initial analysis explain who the target audience is and how you know this.GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITY/SEXUALITY3. Now its time to have a look around this website, explain what features the website has andhow these features would appeal to the target audience (make a list of these)ENTERTAIN/INFORM/EDUCATE/ESCAPE/SELF-ESTEEMFEATURE OF THEWEBSITEREASON IT WOULD APPEAL?GamesThey keep the audience to the website appealed, theycan interact with all the games as the games canentertain and also show what the movie is about.CharactersThey introduce who the characters by having links tothe characters which you can find out who eachcharacter is. This can appeal a lot as they then knowwho’s in the film before even watching it and this canmake them a lot more familiar to who’s in the film andalready acknowledge who there favorite characters are.SoundtracksThe soundtracks can come in very handy as thechildren who visit the site can sing along to all thesongs and different soundtracks.‘Shoot Cannon’The ‘Shoot Cannon’ is very useful as this can make theaudience laugh and it also has Marty jumping out of thecannon this can be fun for the kids to laugh and enjoy.VideosThere are videos that can be trailer and have an insideon what the movie is about and who the differentcharacters and where and what the dilemmas and canintrigue the audience to maybe buy the movie if theyfind it funny and entertaining.AnimationsThe animations are very useful as they can show thefilm is up beat and a film that consists of comedy andaction.DownloadsThe apps are useful as they are allowing you to getother ways of using particular games and apps of themovie.The target audience is mainly for kids as the images are cartoons, but can be watched with a familyas it is a happy and optimistic film. The film gender does not actually have a set group that it isaimed at and both females and males are aimed, you can tell this because both females and malesare demonstrated in the film.
  4. 4. 4. Find out if there are any examples of synergy on the website. Explain how the film companyhas worked with other companies to reach their TARGET AUDIENCE and promote their film.5. In your own words explain how effective you think the website is.KEY MEDIA WORDS TO INCLUDE:A*/A Grade - SIGNIFIES, TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC, AUDIENCE GRATIFICATIONS,CONNOTATIONS, AUDIENCE PROFILE, REPRESENTS, GENRE SIGNIFIERSB/C Grade - SIGNIFIES, TARGET AUDIENCE, AUDIENCE PLEASURES,CONNOTATIONS, REPRESENTATIOND/E Grade - TARGET AUDIENCE, CONNOTATIONS, GENREThe film has worked with DreamWorks and dream works is a massive company that is well knownand this can help the film as this is a unique selling point. DreamWorks can help show the film isaimed at kids as DreamWorks mainly consists of children films. DreamWorks can help as theaudience will be familiar and straight away signify the target audience. There is a good example ofsynergy. There are partners on the Madagascar website that show all the well known products thathave linked with Madagascar which promotes the Madagascar film. There is even L’OrealMadasgcar shampoos which kids will persuade there parents to buy.The film signifies that the movie is for young kids and the websites a main advantage as it helpsshow that side that the movie is comedy and has action. This is very effective as the websitescan help people be aware the target demographic is specifically aimed at a family as well asmainly young kid’s audience. The audience gratifications identifies that the film is very jumpyand quite loud for dynamics.