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Cell cycle control/Regulation


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Regulation of the cell cycle, and a game

Published in: Education
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Cell cycle control/Regulation

  1. 1. CCeellll ccyyccllee ccoonnttrrooll ((cchheecckkppooiinnttss)) TThhee rreegguullaattiioonn ooff tthhee cceellll ccyyllccee
  2. 2. Who controls the cell cycle?  The key molecules which control and coordinate cell division are called “CDK” (Cyclin-dependent kinases) and “Cyclin” (homework! research what they are). Where in the cell is the cell cycle control system?  IInn tthhee cceellll NNuucclleeuuss.
  3. 3. When in the cell cycle happens this control?  In three checkpoints!
  4. 4. Cell cycle control game 