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SocialMedia Marketing For Dell


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any brand would need to extend its market for better reach to the customers. this slide includes how Dell (in Nepal as well) excels in marketing its Brand using Social Media (Facebook in priority)

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SocialMedia Marketing For Dell

  1. 1. Social media marketing for Dell
  2. 2. • Incorporated in 1989• Industry: Computer hardware, Computer software, IT consulting IT services• Founder(s): Michael Dell• Area served: Worldwide• Products: Desktops, net books ,notebooks, peripherals, servers, printers, scanners, Smartphone, storages, televisions• Employees: 110,000 (2012)• Subsidiaries: Alien ware, DellServices,Force10, Sonic Wall, WYSE, Secure Works, KACE Networks, Exanet, Compellent, AppAssure Software, Quest Software, Make Technologies• Website:
  3. 3. • Large corporate (Relationship) customers. Relationship customers are Fortune 1000 companies. They currently number about 50 companies, including Boeing, Exxon, Ford, Goldman Sachs, MCI, Microsoft, Mobil, Oracle, Procter &Gamble, Sears, Shell Oil, Toyota, and Wal-Mart. • Home and small business (Transaction) customers. Transaction customers are small and medium-sized enterprises and Individual Customers and consumers. • Public sector (government and educational) customers.Source:
  4. 4. Direct2Dell, An official Facebook corporate blog of dell for Customer service. IdeaStorm, Dell’s blog International where people can post ideas, Social Media whereYouTube Marketing of comments can Dell be posted, adding to an idea. Then ideas will be voted on and one with many votes might be implemented. Google+ Twitter :@DellOutlet
  5. 5. Rank Social network Likes/followers/ subscribers facebook 129th 44,752,086 Twitter 20th 1,488,785 YouTube 13,629 subscribes 112th 17,130,092 total videos viewed Google+ 58th 307,454Source:
  6. 6. Brands Facebook likes Talking aboutHp 2,258,008 24,787Dell 4,753,060 74,726Apple 8,659,686 66,171
  7. 7. • Joined Facebook : November 16, 2011• Popular week : December 30, 2012• Popular city : Kathmandu, Nepal• Popular age group : 18-24 years• 39,350 likes 1,149 people talking
  8. 8. • Dell road show & other awareness programs• “Dell greetings” contest
  9. 9. Most Years onBrands Likes People popular facebook Talking age group (till feb,2013) Dell 39,491 988 18-24 15 months Asus 9,262 2,334 18-24 13 months Acer 1,312 800 18-24 17 monthsToshiba 46 1 25-34 8 monthslenevo 38 27 18-24 6 months
  10. 10. Dell’s graph on Dell-Nepal facebookAsus graph on asus-Nepal facebook
  11. 11. Dell’s graph on Dell-Nepal facebookAcer’s graph on Acer-Nepal facebook
  12. 12. Dell-Nepal is far ahead of its close local competitors, Asus-Nepal and Acer for Nepal, on social media presence. Below are the findings of comparisons of Dell-Nepal with its competitors:1. Though 2 months younger than Acer on facebook, Dell Nepal has more likes than that of Acers.2. Different contests conducted leading to increased popularity.3. Timely responses to customer queries.4. Likes and comments per posts are increasing.
  13. 13. Thank you Social Aves Pvt. Ltd. Anamnagar 32, Kathmandu Ph. No. +977-1-4102693 [A leading social media marketing company in Nepal]Powered by: Sparrow SMS, A product of Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd