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ALBA Graduate Business School & Socialab Presentation InfoCom World


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This was presented at a workshop for IncoCom World on 21 Oct 2014 in Athens, Greece by:

Nikos Mylonopoulos from ALBA Graduate Business
George Anagnostopoulos from Socialab

Published in: Business
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ALBA Graduate Business School & Socialab Presentation InfoCom World

  1. 1. Digital Strategy Goals & Implementa4on An Agency – Client Debate Nikos Mylonopoulos ALBA George Anagnostopoulos socialab
  2. 2. The Client on Strategy (Part 1) • The first and most pres4gious Graduate Business School in Greece • A not-­‐for-­‐profit associa4on • Facing the CRISIS • With mul4ple internal and external stakeholders
  3. 3. The Client on Strategy (Part 2) • Turn the Crisis into an Opportunity: – Lower costs + Raise quality – ATract a bigger public + Remain selec4ve – Broaden awareness + Focus on niches – Respond to the market + Lead through innova4on • How we did it: – Differen4a4on & Diversifica4on – Career Guidance – AddFocus – Scholarship pre-­‐approval (FeeOrFree) – “Test drive” (BeOurGuest, StudentForADay) • Mandate: – Eliminate print – Go all digital – Accomplish more with less
  4. 4. The Client on Strategy (Part 3) • I want a digital agency that: – Knows their stuff – Is keen to understand our business model – Embraces our values – Gets the strategy – Is willing to join in our risks – We hit it off
  5. 5. The Agency on Strategy What’s Socialab? • Socialab is a digital marke4ng agency with an experience of 50 global and na4onal brands. • With a for-­‐profit company with a very flat organiza4on. • When we first met with ALBA, we were 8 people. Now, we’re 26.
  6. 6. The Agency on Strategy • Gehng to know the client • Listening to what they have to say • Do your research (preferably before 1st mee4ng) • Use your notes and the environment to get more informa4on about what you’re about to. • Examine what the client has done in the past. Go deep.
  7. 7. The Agency on Strategy • Turning offline communica4on to online has some merits: – Broader/narrower reach (depending on what we want) – Systema4c follow-­‐ups – Keeping people in the loop • But it has one major drawback. Want to guess what it is?
  8. 8. The Client on Implementa4on (Part 1) • Learn, learn, learn – Experiment, take risks – Absorb and infuse the experience – Get the agency’s advice • Real 4me Campaign Management – Small adjustments – Change of direc4on • Measurement and Decision Making – Gehng the data to confess – Integra4on with internal analy4cs • Skills and Exper4se – Within the Agency – within the Client • The Human Resource – Educate the stakeholders and internal clients – Allocate scarce resources • Alignment – Internal processes and systems – Follow-­‐up on calls to ac4on – Close the feedback loop
  9. 9. The Client on Implementa4on (Part 2) • I want the digital agency to: – Stay on top of things – Do good housekeeping (tac4cal) – Be proac4ve with analysis and advice – Look ahead to the next steps (strategic) – Evolve with the evolu4on of my thinking – Keep the flame burning
  10. 10. The Agency on Implementa4on • Staying on top means having the resources that have to be: – Available (good at juggling projects) – Con4nuously educated – On their toes (and eager) – With analy4cal skills – Understanding of the market – Good chemistry with the client
  11. 11. The Agency on Implementa4on • Use experience to manage client expecta4ons • Know how to guide the client into what the audience is looking for, and away from what it isn’t looking for. • When when to tell them to change their ad crea4ve or their page or their follow-­‐up • Care about the part of the convers(at)ion process that you do not see in your Analy4cs.
  12. 12. Professional Diploma in Digital Marke4ng • Applied Knowledge. • Material validated by DMI’s Syllabus Advisory Council: Facebook, Twi4er, Google, Microso9, etc. • More than 175 people have aTended the course since March 2014. • Cer4fica4on in one month. • Material already updated twice in the last 8 months. • Free refresher course in 6 months.
  13. 13. Need more info? digital marke4ng ALBA