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Societas Presentation Sep10


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Institutional presentation of Societas Social Analysis Consultants.

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Societas Presentation Sep10

  1. 1. Presentation September, 2010 Creating knowledge, producing better social environments
  2. 2. Who we are  Societas is a consulting firm which conducts studies, designs and evaluates projects, develops communications and community relations strategies and provides advice on social issues.  Our multidisciplinary team is composed of highly professional consultants who guarantee solutions tailored to specific social contexts.
  3. 3. Societas MISSION To build useful knowledge and foster a better social environment.  VISION To be a leading social management consulting firm in Peru, with a reputation for academic quality, technical experience and impeccable ethical conduct.
  4. 4. Our work Rural development Urban planning State and public policy Tourism Environment Extractive industries
  5. 5. Strategic actions 1. Designing practical, strategic and responsible solutions for our partners to achieve their social objectives. 2. Providing tools for decision-making in the social field. 3. Facilitating dialogue between stakeholders to achieve common objectives and a better social environment. We guarantee this strategy by using applied, specific and interdisciplinary studies, our extensive knowledge of cross-cultural experience and by providing customized, sustained expert advice.
  6. 6. The social responsibility approach  Negative impact management: externality control. Impact management  Responsibility to the surrounding community, above and beyond the direct benefits and impacts companies produce. Commitment  Social management incorporated into the activities of the company and its contractors. Integrated management
  8. 8. Products and services IDENTIFYING CRITICAL ISSUES AND STAKEHOLDERS  Stakeholder mapping  Social risk analysis  Social due diligence ESTABLISHING THE CURRENT SITUATION  Social impact assessment  Social impact analysis, emphasizing gender  Analysis of regional and local political contexts  Geographic information systems
  9. 9. Products and services ESTABLISHING GOALS  Community relations plans  Designing logframes  Strategic planning ESTABLISHING MANAGEMENT MEASURES  Internal alignment
  10. 10. VERIFYING RESULTS AND TAKING ACTION  Project evaluation PARTICIPATION AND COMMUNICATION - Participatory workshops - Communications and community relations campaigns SPECIALIST ADVICE - Canon distribution - Participatory budget - Social management systems Products and services
  11. 11. 1. Every project is the responsibility of highly qualified consultants who have extensive experience in their fields. 2. We have a multidisciplinary approach that guarantees multi-faceted products fine- tuned to specific contexts. 3. Our consultants are independent and have no links with economic groups or political parties. They have experience of working in both the public and private sectors and with international cooperation agencies. Competitive advantages
  12. 12. Our team Management  Gerardo Castillo – Director Gerardo is an anthropologist, and has a Master’s Degree in International Development from the University of Bath and another in Geography from the University of Oklahoma. He is a lecturer in the Diploma in Extractive Industries: Surveillance and Sustainable Development and in the Social Science Department of Peru’s Catholic University. Gerardo is a senior consultant in social development and extractive industries with over ten years experience in the sector.
  13. 13. Our team Management  Laura Soria – Project coordinator Laura has an Anthropology degree from Peru’s Catholic University and is reading for a Master’s degree in Gender, Sexuality and Public Policy at the San Marcos First National University. She has hands-on knowledge of managing local development projects with a gender focus, mainly in urban areas. She has experience with technical assistance for citizens’ participation in consensus-built planning and the participatory budget; and with creating links between the public sector (local government) and the private sector (civil society, trade associations and companies).
  14. 14. Our team Extractive industries team  Gerardo Castillo Senior social adviser to AMEC, SNC-Lavalin, Social Capital Group and Walsh Perú and with work experience in Canada, the United States, Guyana and Peru. Gerardo has been consultant to firms such as Antamina, Minera Yanacocha, Rio Tinto-La Granja, Xtsrata-Las Bambas, Cerro Verde, Savia Perú and Perú LNG.  Patricia Díaz Patricia is a specialist in drafting social base-lines and has worked for a variety of mining projects. She was in charge of monitoring the community and environment in the Camisea project, for Oxfam America.  María Amelia Trigoso Maria Amelia has worked as the Community Coordinator for Concession Projects in the Social and Environmental Affairs Office of the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications.
  15. 15. Our team  Rafael Anselmi Specialist in teaching methods.  Violeta Barrientos Specialist in gender and sexual and reproductive rights policies.  Gerardo Castillo Specialist in social development and the extractive industry.  Norma Correa Specialist in in social and public policies, international cooperation and research methodologies.  Patricia Díaz Specialist in monitoring extractive industry projects.  Norma Fuller Specialist in rural diagnostics, gender relations and the impact of the tourism industry.
  16. 16.  Máximo Gallo Specialist in project management and stakeholder relations.  María Amelia Trigoso Specialist in drafting, conducting and evaluating social and environmental impact studies.  Laura Soria Specialist in urban planning and development, local development, citizens’ participation and gender.  Dominique Van der Borght International consultant, specialist in social development program design, management and evaluation.  Miguel Villaseca Specialist in corporate social responsibility, process management, pedagogy and urbanism. Our team
  17. 17. Our experience  DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONS - World Bank - Caritas - CIES - IDRC - Oxfam America - USAID  GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS - Prime Minister’s Office - Ministry of Transport and Communications  PRIVATE SECTOR - Antamina - Cerro Verde - Minera Yanacocha - Peru LNG - Rio Tinto – Michiquillay - SAVIA Perú - Terminales Portuarios Euroandinos - Xstrata – Las Bambas
  18. 18.  Laura Soria Project coordinator (511) 2437-609 (511) 997600-825 Contact us