Socially savvy marketing social workbook


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Socially savvy marketing social workbook

  1. 1. 2012 Social Media Strategy Workbook Social
  2. 2. Soci M edi A ssessm ent W or al a kbookSuccess in social media doesn’t come by chance – and it certainlydoesn’t come over night. It all starts with a plan; and this SocialMedia Tool will help you formulate the perfect one.Start with this worksheet. Work through it and identify your goals, findout where your organization currently sits on the social m ediaspectrum , and learn the challenges you’ll have to overcome andtactics you’ll have to employ to achieve your objectives andexperience consistent success in social media.
  3. 3. Social M edia Assessment Workbook The first step to any strategic plan is defining specific objectives for w hat you w ant to achieve.Defining m easureable and targeted objectives is also the only w ay to w in over the social m arketing skeptics w ho control the budget. The best w ay to accom plish this is to align objectives w ith m etrics traceable back to fls such as RO I and sales conversions. Later in this w orkbook, you w ill align these objectives w ith target audiences and corresponding m etrics. This alignm ent is im portant because it enables an organization to m easure its progress in achievingthe objectives and proving RO I w henever practical. Seem ingly obvious, this step is often overlooked.
  4. 4. Com plete the follow ing w orksheet to rank these com m on social m edia objectives. R AN K O B J E C T IV E CATEG O RY ncreasewebsietraffic t Brand Awareness/ThoughtLeadershi p I ncreasel ad generati n e o Sal s/Lead Generati n e o I ncrease sal srevenue e Sal s/Lead Generati n e o I prove search engi e ranki gs m n n Cust m erSupport/Cust m erAdvocacy o o I prove brand orproductreputati n m o Brand Aw areness/ThoughtLeadershi p I ncrease brand orproductreputati n o Brand Aw areness/ThoughtLeadershi p Reduce custom eracquiii n costs sto Sal s/Lead Generati n e o I prove publ rel ti ns m i ao c Brand Aw areness/ThoughtLeadershi p I provecustom ersupportqualy m i t Custom erSupport/Custom erAdvocacy Reducecustom ersupportcosts Custom erSupport/Custom erAdvocacy
  5. 5. Understand & R ank C hallenges Know ing the challenges you are likely to face w hen developing a social media strategy can help your prioritize. Social Success Strategy - Priority PlanPlease rank the following challenges you are having in achieving your social media objectives. R A N K C h A llEN G E Increasing w ebsite traffic through social m edia integration Im proving brand aw areness or reputation Developing an effective and m ethodical social m arketing strategy Achieving or increasing m easurable RO I from social m arketing program s Converting social m edia m em bers, follow ers, etc. into paying custom ers Achieving or increasing m easurable lead generation from social m arketing Im proving search engine ranking positions Integrating social m arketing data w ith CRM and other m arketing system s Integrating social m edia m onitoring and analytics into a single dashboard Recruiting interdepartm ental staff to perform social m arketing activities Im proving the quality and cost efficiency of custom er support program s
  6. 6. Social Media Assessment Workbook Evaluate your Obstacles & Optimize Online ExposureWhy aren’t audiences engaging?Are you using social media channels for “push marketing/PR?”Are you sharing information that isn’t timely or relevant?Why can’t you convert fans?Are you selling a commodity or an experience?Why do you have an ineffective social m media strategy?Have you completed audience research?Do you understand how your market uses social media channels?Have you tried to align your social media planning with organizational goals andobjectives?Why can’t you measure ROI?Did you set up proper metrics for each tactic and/or campaign?Do you have analytics set up properly?Why are you struggling to get budget for social media?Have you educated management internally?Have outside resources been brought in for educational purposes?Are there perceived risk challenges that can be addressed?Why can’t you find solid social media practitioners?Is there a perception that social media is for kids?Are you hiring people w ho don’t have a solid PR or business background?
  7. 7. Social M edia Assessment WorkbookM onit ori ng TargetAu ences & R anki g by di n Social Media Behavi r l oA huge part of a successful social m edia strategy is doing theresearch up front to determine w ho to monitor, and understandtheir role within the industry and social media space. Continuingto monitor your target audiences w ill help you gain a betterunderstanding of the audiences in your social space, and whatthey are saying about your company, brands and competition.Monitoring will help you establish more defined metrics that arealigned to your target market.
  8. 8. Social Media Assessment Workbook What To M oni t or Sampl e WorksheetStart by creating an inventory of the details, keywords, and people you should be m onitoring in the follow ing categories. A sample is below. SAMPLE WH AT D E T A IL S K E Y W O R D S / P HR A S E S P E O P L E to W A T C H EX: Marketing Social M edia David Meerman Scott O nline Marketing Industry Social Brian Solis Experts Media PR Public Relations Deirdre Breakenridge Com munity Scott Stratten Relations Earned Lee O dden Marketing Content Ann Handley Marketing Beth Harte Word-of-Mouth Marketing SEO
  9. 9. Social M edia A ssessment W orkbook Reaching Target Market wFill in w orksheet w ith the details about the people/groups you are trying to reach, and the topics that interest them. WH A T D E TA I L S K EYWO R D S/ P E O P LE T O PH R A SES WATCH I ndustry Sect rs o Technol gi s o e Com pani s e Brands Product s Servi es c Key isues s I ndustry experts Key em pl yees o
  10. 10. Social M edia A ssessm ent W orkbook•Determ ining the likelihood that your brand or search phrase is being discussed, based ona com parison of how often m entions are m ade.•Determ ining the am ount of positive, neutral and negative com m entary about yourbrand or search phrase, or the ratio of positive to negative m entions.A m easure of few er individuals m entioning your brand or search phrase m ore often asopposed to m ore individuals m entioning your brand or search phrase few er tim es.Num ber of unique individuals m entioning your brand or search phrase.•A m easure of unique authors divided by the total num ber of m entions.•Identification and ranking of authors m ost frequently m entioning your brand or searchphrase.•Ranking of the keyw ords used m ost frequently in searches linking to your brand orsearch phrase m entions.•An indicator of subject m atter interest, engagem ent and relevancy.•How often content is being shared is another key indicator of subject m atterinterest, engagem ent and relevancy.•The level of positive, negative or neutral review s about your brand, products or services isa strong indicator of individual opinion as w ell as an identifier of potential brand ambassadors.
  11. 11. Social M edia A ssessment W orkbook ▪Identifying w hich social m edia sites your prospects and custom ers prefer to use, and howthey use them , w ill tell you w hich social m edia platform s to deploy. For exam ple, w ill theprim ary social netw ork for your technical prospects be a LinkedIn group or a Facebookbrand page? O r does this audience prefer to participate in a privately-branded forum ordiscussion group? ●Segm enting groups and individuals by their social m edia behavior and influence w ill helpyou determ ine content types and topics m ost relevant to targetedsegm ents. M ore on how to segm ent target audiences appears in a later section. Sour © 2010 M ar i ce: ket ngSher Soci M ar i Benchm ar Sur pa al ket ng k vey Social
  12. 12. Social M edia A ssessment W orkbook Segmenting Your Social Connections One of the prim ary benefits of social m edia for m arketing purposes is the viral effect – exponentially increasing the reach of the message beyond your immediate audience through conversation and content sharing. Understanding how different segments of your target audience use social media w ill help you determine the audiences to target and the content most likely to be shared with friends and peers. This model is an example of an effective, yet simple way to segmet target audiences by social behavior and influence. The segments are called the Silent Majority, Vocal Minority and Social Authority.The Silent M ajority and Vocal M inority can be characterized as information downloaders and information uploaders, respectively. These opposing roles are important considerations because, in terms of their im pact on friends and peers for marketing purposes, the SilentM ajority has little influence w hile the Vocal M inority has a strong Influence. The Social A uthority is a different breed that oftendominates a niche w ith extraordinary influence. It deserves a one-to-onerelationship approach, just as traditional publicists w ould approach theeditors and subject matter experts in mainstream media. Sour © 2010 M ar i ce: ket ngSher Soci M ar i Benchm ar Sur pa al ket ng k vey
  13. 13. Social M edia A ssessm ent W orkbook A financial service organization connection segments sample worksheet BR A N D KEY TARGET W HER E D O HOW A R E T H E Y U S ING A U DI E NC E S O C IAL M E D IA? P RODUCT SOCIAL WE W H AT IN T E R E S T S S E R V IC E INFL U E NCE LIVE FIND T HEM? T H E M?M AR KET E DFinanci a l AssetM anagers Facebook Sharing brand Services Siil ent M aj rIt y o Tw itter information, Lack of conversation, (Ex:Vanguard) Individual I Subject to regulations Facebook, I nvest ors Vocal Shares relevant and Tw itter Authority timely information, Forums Engages in Financi al Blogs Advisors Authority conversation around Facebook investing, etc. YouTube Generates content to drive business & SEO , Shares relevant info from Asset Managers, Etc.
