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Who we are - Socialab 2018


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Socialab is a digital-first advertising agency, based in Athens, Greece, established in 2009.

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Who we are - Socialab 2018

  1. 1. Who We Are
  2. 2. Doing business without advertising is like winking to a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but no-one else does. -- S. H. Britt, Clio Award Winner About Us
  3. 3. Create buzz, deliver results. Our mission
  4. 4. DIGITAL MASTERY We’ve been in Digital since 1994 and our collective experience in user strategy spans across brands, publishers and agencies. VIDEO FIRST We are one of the first agencies to have invested in an in-house 4K video production studio to help our clients produce content, in real-time and cost- effectively. CREDENTIALS We believe that if you look at our credentials, you will understand the core of our business, what we are really about. IN BUSINESS SINCE 2009 Socialab started trading in 2009 and has incorporated all the advertising tools that our partners and department heads have been using since the 1990s. LARGEST INDEPENDENT Socialab is part of a group of companies under the same management with a total revenue of approx. €9m, of which €7 in digital, making us the largest player in digital creative that does not belong in an international network. 360 AGENCY Our clients have the benefit of having a one-stop shop available for them for all their communication needs.
  5. 5. Campaign Experience
  6. 6. Education Consulting PR Below Above Digital 360° Services
  7. 7. Strategy Public Relations Social Media Listening / Monitoring Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing Performance Marketing Web Design & Development Web / Mobile Applications Creative TV Commercials Print & Outdoor Radio Spots Indicative Services
  8. 8. ClienteleClientele
  9. 9. Own studio We created our very own studio internally, in order to create small, good and value-for-money productions and photo shoot.
  10. 10. Since 2009, we are the people behind, the 1st and most popular Greek website with digital marketing news & tips. is read by more than 1,300 people daily, a growing audience that is mostly comprised of marketing and advertising professionals.
  11. 11. Education In 2013, Socialab partnered with ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens and the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland to educate in digital marketing. We have now reached the milestones of training 1,000 executives in Greece in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. This gives us an edge when our clients need recruitment options, because we direct access to a talent pool of executives who believe in refreshing their knowledge and being on their feet.
  12. 12. As seen in media
  13. 13. Awards
  14. 14. In early 2018, Socialab received its first European Business Award: One To Watch, alongside industry headliners like AB Vasilopoulos, Aegean Airlines, Masoutis, FF Group, Green Cola, Printec, Public, Sarantis and more. Business Award 2017/18
  15. 15. Organizational Structure
  16. 16. The Group Launched in 2009, Socialab is an Advertising Agency that started from Digital. Active mainly in Greece and with a couple of clients abroad. With a 17-year history, Amaze is the biggest Mobile VAS operator in Greece. It is active in 4 more countries. … plus 4 subsidiary companies in the same group.
  17. 17. The Group While the main market, Greece, is in a crisis since December 2008, and this has driven many players in negative growth, the Group has been experiencing growth both in revenue and in profitability. In 2017, we had a revenue of €9m, with profitability around €800k, some 40% growth from last year. Apart from our own revenue, we also generate revenue for our media partners of around €7m annually, both in digital and traditional media. This, without our new media shop which starts in 2018. The Group’s footprint is 88 people across all companies in Athens, as well as a small team of 4 people around Europe.
  18. 18. The Group 4.6 6.1 8.7 9.9 11.1 0.49 0.61 0.86 1.14 1.73 0 € 2 € 4 € 6 € 8 € 10 € 12 € 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 InMillions Revenue Greece Abroad EBITDA Cash Reserves: €900k (end of 2017)
  19. 19. One more thing… If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
  20. 20. Why Buy ROI Media Partners Awards Transparent costs Synergies
  21. 21. Our team is a perfect blend of creative, motivated, enthusiastic, results-oriented and inspired brains! Meet The Team
  22. 22. George Anagnostopoulos Founder & CEO at Socialab, head of Business Strategy. Digital content creator since 1994 in the first Greek web-zine. Digital Marketer since 1999, in a LSE-listed UK startup with a £70m market cap. Has worked with DDB’s digital branch in 2002, and then as a freelancer, with clients in the US & UK. Joined a mobile marketing agency and grew into General Manager. Founded Socialab is 2009 as a digital agency and expanded into a 360-agency with ATL, BTL, PR and Digital creative and media buying. Currently sitting in the Board of Directors of 4 companies in Web, Tech & Media. Trainer in Digital Transformation, Mentor in Web Entrepreneurship. George is usually involved in projects on a level that requires synergies, sponsors of big scale events, political influence, contacts with Google or Facebook, etc. CEO & Founder
  23. 23. Tasos Veliadis Tasos started out as a tech-blogger in 2006 and got into digital marketing in 2009. After proving his worth in a landmark case study in digital marketing in Eastern Europe, when he guided Pepsi into surpassing Coca-Cola’s market share in Romania in 2011 for 6 months, he quickly moved to OgilvyOne as Account Director. After spending a year earning 13 Ermis Awards for Nestlé, he joined Socialab as Partner, assuming the role of Chief Strategist across most of our clientele. He is currently responsible for more than 45 global and national brands. He has won numerous awards and the hearts of clients. He is also an adjunct instructor for digital marketing at ALBA Graduate Business School and has trained more than 800 executives in Social Media Marketing. Chief Strategist
