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Why You Need To Travel!


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This is my Ignite presentation in Professional Communication and Presentation class. I think Americans need to travel more and experience the world. In this presentation you will learn why.

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Why You Need To Travel!

  1. We all love Traveling don’t we?
  2. you have to DO it!
  3. Only 30% of Americans have a passport
  4. Money > Leisure =World
  5. Why Travel ?
  6. LEARN
  7. it’s the best education
  8. History
  9. To Widen Horizon
  10. What is out there?
  11. It’s an Adventure
  12. it ShapeS You
  13. We are shaped by:
  14. The Stories we tell
  15. We Gain
  16. Confidence
  17. Self awareness
  18. Preparation Save up Plan ahead Research
  19. It’s a Journey
  20. that lets you view a Different culture
  21. and hear a Different Story
  22. We Learn to Appreciate each other
  23. Where would you like to travel?
  24. “ The most important lessons in life can never be expressed in black and white, but must be experienced -Benny