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New product launch: Six steps for a social media win!


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Winning Digital Strategy to launch a new Product!

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New product launch: Six steps for a social media win!

  1. New Product + creative strategy = BUZZ CREATION Tasos Veliadis
  2. Social media + creative content = BRAND LOVE WHO AM I? 2  
  3. Social media + creative content = BRAND LOVE Tasos Veliadis I am working in social media marketing for big brands for 6 years in Europe. I created more than 500 campaigns for more than 40 Global and local Brands. I am Business Unit Director at Socialab (Digital Agency in Greece) and at my free time I like writing about social media strategy and digital strategy. 3  
  4. READY?
  6. Launching new Product + Creative Strategy You’re ready to launch a new product, but before that, you want to create the proper buzz and make people to get to know your product (awareness), seek for it and finally buy it (generate leads). So, the best way to do it (before launching your product) is to create a digital campaign, focusing on the activation and participation of fans. Let’s see, step by step, a complete online launching strategy. 6  
  7. THE 6 STEPS 1.  Discover the right insight 2.  Create a teaser video 3.  Start your campaign 4.  Celebrate revelation 5.  Involve influencers in your campaign 6.  Create a case study Video 7  
  8. 1st step
  9. Social media + creative content = BRAND LOVE Discover the right insight! 9  
  10. Discover the right insight Find out what your product has to offer, what’s your target group and create a campaign, based on market trends, which serves your purpose to communicate your product to the public. 10  
  11. 2nd step
  12. Social media + creative content = BRAND LOVE Create a teaser video 12  
  13. Create a teaser video Video is one of the top trends. Create a teaser video for your campaign and promote it, not only on your product’s facebook page but also by advertising it (Facebook Ads, YouTube Preroll ads). 13  
  14. 3rd step
  15. Social media + creative content = BRAND LOVE Start your campaign 15  
  16. Start your campaign Since you’ve already decided what you want to do and how you you’ll do it, it’s time to start your campaign. Make sure that your campaign keeps the interest of your fans high, creating them the need and desire of participation. A good example is Nescafé Greece (Nescafé: The display cover photo). In order to raise more participation, you need to have an everyday “call to action”. e.g. We reveal a part of the package for every 1,000 likes. 16  
  17. 4th step
  18. Social media + creative content = BRAND LOVE Celebrate revelation 18  
  19. Celebrate revelation When your campaign ends, you should definitely celebrate it, in your own way. Reward some of the fans who participated in your campaign with special prizes. The best prize you can choose is your own product. By sharing your product you engage your fans, who talk about it creating a biggest buzz. More gifts (products) means more user generated posts. 19  
  20. 5th step
  21. Social media + creative content = BRAND LOVE Involve influencers in your campaign 21  
  22. Involve influencers in your campaign In order to raise your page engagement and at the same time your product buzz outside facebook, you have to involve influencers in to this. Mainly bloggers, who can include various topics around your product. We can make them part of our campaign and provide them with our product, so they can test it, write about it and share it to their followers. 22  
  23. 6th step
  24. Social media + creative content = BRAND LOVE Create a case study Video 24  
  25. Create a case study video Good! Our campaign is over, but now we have to keep the buzz around it for a longer time. That’s why we have to create a case study video, in which all the results are analyzed, in a creative way, and shared to all advertising sites. 25  
  26. STAY CONNECTED WITH TASOS 26   @tasosveliadis  
  27. Social media + creative content = BRAND LOVE ABOUT SOCIALAB 27  
  28. socialab Socialab offers a wide range of online marketing services, specializing in social media and Word of Mouth Marketing. We have a presence both in Greece and in Great Britain. We maintain the first and most popular Greek blog about the professional use of social media, the biggest group on LinkedIn and the only List for Digital Marketing on Facebook for Greece. 28  
  29. THANK YOU!Tasos Veliadis