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The November 1, 2013 deadline for compliance with Executive Order 13642 and OMB Memorandum M-13-13 is fast approaching.

Get your questions answered and accelerate your implementation efforts. Attend a free webinar entitled: How to Achieve Open Data Policy Compliance with Socrata.

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Achieve Federal Open Data Policy Compliance - Slides

  1. 1. Meeting the November 1st Federal Deadline and Going Beyond to Achieve Agency Goals Ian Kalin, Director of Open Data Federal Open Data Compliance
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction  The Five Steps to Federal Open Data Policy Compliance  Question & Answer
  3. 3. Democratizing Access to Data Federal State Medicare CFPB CDC EPA White House Energy Star HHS ATF New York Illinois Colorado Oregon Hawaii Missouri Maryland Washington Oklahoma San Francisco New York City Baltimore Chicago Seattle Boston Austin Dallas Atlanta New Orleans Local Raleigh Oakland Kansas City Redmond King County Alameda County Cook County Montgomery County San Mateo County Local NGOs & International The World Bank United Nations USAID World Food Programme Kenya ACT Australia Lombardi, IT Edmonton, CA Halifax, CA
  4. 4. The Socrata Data Experience Platform GovStat Performance Management Explorer Apps Data Experience AppsOpen Data Portal Democratizing Data Sorting & Filtering Visualizations Social Sharing Embeds APIs Open Checkbook 311 Explorer Permits Xplorer Mobile Elections Facilities Locator Dashboards Goals Framework Reports Builder Data Experience Suite API Enablement, Geocoding, & Analytics Socrata Cloud Platform Data Virtualization, Data Ingestion, Data Synchronization, Data Store World Class Secure Hosting Infrastructure, Dedicated Support Resources
  5. 5. Federal Open Data Policy Compliance
  6. 6. Implementation by Nov 1st  Create and maintain an Enterprise Data Inventory  Create and maintain a Public Data Listing  Create a process to engage with customers to help facilitate and prioritize data release  Document if data cannot be released  Clarify roles and responsibilities for promoting efficient and effective data release
  7. 7. Step 1: Enterprise Inventory 2.0 DataGov Metadata Template for Datasets and Tools Element Number Element Description Enter Metadata for Data Single Dataset (Use Other Worksheet for Multiple Dataset Loading) 1 Unique ID For DataGov PMO Use Only - will be generated when placed in catalog FOR DATAGOV PMO USE ONLY 1.1 User Generated ID This field may be used by the agency to track the submissions on their internal systems. The field is optional as it will not typically be used by the Datagov and will not be published on the catalog. 2 Title Unique name of the dataset or Tool. (e.g., Current Population Survey, Consumer Price Index, FBI Ten Most Wanted Widget). This field will be used to populate the data catalog; the catalog will be sorted on this field. Note: if the title is not unique within the entire catalog, you will be asked to change it.. 3 Dataset Group Name This is an optional field This field allows agencies to provide a Group Name to multiple datasets and/or tools in order to show that they may be presented as a group or a set.. Can only Manage What you Measure.
  8. 8. Step 2: The Public Data Listing Federated Search Evolving Interface Subset of the Enterprise Inventory
  9. 9. Step 3: Engage with Customers Find Explore Visualize Comprehend Share Reuse Information
  10. 10. Step 4: Document Non-Release
  11. 11. Step 5: Clarify Roles & Owners
  12. 12. Accelerate Agency Goals Data is Generated Data is Opened Innovators Leverage Data Accelerates Agency Goals New Products & Services Open Data Ecosystem
  13. 13. Summary of Recommendations  Open data is a national asset and core to mission  Start small with your Enterprise Data Inventory  Make the “common core metadata” work for you  CKAN is not the only option  Engage General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer  Establish clear owners  Meet the deadline, but go beyond.
  14. 14. Federal Open Data Policy Guide Follow Link for Additional Resources
  15. 15. Thank You! Ian Kalin – @IanJKalin