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Metadata and Search Analysis:


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Presentation for a graduate class at University of Baltimore. Presentation covers an analysis of metadata and search on

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Metadata and Search Analysis:

  1. 1. Metadata and Search Analysis: PBS.ORG
  2. 2. About PBS• Public Broadcasting System• America’s largest classroom - the nation’s largest stage for the arts and a trusted window to the world.• Launch date: October 5, 1970
  3. 3. PBS’ Goals• Educate, Inform, Inspire• Through television, mobile TV, the web and interactive whiteboards in the classroom• Reach nearly 123 million people through television and 21 million people online each month
  4. 4. Search Zones• Primary and secondary search zones
  5. 5. Primary Search Features• Federated search• Results appear in a blended integration• Use of facets on left-hand side of SRP
  6. 6. Primary Search Features
  7. 7. Primary Search Interface• Above the fold on home page• Pagination at bottom of SRP• 10 results per page• Snippets• Highlighted query words• Sort by date or relevance
  8. 8. Primary Search Analysis• General search completed first • Query - “fitness for kids” entered into search field • 122,769 items recalled• Faceted search completed second • PBS Parents selected under Programs • All media types kept as default • 58 items recalled• Demonstrate success and validity of search tool, results were compared to a PBS program website.
  9. 9. Primary Search Analysis
  10. 10. Primary Search Analysis
  11. 11. Primary Search Analysis
  12. 12. Primary Search Analysis• Misspellings • No spelling suggestions found on any SRP• “No Results” page - never shown to user• Recommend autoexpand or spelling suggestion feature• Sort by date • No time-stamp given on items recalled • Not sure how items are sorted• Sort by relevance • Meaningless
  13. 13. Secondary Search• Lots of hyperlinks - sitemap approach• Search all programs: TV shows, radio shows, web exclusive programs, etc.• Search alphabetically or via search field• Search field repopulates results based off query
  14. 14. Secondary Search
  15. 15. Recommendations• The list of stations under sources may not mean anything to a user especially if they are not that familiar with PBS. The acronyms are meaningless. It might be beneficial to the user if there was a way to find out what the acronym meant without having to select the facet or leave the page. Perhaps a pop-up tool-tip would remedy this issue.• Issue with sort by date and relevance needs to be addressed.• Add additional facets to allow for more precise results. For example, search by topic can be an additional facet while the options of podcast, blog, photo, and blogs could be added to media type.• Query keywords should be bolded in title.