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S3 buzz quick start guide


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Get a highly successful buzz campaign up and running in 10 Minutes.
* transition your marketing from self promotion to recommendation
* Get significantly more people to talk about you

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S3 buzz quick start guide

  1. 1. S3 Buzz Quick Start Guide #S3 © Copyright Society3 Group Inc
  2. 2. The Problem Society3 is solving Your business friends are happy to help and talk about you! But YOU need to give them a story and a place to share it! © Copyright Society3 - 2014 2 #Society3
  3. 3. You have a vision, limited budget and good friends 1) Create a story 2) Ask your friends to share it X © Copyright Society3 - 2014 3 #Society3
  4. 4. 10 things that make a successful Buzz 1) Know exactly what you want to buzz about 2) Polish your online presence 3) You should have a well maintained network 4) Create some tweet-size stories for them to share 5) Setup the campaign in S3 Buzz – and launch it 6) Add the Buzz Widget to your online presence 7) Add the Buzz link to all outgoing messages 8) Inform all your Business friends about the Buzz 9) Add frequently new content to your presence 10)Constantly monitor and moderate your buzz © Copyright Society3 - 2014 4 #Society3
  5. 5. Know exactly what you want to buzz about Buzz about one (1) thing only The brand, an event, a product, a situation… never combine multiple things in one buzz. Decide what you want to get out of the Buzz again that should be one thing. © Copyright Society3 - 2014 5 #Society3
  6. 6. Polish your online presence Your Buzz will be pointing to one URL Make that page attractive and inspiring to act and re-share with others What ever you buzz about should be prominently on the following places: On your website’s home page Blog posts about what you are buzzing You share the content on Facebook Present it with a PowerPoint on Slideshare Expose details on your LinkedIn company page Frequently share news about it on Twitter Share updates on topic relevant sites Consider crowd funding sites Ensure all properties point to all other properties © Copyright Society3 - 2014 6 #Society3
  7. 7. You should have a well maintained network Since centuries, “having connections” is the key to business success. Find them online in LinkedIn, Twitter, on Google, Facebook… and connect if you not already have © Copyright Society3 - 2014 7 #Society3
  8. 8. Create some stories for your friends to share Understand your audience They want to hear what ‘OTHERS SAY’ not what YOU are pitching. GOOD: “XYZ has a pretty interesting solution…” NOT GOOD: “We are the global leader of rather something and introducing jade jade” Create tweet-size stories, containing what your business friends may say about you, your product, event... © Copyright Society3 - 2014 8 #Society3
  9. 9. Set it all up in S3 Buzz – and launch it Complete the Buzz Campaign form Intuitive and self explanatory Hit the launch button to create the Buzz Buzz will automatically generate your dedicated Buzz page with buttons so that your friends just need to click on and share the stories with their network. You’ll have access to video tutorial and our buzz hotline © Copyright Society3 - 2014 9 #Society3
  10. 10. Add the Buzz Widget to your online presence Embedding the Buzz widget to: Your website’s home page The page where the main content that you are buzzing about resides You may also embed it on all relevant blog posts Ask people directly to support the Buzz © Copyright Society3 - 2014 10 #Society3
  11. 11. Add the Buzz link to all outgoing messages You have a dedicated Buzz URL like: Add your own buzz URL to all these and more: Your email signature Your websites wherever you list things Your social presences and profiles Your XeeMe / S3ID Your product documentation Your PowerPoint presentations Anything that may be public and inspire to support you © Copyright Society3 - 2014 11 #Society3
  12. 12. Inform all your Business friends about the Buzz Launch time – ask for help Go back to your entire network of business and personal friends and ask to help spreading the word Alert them individually in social networks. You may also want to send a good old, yet very personal email. © Copyright Society3 - 2014 12 #Society3
  13. 13. Add frequently new content to your presence You most likely have a lot to say about the topic you are buzzing about Add corresponding content to your blog Update your website Update your presence on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Slideshare… Don’t forget to thank all your supporters © Copyright Society3 - 2014 13 #Society3
  14. 14. Constantly monitor and moderate your buzz Mentions are driving attention Track the number of mentions about you Track the number of active advocates Track the number of new advocates Make sure you or somebody in your team is responding to comments and questions!!! © Copyright Society3 - 2014 14 #Society3
  15. 15. Pr We are here to help you on every step of the way… +1 (650) 384.0057 +49 (30) 2023.8748 Society3 Group – - © Copyright Society3 - 2014 15 San Francisco, CA + 1 (650) 384-0057 Europe + 49 (30) 2023-8748
  16. 16. Thank You +1 (650) 384 0057 © 2012 Society3 Group Inc. Society3 and Society3 Academy are trademarks of Society3 Group Inc. All rights reserved. This content is protected under the copyright law of the United States. It is prohibited to make full or partial copies or extractions of this documentation without the explicit written approval from Society3 Group Inc. USA Society3 Group Inc. | 201 Mission St # 1200 | San Francisco, CA 94105 | (650) 384-0057 © Copyright Society3 - 2014 16