  14. 14. Soci M edi A ssessm ent W or al a kbook List your key influencers and targets, w here to find them and w hat their key interests are. BRA N D / KEYTARGET WHERE DO HO W A R E T H E Y USINGP R O D U C T / A U DI E N C E / S O C IA l WE FIND S O C IA l M E D IA ? W HA T S E R V IC E INF l U E N C E THEM ? IN T E R E S T S T HE M ? M A R K ETED ACHIEVED Silent M ajority Vocal Minority Social Authority
  15. 15. Soci M edi A ssessm ent W or al a kbookCATEGORY OBJECTIVE HOW TO WHAT WE TO ACHIEVE BY DOING WHO TO WHERE TO W HAT WHAT REACH FIND THEM MEASURE WANT TO DOBrand Prom ot our e I proved m Delivering Silent Twitter IncreaseAw ar ness/ e brand brand MinorIty dow nloads by...Thought aw ar ness e needed FacebookLeader hip s M onitorour insights and Increase brand I cr ase sear h n e c know -how Prospects social voice by… engine rankings Providing Increase placem I cr ase aw n e details about ent by... ar ness e I cr ase n e our products/ Web t r af f ic services Increase sharing Est blish usas a prove br and by… leaders or product / Identifying, service Increase visitors Engage in r eput i i on at Listening and by.... com m unities engaging I m prove PR Improve sentim ent by… Increase top social users by… Improve reviews and recomm endations by...Customer ProvI de Improve M onitoring the Custom ersSupport/ customer com m unity support customerCustomer support ServicingAdvocacy creat cus t e customersthat omer Quality need help advocates Reduce Creating Other Customer customer service Support channels costs response proces ses T h a n k in g loyall f ans O therSales/Lead Generate I ease ncr lead Use gener t n a io social mediaGener tion a Ineteresta t channels for A le es of the l vl Reduce sales and sale cycle s custom er prom otional acquisition costs campaigns Lead gener ti a Coupon on I ncr ase sales offerings e Other revenue Ot her
  16. 16. Social M edia A ssessment W orkbook Now it’s your turn. Com plete the w orksheet below to align your objectives w ith your audiences. CATEGORY OBJECTIVE WHO TO HOW TO WHAT WE TO ACHIEVE BY DOING WHERE TO W HAT WHAT REACH FIND THEM MEASURE WANT TO DOBrandAwar ness / eThoughtLeadershipCustomerSupport /CustomerAdvocacySales/ Lead Generation
  17. 17. Social M edia A ssessm ent W orkbookWe’ve highlightted the four main social media platforms – blogs,m icroblogs, social networks and multimedia / content sharing sites – and the metrics that matterin each.Blogs: In term s of m easurem ent, blogs have the advantage of being able to utilizem any of the traditional Web analytics. As w ith a w ebsite, code can sim ply be added to a blogto track visitor traffic, source, behavior and other m etrics. How ever, there are m any social media m etrics not applicable to traditional w ebsites that provide a m ore relevant indication ofblogging success: – tracking both the num ber and sentim ent of opinions shared – grow th trends by em ail or RSS subscription – depending on your specific definition – an indicator of blog authoritySERPs – search engine ranking position for key term s on m ajor search engines – blog ranking in relation to sim ilar categories on blog directoriesM icroblogs: W hile m icroblogging refers to the practice of blogging w ith posts of 140 charactersor less, m icroblogs have m ore in com m on w ith social netw orks than blogs. Like social netw orks,the value and focus of m icroblogs is on the netw ork of friends or follow ers. M etrics are,therefore, often related to social netw orking: – the num ber of those opting-in to or follow ing a m icroblog – the num ber of those follow ing the follow ers – referred to as “tw eets” on the m ost predom inant microblog, Tw itter – the grow th rate of the follow er netw ork in a given period – the ratio of num ber of posts to num ber of followersSocial Networks: As the nam e im plies, social netw orks are prim arily people-focused. How ever,businesses have learned to adapt the features of social netw orks for the purposes of m arketing.This trend has not gone unnoticed by netw orks originally intended for personal use, w hich havetransform ed their features into com m ercially- viable m arketing platform s like Facebook FanPages. W hile m etrics are sometimes limited by the data social netw orks decide to share, there isplenty of tracking-w orthy inform ation available, including: – the num ber of fans, group m em bers, contacts, etc. – profile inform ation on com m unity m em bers – tracking the click stream from netw orks to content and conversion hubs – tracking both the num ber and sentim ent of group discussions – usage of widgets and social media applications by the network comm unity
  18. 18. Social M edia A ssessment Workbook M ul t i m edi a Content Shar i ng S ites This category covers a num ber of multimedia sharing sites for video,photography, documents,presentations and audio content. These sites aggregate content and enable you to share it w ithouthaving to rely on IT via links posted on blogs, social networks, email campaigns and othercommunication channels. When it comes to content sharing, the m etrics that m atter most are relatedto the viral impact of content distribution, including • the num ber of content dow nloads • search engine ranking position for key terms on major search engines • the number of those opting-in to the multimedia content stream • tracking the click stream from content to conversion Sour © 2011 M ar i ce: ket ngSher Soci M ar i Benchm ar Sur pa al ket ng k vey
  19. 19. Social M edia A ss essm ent W orkbookDefine the purpose of platforms and brand image goal selected and roll-out Marketing Campaigns. HUB S IT E S P U R P O S E of HUB S IT E R O l l -O U T SPOKE SITE S P URPOSE of S PO KE S IT E R O l l -O U T Note: Your hub site does not have to be a w eb site, it could be a blog or Facebook Social
  20. 20. Social M edia Assessm ent Workbook●●●●●●●●
  21. 21. Social M edia A ssessm ent W orkbook Your S a v v y S c h e d u l e Social Site Market ing P l a nUse this w orksheet to create a tactical plan of action. Be realistic. O ver-comm unicating is fine unless you have nothing to say, w hich m ay contribute to losing fans/follow ers. 2012 WEEK/ FR EQ U EN C Y T A C T IC / TA SK RESO URCE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13Bloggi ngM i obl cr oggi ngSoci N et or ng al w kiM ul i edi Content Shar ng tm a iO TH ER Social
  22. 22. 2012 Social Media Strategy Office: 949-800-7088 Email: