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Soda-Tec is one of the most dependable soda blasting services in Sydney. We possess resources and skilled technicians that achieve the desired perfection in paint striping or any soda blasting job for the removal of unwanted coating from a certain metallic surface, whether ferrous or non-ferrous.

Address: 126A Pitt Town Road Kenthurst NSW 2156
Phone No: 0407 070 464

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  1. 1. Welcome to Soda-Tec A professional soda blasting cleaners
  2. 2. Index About Us Blasting uses Why US? Contact us
  3. 3. We, Soda-tec Take Immense Pride In Introducing Ourselves As One Of The Leading Providers Of Soda Blasting Service In Sydney. Soda Blasting Is A More Effective Method Of Cleaning Than Chemical Cleaning For The Removal, Stripping And Degreasing Of Rigid Spots, Dirt, Grime Or Sludge. Our Soda Blasting Cleaning Is A Complete Environmental Friendly Cleaning Method. ABOUT US Write to Us: 070 464
  4. 4.  Automotive and Car  Graffiti and Paint Removal  Boats and Antifoul Removal  Building and Construction  Flood Damage and Fire Restoration  Food Preparation and Equipment  Equipment Cleaning Services Blasting uses Write to Us: 070 464
  5. 5.  No use of chemical  Eco-friendly cleaning using compressed air  On-time execution of tasks  Highly competitive charges Why US? Write to Us: 070 464
  6. 6. Call us on +0407 070 464 Email Us - Or visit http:// contact US
  7. 7. THANK YOUFor Your Time