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Social Media Strategy for Ryka


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This presentation showcases a potential social media strategy for Ryka, a women's only sport company, and its parent company, Brown Shoe Company. By the end of the presentation readers will have an idea of what to include in their own social media strategy and how possible metrics of success. The presentation also covers an outline of a possible social media policy that Ryka could adopt as their own.

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Social Media Strategy for Ryka

  1. 1. RykaA Women s Only Sport Company
  2. 2. About Ryka • 1987 by Sheri Poe • Athletic shoes specifically designed to fit the special anatomy of a woman’s foot • Unique biomechanics of active women for unsurpassed fit, comfort, cushioning and control • Acquired by Brown Shoe Company in 2011 from American Sporting Company. • $2.6 billion global leader in the footwear industry, with more than 130 years of experience, passion and product innovation.
  3. 3. Mission Statement• Our mission is to inspire people to feel good and live better... feet first!• Strives to create a sense of optimism, energy, happiness and freedom, through great quality shoes. We want our consumers to have confidence in how they look and feel and to encourage them to wear our shoes as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.
  4. 4. Goals• Instill confidence in how consumers look and feel.• Encourage consumers to wear their shoes as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.• Provide a portfolio of footwear-authentic retail and wholesale brands that build deep consumer connections and create shareholder value.• Focus on consumers, associates and shareholders.
  5. 5. Purpose of Social Media• Our primary target audience are increasingly active online. • According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, as of 2010, 54% of women are bloggers and 58% of women use a photo sharing service (Hampton, Goulet, Rainie & Purcell, 2011). • Middle-aged and older adults place a relatively high value on social media as a tool to connect with others around a hobby and interest (Smith, 2011).• Ties into the Brown Shoe Company’s strategic plan. • One goal is to encourage consumers to wear our shoes as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Social media can enhance this goal by providing our consumers not only information on our brand and products, but also how our products can assist in living a healthy, active lifestyle. • Can greatly enhance our consumers purchasing power.
  6. 6. Social Media PolicyPurpose of this policy:This policy is for all employees who work at Ryka intending to engage in social media activities andtasks.You are representing Ryka and its owner, Brown Shoe Company, when you use its social mediaaccounts. These guidelines represent the same values, ethics and confidentiality policies employees areexpected to live every day, whether you’re Twittering, blogging, or talking with customers online or inperson.Who can use social media?All E-Marketing associates, Creative Services associates, Customer Service Associates, and C-Level staffmembers should feel free to utilize Ryka’s social media accounts by publishing original content andpartaking in other social media tasks such as commenting, liking, or responding to forum posts, blog posts,Facebook statuses, tweets, videos, and photos posted by Ryka and its customers online. In addition, studentinterns may have limited access to Ryka’s social media accounts but they will be supervised by seniormanagement and/or their mentors within the marketing department.If you, your department, or group plan to create a new social media identity of any kind using Ryka’s name,you’ll need prior approval from Ryka’s Vice President of Retail and Marketing, Will Smith. Additionally, if you,your department, or group want use our social media accounts, you’ll need prior approval from the VicePresident of Retail and Marketing, Will Smith.
  7. 7. Social Media Policy1.Be professional.2.Be truthful, open, and accountable.3.Post interesting and unique things that Ryka consumers, shareholders, and associates will care about.4.Use good judgment.5.You are personally responsible for the content they publish on-line, whether in a blog, socialcomputing site or any other form of user-generated media. Be mindful that what you publish will bepublic for a long time—protect your privacy and take care to understand a sites terms of service.6.Identify yourself—name and, when relevant, role at Ryka.7.If you publish content online relevant to Ryka or Brown Shoe Company in your personal capacityuse a disclaimer such as this: "The postings on this site are my own and dont necessarily representRyka’s positions, strategies or opinions."8.Respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws.9.Respect your audience. Dont use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conductthat would not be acceptable in Ryka’s workplace. You should also show proper consideration forothers privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory—such as politicsand religion
  8. 8. Internal PlanSocial Media will be a part of your daily activities. • Ongoing social media training • Post the social media policy on our internal wiki page • Provide posters for all employees to post in their workspace area • E-mail reminders • Spend staff-training days for social media education • Bring in social media expertsMost significant challenge will be to encourage staff members who have accessto our social media accounts have the same overall tone and follow the same,more intangible guidelines.E-Marketing, Creative Services, and C-Level staff currently have ability tomanage and maintain profiles.
  9. 9. Goal OneGoal 1: Increase brand awareness through our social mediapresence on Facebook.Objective Part One: Show our ad to as many people as possible within ourtarget audience range.Objective Part Two: Increase the number of “Likes” on our Facebook pagefrom 992 likes to 2,500 likes by the end of September 2012. This will be an increaseof approximately 152% or 1,508 fans.Strategy: Place paid advertisements on Facebook for two months using “preciseinterests” and specific demographics to generate quality likes to our Facebook pageand overall brand awareness.
  10. 10. Goal One MetricsUse Facebook Insights tool to monitor Facebook Likes, Impressions, Clicks,Conversions, and number of Users Talking about our Page.Like: The total number of unique people who like our page.People Talking About This: The total number of unique people who haveseen any content associated with our page within a weeks time. This includes ourpaid advertisements and sponsored stories that point to our page.Impressions: How many times our ad has been shown to a Facebook user.Clicks: The actual number of clicks on the ad. A click is also counted ifsomeone ‘Liked your fan page right from the ad itself.Conversions: Measurement of how many people responded to your call-to-action. This counts actions from the ad itself and includes when someone visitsyour fan page and then clicks Like.
  11. 11. Goal TwoGoal 2: Use social media tools to live out our brand missionand showcase our passion for leading a healthy, active lifestyle.Objective: Create two short how-to videos per month over the next yearshowing individuals how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle with a target of 4,000total views for all 24 videos. This would be the equivalent of 167 views pervideo.Strategy: Post the videos to a newly created YouTube channel and promotethe videos through our Facebook page, Twitter page, Blog, and e-mailcampaigns.
  12. 12. Goal Two MetricsUsing YouTube Analytics, monitor bi-weekly views of each video.Using YouTube Analytics, monitor audience retention.Views: Number of users that intentionally clicked on the video.Audience Retention: Measure of the video’s ability to maintainthe viewers attention.
  13. 13. Goal ThreeGoal 3: Generate buzz around our shoes to potential newcustomers who are currently active as well as to individualswho want stylish yet functional athletic shoes.Objective: Using Pinterest, create four boards around our shoes: walking,running, training, and dance shoes with a target of 1,000 total re-pins and 1,000total likes in two months.Strategy: Pin our shoes to four boards on Pinterest, follow current pinnersof Ryka shoes, create a Pinterest tab on our Facebook page, and embed aPinterest icon on all of our shoe detail webpages on
  14. 14. Goal Three MetricsUsing Pinterest and 3rd Party Pinterest Tools analyze clicks per pin, re-pins perpin, and the number of likes.Clicks per Pin: Measuring actual clicks generated by a Pinterest pin. Keepingtrack of this metric can reveal the best content and strategies with which toengage your audience by showing which pins generate the most visits, whichpins have the highest levels of interaction, etc.Re-pins per Pin: The number of people sharing the photos on their ownboards. This is useful to see which posts prove fruitful for expanding brandpresence or achieving the goals of your marketing campaign. It can also highlightcontent which may not be suited for your target demographic.Like: The total number of unique people who like each photo.