How to promote your concert


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Our presentation for the The Lab of the Plissken Festival on 13 May 2014 that answers the question: "How to promote your music concert"

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How to promote your concert

  1. 1. how  to  promote  your  event  using DIGITAL MARKETING Plisskën  Fes+val  @  The  Lab   13  May  2014  @  ΕΔΩ   socialab
  2. 2. But...  before  we  get  started...   !  Who  am  I?     !  Basic  Concepts     !  Event  PromoHon  
  3. 3. George  Anagnostopoulos   §  Digital  Content  Creator  since  1994  in  the  first  Greek  web-­‐zine.   §  Digital  Marketer  since  1999,  in  a  dot-­‐com  in  the  UK.   §  Search  MarkeHng  since  2002   §  Blogger  since  2004   §  Mobile  MarkeHng  since  2006   §  Social  Media  MarkeHng  since  2009   §  Judge  at  Ermis  Awards  -­‐  Digital   §  Has  worked  with  50+  brands  in  the  last  13  years.  
  4. 4. socialab   §  Socialab  offers  a  wide  range  of  digital  markeHng  services:     web,  social,  search,  display,  mobile  &  affiliate.   §  Socialab  is  reliable.  We’ve  been  working  with  brands  directly,  as   well  as  through  other  agencies  who  appreciate  our  consistently   good  quality  of  work.   §  We’ve  earned  both  Awards  and  Recogni+on  for     our  work.  But,  most  of  all,  we’ve  won  our  clients’     hearts,  because  we  always  bring  Results.   §  We  maintain  the  first  and  most  popular  Greek  website   about  digital  markeHng  news  &  Hps,,  that  educates   marketers  and  also  promotes  our  work  in  the  last  4  years.   §  We  also  manage  the  biggest  group  for  digital     markeHng  on  LinkedIn  with  more  than  3,000     members,  most  of  which  are  in  markeHng  or  adverHsing.  
  5. 5. Clients  
  6. 6. CredenHals:  The  blog   We  run  Suit,  the  #1  website  for  Digital  MarkeHng  news  and  Hps   in  Greek,  with  more  than  200,000  visits  in  the  last  4+  years,   mostly  marketers.                       hdp://    
  7. 7. CredenHals:  The  group   We  own  the  biggest  Greek  group  on  digital  markeHng  on   LinkedIn,  with  more  than  3,000  professionals:  Social  Media  GR                       hdp://    
  8. 8. CredenHals:  Media  
  9. 9. Academic:   §  ALBA  (MSc  &  ExeD)   2014  (on-­‐going)   §  Panteios  (Media  dept)     2013   §  ALBA  (Digital  MarkeHng)     2013   §  AUEB/ELTRUN     2012  &  2013   §  Deree  (MarkeHng  Society)     2012   §  SAE  (Music  Business)     2012   §  AKTO  (Social  Media)     2012  &  2013   Professional:   §  Social  Media  Conference     2012,    2013  &  2014   §  All  Things  Facebook     2011,  2012,  2013   §  Online  MarkeHng  Conference   2013   §  EEDE/EIP     2012  &  2013   §  Entrepreneurship  Panorama   2012   CredenHals:  Congresses  &  Seminars  
  10. 10. Relevant  experience:  PromoHon  &  Live  Support  for  the  STR8  Muzic  Fest,  a   concert  of  more  than  5,000  people  and  7  music  groups.  Organizing  groups   to  post  content,  live  Facebook  posts  from  the  concert,  streaming  tweets,   photo  tags  and  photobooth.  
  11. 11. Terminology   Display  “ ” Banners  
  12. 12. Terminology   Banner  blindness  “ ” Users  not  noHcing  ads,  even  though  they  are  being  displayed  on  their  screen.     Counter-­‐acted  by  more  aggressive  (or  just  different  /  bigger)  ad  formats.  
  13. 13. Terminology   Rich  media  “ ” Audio,  Video,  AnimaHon.  Also  Expandable  baners.  
