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Fire up your professional path in digital marketing


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This our presentation on 22 March 2015 at the Entrepreneurship Panorama 2015 (

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Fire up your professional path in digital marketing

  1. 1. Fire up your professional path in digital marketing
  2. 2. socialab 1.  Who am I? 2.  The agencies 3.  The job market 4.  How do you break into the market? 5.  History of digital marketing 6.  Final notes Today’s Agenda
  3. 3. Who am I?
  4. 4. socialab Socialab Team
  5. 5. socialab Company profile 1.  Socialab is a digital marketing agency. In fact, it is the 3rd largest digital creative marketing agency in Greece, by number of staff. 2.  Our mission is to promote brands and organizations across the web by managing their image and communication throughout all digital media. 3.  Our clients can be both advertising agencies and brand- owners. 4.  Apart from numerous mentions in local and international media, we have earned more than 6 Social Media Awards in 2013 and 2014, were a nominee for the prestigious Clio Awards in NYC in September 2014 and we won the Social Media Savvy Agency of the Year award for 2014.
  6. 6. socialab Clientele
  7. 7. Awards
  8. 8. Stories about us
  9. 9. Credentials
  10. 10. As part of our CSR programme, Socialab is continuously committing resources toward helping the community pro-bono.Two of our most supported efforts are: •  Orange Grove: Socialab participates at the workspace and support group offered to Greek startups by the Embassy of Netherlands, both as a mentor and as training partner.We have guided 3 startups so far and have had 2 training courses for free. •  Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award: Socialab is the newest supporter of the winners of the €1 million HEA, an effort that is spearheaded by the Libra Group. Helping others
  11. 11. socialab George Anagnostopoulos, Founder & CEO at Socialab 1.  Digital Marketer since 1999, in a UK startup 2.  In Search Marketing since 2002 3.  Mobile Marketing since 2006 4.  In Social Media Marketing since 2009 5.  Expanded Socialab into a full-service digital agency. 6.  Judge at Ermis Awards – Digital (2013) and Branded Content (2014) 7.  Has worked with 100+ national & global brands since 1999