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How to make IAP-based monetization really work on mobile platforms? - Julia Palatovska, Alish Yakubov - G5


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How to make IAP-based monetization really work on mobile platforms? - Julia Palatovska, Alish Yakubov - G5

  1. 1. How to make IAP-based monetization really work on mobile platforms? Julia Palatovska, BizDev Director Alish Yakubov, Executive Producer
  2. 2. We Publish and Develop Free-to-play & Casual Games We focus on games for smartphones and tablets More distribution channels to be added in 2012
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  4. 4. Free-to-Play Game Released in Sep-Dec 2011 Free-to-play game Casual city simulator Top 10 Grossing Game in 103 countries $1M revenue and first million downloads in a couple of months
  5. 5. Your Casual Game Can Become a Free-to-Play Hit! Virtual City Playground for iPadCityVille Hometown iPad
  6. 6. How to monetize f2p game? Give players a way to pay to overcome natural obstacles:  For extra energy and longer sessions  To speed up construction  To unlock new content ahead of time  To unlock more space on the map  To build exclusive buildingsGoals: Those who don’t want to pay need to be able to play for free Those who want to have extra fun should be able to spend money
  7. 7. Add progress stoppers Slow down player’s progress with:  Energy consumption  Lack of resources  Lack of virtual currencyGoals: Players who are eager to pay should progress faster than not paying users
  8. 8. Add progress stoppers
  9. 9. Add time consumptionAdditional ways to slow down progress: Raise constructing time Raise production timeGoals: Make players want to boost construction and production for premium currency
  10. 10. Let unlock content ahead of time Unlock new constructions and grades Unlock territory on map Unlock new Items Unlock bonuses and boostsGoal: Players who are curious should be able to progress further for premium currency
  11. 11. Let unlock content ahead of time
  12. 12. Add premium content More productive premium buildings Premium tools Boosters and power-ups Premium consumable bonusesGoals: Allow paying players enjoy the game more than other players
  13. 13. Add premium content
  14. 14. Add exclusive content Landmarks Exclusive decorations Cool outfit New skinsGoals: Allow paying players stand out of the rest
  15. 15. Add exclusive content
  16. 16. Retain a player in the gameAdd FREE features which will keep a player in the gameand expand session time: Moving constructions Grinding actions Collecting itemsGoal: Expand player’s session time. The more time theyspend in the game, the more eagerly they spend money
  17. 17. Keep a player in the gameRevenue boost after update with additional free features
  18. 18. Make it easy to purchaseMake the path from any game location to monetizationscreen as short as possible: Add shortcuts Predict player’s wishes Make attractive suggestions to purchaseGoal: every time when players want to buy something,they should be able to do this intuitively within 1 click
  19. 19. Make it easy to purchase
  20. 20. Make it easy to purchase
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