  14. 14. Terminology   Funnel  “ ” The  process  from  making  a  stranger  your  customer  
  15. 15. Terminology   Click  “ ” The  way  customers  go  from  one  stage  to  the  next  in  a  funnel.   Can  also  mean  Tap  in  Mobile  or  Tablets.  
  16. 16. Terminology   Visit  “ ” The  difference  between  visits,  unique  visitors,  pageviews,  hits.  
  17. 17. Terminology   URL  or  URI  “ ” The  web  address  of  something.   (e.g.  h'p://  
  18. 18. Terminology   Conversion  “ ” ConverHng  users  from  one  stage  of  the  funnel  to  the  next  
  19. 19. Terminology   On-­‐Demand  “ ” Asynchronous  communicaHon.     Personal  story:  I  don’t  like  receiving  or  making  calls.  
  20. 20. Terminology   Campaign  “ ” Series  of  ads  under  the  same  umbrella.  In  digital,  Hme  is  relaHve.  
  21. 21. Terminology   CTR  “ ” Click-­‐through  rate.     20  years  ago  banner  CTR  was  44%,  now  it’s  at  less  than  1%.     Same  for  Email  for  CTR  and  Open  Rate  that  was  90%.       Marketers  ruin  everything.  
  22. 22. Terminology   Cookie  “ ” Small  text  file  on  user’s  device  that  enables  tracking.  
  23. 23. Terminology   Social  “ ” Social  Media:  Facebook,  Twider,  LinkedIn,  Google+  and  more.  
  24. 24. Terminology   Search  “ ” SEM  Comes  in  two  flavors:  SEO  &  PPC     (which  is  someHmes  also  called  SEM)  
  25. 25. Terminology   PPC  “ ” Pay  Per  Click  
  26. 26. Terminology   AnalyHcs  “ ” Any  system  that  tracks  and  measures.  
  27. 27. Terminology   FFF  “ ” Fans  /  Friends  /  Followers   (not  used  really)  
  28. 28. Terminology   FOAF  “ ” Friend  of  a  Friend   (used  in  WoMM)  
  29. 29. Terminology   WoMM  “ ” Word  of  Mouth  MarkeHng  
  30. 30. Terminology   Blog  “ ” Web  log  that  one  or  more  users  updates  with  content  
  31. 31. Terminology   Forum  “ ” A  discussion  area  or  community.   Plural:  Fora.  
  32. 32. Terminology   Hashtag  “ ” #pounasouleo   Used  in  Events,  or  jokingly.   Started  in  Twider,  expanded  in  Instagram  &  Facebook.  
  33. 33. Terminology   Android     vs.  iOS   “ ” Latest  US  stats:  52%  Android,  42%  iOS,  6%  rest  of  the  OperaHng  Systems.  
  34. 34. Terminology   Organic     vs.  Paid   “ ” Geung  seen  for  free;  and  not  for  free.  
  35. 35. Terminology   Impression  “ ” Loading  of  an  ad  in  a  web  page.   Times  an  ad  was  displayed.   Not  how  many  Hmes  it  was  actually  seen.   Now  comes  the  Hme  of  viewable  impressions.  
  36. 36. Terminology   CPM  “ ” Cost  Per  Thousand  (Mille)  
  37. 37. Terminology   CPC  “ ” Cost  Per  Click  
  38. 38. Terminology   CPA  “ ” Cost  Per  AcquisiHon   (Sale,  Lead,  RegistraHon  etc.)  
  39. 39. Terminology   RetargeHng   RemarkeHng   “ ” When  an  ad  follows  a  user,  usually  because  they  have  previously  visited  a   certain  web  page,  or  acted  a  certain  way  on  it  (e.g.  filled-­‐in  a  form)    
  40. 40. Terminology   Split  TesHng  “ ” Making  big  or  small  changes  on  a  webpage  to  see  what  works  beder.   In  ads,  it  is  used  to  see  what  gets  beder  CTR.  
  41. 41. Terminology   AdenHon  “ ” The  currency  of  digital  markeHng  
  42. 42. Terminology   ADD  “ ” AdenHon  Deficit  Disorder.  Actual  psychiatric  disorder,  used  to  describe  short   adenHon  span  of  consumers  today.     In  the  “old”  world,  you  could  communicate  with  movies,     now  you  need  to  communicate  with  breaking  news.      
