Somerville Open Data Webinar, Presented 09-20-12


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Can a smaller city use its data as a strategic platform to innovate and solve real-world problems? Find out by watching the presentation:

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Somerville Open Data Webinar, Presented 09-20-12

  1. 1. Somerville, MA Open Data Webinar! Webcast recorded: 9-20-12
  2. 2. Watch Webcast Recording View Webcast Recording: Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  09-­‐20-­‐12   2  
  3. 3. Webcast Speakers §  Joseph  Curtatone,  Mayor,  City  of  Somerville     §  Steve  Craig,  Director  of  Cons,tuent  Services,  City  of   Somerville   §  Daniel  Hadley,  Director  of  SomerStat,  City  of   Somerville     Hosted  by:   Saf  Rabah,  VP  of  Marke,ng,  Socrata   Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  09-­‐20-­‐12   3  
  4. 4. Webcast Agenda §  Mayor  Joseph  Curtatone’s  Vision  for  Open  Data   §  Open  Data  as  a  Pla8orm  for  Innova<on   §  Extending  Somerville’s  311  Service   §  Driving  a  High-­‐performance  Culture   §  Enhancing  Community  Engagement   §  Promo,ng  Transparency  and  Accountability   §  Par,cipa,ng  the  Na,onal  Ecosystem   Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  09-­‐20-­‐12   4  
  5. 5. Mayor’s Vision for Open Data “We definitely have shown that municipalities, no matter what their size, especially small and medium sized communities, have the opportunity to really do a lot more with a lot less using data” – Mayor Joseph Curtatone, Somerville, MA •  Increased Service Delivery •  Redefining How City Services are Delivered •  Increased Transparency and Accountability Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  09-­‐20-­‐12   5  
  6. 6. Somerville 311 Call Center Operations •  The City of Somerville receives 100,000 calls a year from a population of 78,000 •  One of only a few cities in the country to operate a 24/7 call center •  Residents were required to call to check the status of past requests Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  09-­‐20-­‐12   6  
  7. 7. Open Data Increases Value of City Services •  Turnkey solution offers residents self-service access to city 311 database •  Residents now have unfiltered view of city improvements in their neighborhood Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  00-­‐20-­‐12   7  
  8. 8. Open Data for Performance Reporting •  Historical city performance data was obscured in PDF format and difficult for residents to gain insight from •  Data has now been aggregated into one dataset allowing residents to easily sort, filter, and analyze across multiple months •  City has leveraged the Socrata Social Data Player to create a performance dashboard Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  09-­‐20-­‐12   8  
  9. 9. Open Data for Improved Decision-making •  Somerville is now able to use data to engage residents in discussions around issues impacting city life •  Residents can now benefit from viewing the same data officials use to make city decisions Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  09-­‐20-­‐12   9  
  10. 10. Checkbook Explorer •  City had desired an Open Checkbook application but lacked the resources to implement the vision •  The Socrata Checkbook Explorer provided a turnkey solution for increasing financial transparency •  Residents now benefit from a consumer-friendly user experience Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  09-­‐20-­‐12   10  
  11. 11. Cities.Data.Gov •  Somerville, MA joined national effort to create a single repository for municipal data from across the country •  Joins Open Data thought leaders like Seattle, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  09-­‐20-­‐12   11  
  12. 12. Recap Open Data as a Platform for Innovation •  311 Explorer: Improve citizen self-service •  ACE Program: Drive a data-driven, high- performance culture •  ResiStat: Story-telling with data informs community engagement. •  Checkbook Explorer: Financial transparency? There is an app for that. • Participating in the national ecosystem. Open  Data  Innova,ons  Webinar  04-­‐26-­‐12   12  
  13. 13. Questions & Follow up For  more….     Steve  Craig  |  Somerville     Daniel  Hadley|  Somerville     Saf  Rabah  |  Socrata   13  
  14. 14. Thank You! Open  Data  Webcast  Broadcasted:  09-­‐20-­‐12   14