  24. 24. Manos Valasis Manos first went online in 1994 and hasn’t disconnected since. His first work experience was in the Telecoms sectors, at its infancy in the early 00s, researching and developing for a telecoms provider. Later on, he moved to Brussels in order to lead the lobbying efforts of students towards the European Commission and the European Parliament and other major institutions and companies. After delivering training sessions in 21 different European countries, he came back to Greece to apply his experience in the fastest-growing online sector – that of digital marketing – working for OgilvyOne. In 2014, he became the General Manager of Socialab, having the challenging task of organizing the projects of 40+ executives daily. General Manager
  25. 25. George Paschalidis Our creative director, George, has been working as a Creative since 2005, in companies like Leo Burnett and The Newtons. George has worked with brands like OTE, Wind, Johnnie Walker, AIG, OPAP and Sarantis Group. He’s been a part of dozens of TVCs, both in the creative and the production field, and has been awarded with more Ermis Awards than he can count. He has worked with production companies such as Stefi and Boo Productions, alongside acclaimed directors like Haris Patramanis, Giorgos Lanthimos and Takis Zervoulakos. He used to be in a rock band and still plays the guitar. Creative Director
  26. 26. Danae Skafida Danae has graduated from the Athens University of Economics and Business. She is the PR Manager at Socialab, in charge of the Public Relations for both the agency and its clients. She handles the Press, both industry and general, as well as our relations with celebrities, influencers, bloggers and all kinds of advocates in events, video shoots and endorsements. She formerly worked for Ikon Porter Novelli, with clients like OPAP, Red Bull, Reckitt Benckiser, Henkel, Pernod Ricard etc. PR Manager
  27. 27. Giannis Arbis Giannis has a background in political communication. He has participated in campaigns of elected MPs and has worked for the office of state officials. He soon came to appreciate the value of digital communications, as well as the metrics that the online environment can provide with relation to campaigns and organic content. He switched from politics to marketing, for a startup in the tourism industry, managing campaigns mainly in PPC media, and overseeing SEO projects. As time progressed, his expertise and need to continue to evolve brought him in Socialab, where he actively works now. Giannis’ role as the Head of Media is to design, run and optimize SEO projects and PPC campaigns for brands well-known both in Greece and abroad. He also leads the company’s client-facing role of Performance Marketing. Head of Media
  28. 28. Dimitra Gourdoupi Dimitra came close to marketing and advertising in her early student days. Her first experiences were web-oriented, guiding clients through the technical jargon of digital. When she joined Socialab, however, she switched to a higher gear of 360 advertising and thrived when she started working with global brands with vibrant needs. Dimitra handles the business unit and is responsible for clients like Tasty, PepsiCo, Beiersdorf, Dufry Hellenic Duty Free Shops, Mattel etc., in Digital & BTL Integrated Campaigns. Her creative and organizational skills, combined with her commitment to excellence, makes us certain that she enjoys work as much as our management team does. Account Director
  29. 29. Natalia Boubaliki During her Business Administration studies at AUEB, she developed a keen interest for Digital Marketing. Her work experience in the marketing department of Puma gave her the initial boost in the field, and later she joined the marketing team of Athens' most premium fitness facility, the Tatoi Club of the Mytilineos Group of Companies. Natalia was a natural fit for Socialab: she started in business development, and soon built a new department of 7 executives that handled Socialab's new business between 2014 – 2016, with brands like Frezyderm, Samsung, GSK and UNCHR. Since then, she has worked with more than 50 brands. In 2017 she reinvented her role as an Acount Director, creating a business unit that handles international clients like Lego and Elpedison. Her organizational skills make us certain that she will soon be ready to take a position in General Management. Account Director
  30. 30. Maria Konstantinidou Maria has always had a passion for advertising, so, after her communication studies, entering the industry was a one-way street. She has a 12 years’ experience mainly in the traditional media, and even though she strongly believes that evolution comes from digital communication, her expertise and focus remain at the offline marketing. Most of her experience comes from a global agency, Havas Worldwide, where she had the opportunity to work for big, both multinational and local clients, on a wide variety of ATL & BTL projects. Among her biggest clients were Attica Bank, Reckitt Benckiser (Dettol, Durex, Scholl, Nurofen, Strepsils, Veet, Airwick, Cillit Bang, etc.) SCA Hygiene, Ferrero Hellas, Numil Greece and she was also responsible for an Air France’s global project. Account Director
  31. 31. Thanasis Chondronasios Thanasis is devoted to art, Video, Print and Digital. He entered the creative space from the film and movie industry, where he took part in numerous films for TV and the big screen but, in the end, his passion for design won. He has worked as Art Designer and Director in a variety of lifestyle magazines since 2000, and he has switched to digital design in the last decade. He now uses his exceptional skills for Socialab, simultaneously inspiring a younger generation of designers he works with. He is one of the most positive people you can meet. Head Art
  32. 32. Thank you! See You Next Time Address: Ioanni Metaxa 8, Agios Dimitrios 17343, Athens, Greece Contact:, +30 211 800 6 400 Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 10am to 6pm