  43. 43. Terminology   Landing  page  “ ” The  page  users  see  awer  clicking  on  an  ad  or  link.  
  44. 44. Terminology   Link  building  “ ” CulHvaHon  of  links  poinHng  to  a  website.   Used  for  SEO  and  digital  PR  reasons.  
  45. 45. Terminology   Keywords  “ ” Words  or  phrases  for  Search.  
  46. 46. Terminology   Tweet  “ ” Single  post  on  Twider,  up  to  140  characters  in  length.   Picture  or  link  counts  for  20  characters  only.  
  47. 47. Terminology   Permission  based  “ ” The  only  right  way  to  communicate.   The  opposite  of  Spam.  
  48. 48. Don’t  tell  your  story  in   2014  like  it’s  2007.       Let’s  see  what  we  can   about  that.  
  49. 49. When  to  do  it?   Remember  to  stay  on  target.                                                       1Before                               2During                               3ARer  
  50. 50. 3  categories  of  digital  media  
  51. 51. Paid Social Ads, Display Advertising, SEM/PPC, Sponsored Posts Owned Website, Mobile, Microsites, Social Media Accounts & Communities Earned WoM, Listings, Ratings, Mentions, Recom’tions & Comments € ♥ © 3  categories  of  digital  media  
  52. 52.                                                                     Before  your  big  event   Find  the  right  people.   1
  53. 53. If  this  is  your  first  Hme  organizing   your  event,  then  you  probably  think   you  have  your  back  against  a  wall:  A   lot  of  stuff  to  do,  not  a  lot  of  Hme  to   do  it  in.     Is  it  going  to  work?     Are  people  going  to  find  it   interesHng?     Are  they  coming?   Build  awareness  
  54. 54. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?  
  55. 55. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?  
  56. 56. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?  
  57. 57. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?  
  58. 58. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?  
  59. 59. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?  
  60. 60. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?  
  61. 61. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?  
  62. 62. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?   Display  Adver+sing:  Banners       If  you  can  fit  it  your  budget,  adverHsing  in  some  of  the  city’s   media  is  a  predy  good  way  to  reach  people  and  create   awareness.     However,  if  you’re  a  new  player,  it’s  easy  to  get  lost  among   other  bigger  events  adverHsing,  some  of  which  are  usually   sponsored  by  big  brands  and  adverHse  all  year  round.  
  63. 63. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?  
  64. 64. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?   Main  ways  for  people  to  see  your  page  on  Facebook:       Organically:     •  Users  have  a  natural  interest.  The  more  of  a  lovebrand  you   are,  the  greater  the  chances.     Paid:   •  Promoted  posts:  appear  on  Facebook  Newsfeed   •  Right-­‐side  ads:  appear  on  the  right  side.    
  65. 65. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?   Main  ways  for  people  to  see  your  event  on  Facebook:       •  Videos  are  one  of  the  best  forms  of  promoHon  for  any  event   or  product  in  the  entertainment  industry.  You  can:   •  Rebrand  arHsts’  exisHng  videos  (check  IP  rights  first)   •  Create  a  mashup  of  your  videos   •  Publish  interviews  and  “personal  invites”  from  your   arHsts   •  Create  count-­‐down  videos  to  promote  early  bird  Hckets   or  the  event  itself.     •  Get  the  publishers  who  publish  your  arHcle  to  promote  it.  If   they  don’t,  ask  if  you  can  pay  to  promote  their  post  to  their   audience.  It’s  a  win-­‐win.    
  66. 66. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?   Main  ways  for  people  to  see  your  event  on  Facebook:       •  Create  a  Facebook  App:   •  A  game  that  intrigues:  Remember  to  get  people  to   invite  one  another  (not  just  share  the  event).     •  A  contest  for  free  Hckets:  Remember  than  only  a  few   people  win  free  Hckets.  The  rest  should  end-­‐up  on  your   mailing  list.  It’s  OK,  as  long  as  it’s  your  contest’s  terms.   •  Create  a  Facebook  Event:   •  Not  everybody  is  going,  but  it  does  create  buzz.  And  you   can  always  promote  your  Facebook  event  to  get  more   adenHon.  
