Seeing the Whole Picture with Visual Marketing


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Helen Todd, CEO of Sociality Squared, and Chris Thorton, Chief Marketing Officer of Definition 6, spoke about the importance of visual marketing at Social Media Week 2013.

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Seeing the Whole Picture with Visual Marketing

  1. 1. Seeing the Whole Picture with Visual Marketing February 2013 Presented by Helen Todd, @helenstravels, Sociality Squared Chris Thornton, @CMORocks, Definition 6 #smwPinterest | #SMWNYC Check-in to Definition 6 on Foursquare@helenstravels/@CMORocks #SMWPinterest
  2. 2. The Presenters
  3. 3. Our PresentersHelen Todd, @helenstravels • Co-founder & CEO • Sociality Squared • General Facebook NerdChris Thornton, @CMORocks • Chief Marketing Officer • Definition 6 • Atlanta based
  4. 4. “A picture is worth ten thousand words.” –Fred Barnard@helenstravels/@CMORocks #SMWPinterest
  5. 5. • High-level look at visual communication in social media and the mobile web: Images & Video• Platform-specific look and the nitty gritty details.
  6. 6. @helenstravels/@CMORocks #SMWPinterest
  7. 7. Image source: Julie Davis Studio
  8. 8. And POP in the Streamand Screen Real Estate
  9. 9. A picture communicates more immediatelyacross language barriers than any other formof communication. -Adam Marelli
  10. 10. Visual Communication is Important…
  11. 11. Photos: Key To FacebookEngagement
  12. 12. Internet Evolved: The Social Web
  13. 13. Marketers are missingthe point… • Marketers using social incorrectly • Messaging out of context; duplication of traditional • Too focused on distribution vs. storytelling
  14. 14. Why do we share? To give value and entertainment to others To provide a sense of who we are to others To stay connected and build relationships with others To create personal involvement and feel connected with others To persuade others to care about what we care about
  15. 15. Who’s doing the sharing?Hipsters Careerists ConnectorsBoomerangs Altruists Selectives
  16. 16. You can share too much…
  17. 17. Content & Context Makes Brand Fans • Are you building a community or enabling fandom and followers (not the same thing). Communities take time and effort to grow. • Communities can be low cost messaging vehicles that can help marketers reach an audience already engaged with your brand. • Content + Context = Conversation • Real Relationships are built through dimensional & collective experiences • Don’t just talk to your community…enable them to talk to each other
  18. 18. Listening• “Listen" to what people are saying about your content.• Do they have complaints or praise?• Identify what they’re interested in and customize your messages accordingly.• Use feedback to create ongoing value
  19. 19. Attention is alimited resourceFocus yourefforts.Have a plan.
  20. 20. AOL is of the Past…
  21. 21. Regardless of Platform,Facebook is Important
  22. 22. “Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” - Walt Disney@helenstravels/@CMORocks #SMWPinterest
  23. 23. What Platforms Should Your Brand Be OnAnswer these questions: • What are your brand’s goals? • What are your brand’s resources (budget & bandwidth) • Where is your brand’s audience?
  24. 24. Distribution: Plant Seeds & Cross-Promote
  25. 25. Video: YouTube, Vimeo and Vine
  26. 26. Relevance is key….
  27. 27. Video is Big… • 4 Billion Videos viewed on You Tube Every Day • Online Video Budgets increased by 47% from 2011 to 2012 • Every 20 seconds 20 hours of Video loaded to YouTube • By 2014, 90% of all Internet Traffic will be Video (Cisco)
  28. 28. The Example:SharingHappiness
  29. 29. “Happiness Machine” Performance • Nearly 5,000,000 views • Over 10,000+ Tweets • “Favorited” over 12,000 times • Maintains a near 5-Star rating • Received over 2500 comments • Top 1% of all Coke Advertisements EVER
  30. 30. Happiness is Scaleable… US UK USChina India PhilippinesEgypt Japan Brazil
  31. 31. Vimeo
  32. 32. Vine: The Cool New Kid onthe Block
  33. 33. Pinterest
  34. 34. Pinterest: Where It Fits • Pinterest doesn’t compete with with Facebook and Twitter, it complements it.
  35. 35. Interestingly… • Photos on Facebook are a success because of the social factor; users tag themselves and their friends • Photos on Pinterest are also a success, but for a much different reason…
  36. 36. Pinterest is More… • Pinterest is an online representation of how we want to be perceived based on the tangible and intangible objects and desires that we possess or aspire to possess.
  37. 37. Discovery & Search + Reward System • Pinterest Stream • Actively Bookmarking • Comments • Likes • Repins • Recognition
  38. 38. Brands are on it and areseeing the benefits… • Pinterest referrals spend 70 percent more money than visitors referred from non-social channels. • 69 percent of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item theyve bought or wanted to buy, compared with 40 percent of Facebook users.
  39. 39. Distribution • Activity within site • Twitter • Facebook
  40. 40. Distribution: Facebook
  41. 41. What You Can Do• Get to know the Pin Etiquette• Pin from various sources• Pin YouTube videos• Thoughtfully and strategically pin – Remember people can repin items without following you – don’t get caught up in followers – People can follow individual boards and not all – curate them all• Cross-promote pins on Facebook and Twitter• Distribute content to Pinterest (e.g. blog photos)• Categorize and add a clear description for SEO• Participate in the community – don’t just publish, repin!• Create multiple boards• Reach out to your current customers first!• Optimize your website for Pinterest• Don’t just think about account, think about boards and pins
  42. 42. The Rise of the Visual Web
  43. 43. Brands are starting to love Instagram
  44. 44. Instagram Tips • It’s about art, not ads • Be the brand, not the product • Focus on the community/involve the community • Instagram can serve as fuel for other networks • DON’T get distracted by new Instagram Profile pages
  45. 45. Instagram haspassed Twitter’sdaily mobile activeusers (August 2012)
  46. 46. Tumblr
  47. 47. What is it?• It’s a Blogging Platform• It’s a Social Network• It’s a Content Distribution Platform
  48. 48. When is Tumblr Right • Tumblr is more popular with 13-to-25-year-olds than Facebook, of whom 59% said they were regular users of Tumblr, compared with 54% for Facebook. • Among those 13 to 18, the percentage who said they use Tumblr regularly was even higher: 61% versus 55%. • “Facebook is where teens and young adults connect with family and some friends Tumblr is where they connect with like-minded people about the topics they care about.“ – Tim Peter • Tends to be most effective when focused on Niche audiences with similar tastes
  49. 49. SPEED ROUND
  50. 50. Myspace Then…
  51. 51. Now…Focus: Images &Video
  52. 52. Log-in with Facebook
  53. 53. Facebook
  54. 54. Twitter
  55. 55. Google+
  56. 56. Takeaways • Use images that are beautiful/eye- popping/funny/inspirational/emotional/ relatable/shareable (that you have rights to) and distribute them across social platforms. • Think about streams: timing of publishing and catching people’s attention • Think MOBILE • Cross-promote and repurpose • Think about your brand and your audience
  57. 57. Questions?
  58. 58. Thank you!• •• • quared •• • @definition6• @sociality2