  67. 67. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?   Reach  out:       •  CommuniHes:   •  Music  CommuniHes:   •   •   •  Blogs:   •  Among  6  million  people  with  Internet  access,  someone   is  bound  to  be  a  possible  ambassador  for  your  event,   given  the  right  incenHve.  
  68. 68. How  do  people  buy  +ckets  for   your  event?   Can  you  get  affiliates?      
  69. 69. How  do  people  buy  +ckets  for   your  event?   Don’t  forget  the  #1  conversion  medium:  Email       Email  is  the  #1  driver  of  sales,  when  your  mailing  list  has  been   organically  grown.  You  can  include:     •  Friends   •  Colleagues   •  PotenHal  ambassadors   •  Contacts  from  your  acHvaHons   •  Press   •  Bloggers   Make  sure  you  don’t  spam  people,  and  give  them  a  quick  way   to  unsubscribe.      
  70. 70. You  need  to  make  it  all  come  together   in  such  a  way  that  it  will  make  sense   to  everybody,  so  make  sure  you  have   a  schedule  that  you  and  your  team   can  follow!     And  before  you  begin,  make  sure   everyone  knows  what  is  expected  of   the  DURING  and  RIGHT  AFTER  the   event!   Have  a  schedule!  
  71. 71.                                                                                                                 2 During  the  concert   Enhance  the  experience!  
  72. 72. Your  audience  will  want  to     share  the  experience  
  73. 73. ...  so  make  sure  you  add  a  map  that  people  can  look  for  online  in  one  click:   A  great  experience  starts  by  being  there  on  +me  
  74. 74. A     Don’t  forget  to  allow  people  to  check  things  last-­‐minute  
  75. 75. Add  a  photobooth  
  76. 76. Add  a  photobooth  
  77. 77. Add  a  VIP  backwall  
  78. 78. The  #1  way  for  people  to  discover  other  people  in  your  event  and  to   beder  find  material  related  to  it  is  to  use  a  relevant  hashtag.     Hastags  can  be  used  on  Facebook,  Instagram,  Google+,  but  they  are   mostly  used  on  Twi_er.     This  will  also  make  it  easier  for  press  /  bloggers  /  ambassadors  to   write  about  your  event  later.   #YourEvent  
  79. 79. Live  stream  it!   (If  you  really  need  to)  
  80. 80.                                                                                                                 3 ARer  it’s  over   Make  sure  everybody  remembers!  
  81. 81. Your  first  move  is  to  gather  up  the  materials   from  all  your  sources:   »  Photobooths   »  Audience  /  Social  Media   »  Photographers   »  Cameramen   »  Media  /  Journalists   and  evaluate  it.  You  have  to  move  quickly.   GATHER UP
  82. 82. Make  sure  that  everybody  has  access  to  the   content:   »  Photographs   »  Videos   »  Backstage  material   on  all  media.  People  are  going  to  want  to  tag   themselves.   SHARE THE LOVE
  83. 83. Make  sure  you  let  your  close   stakeholders:   •  Press   •  Bloggers   •  VIPs   •  Your  own  team   •  SPONSORS   know  that  it  went  well  and  thank   them.     A  press  release  would  be  nice.     You  will  want  to  cash  in  with  your   next  event.   Spread  the  Message!  
  84. 84. Time  to  measure  your  success  
  85. 85. How  do  people  find  out  about   events?   Save  your  resources:       Make  sure  you  have:   •  all  the  materials   •  the  fans  /  followers  /  friends  on  all  social  media   •  the  emails   •  the  contacts  of  all  the  people   •  the  a_en+on  of  your  sponsors     for  next  year!       They  are  going  to  be  your  shortcuts  to  doing  things  beder!    
  86. 86.   What’s Your Message? Feel  free  to  add  me:   Thank  you!   If  you  are  interested  for  an  internship  at  Socialab,  please  check:   h_p://