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Italian Change Makers Visiting UK_Eng_Version

  1. 1. Share&Learn Trip 2012 - empowering Italian change makers impact - insight - leadership - dialog
  2. 2. Social Enterprise Italy - what is it? Social Enterprise Italy is a no for profit organization created to provide new ideas to support the development of an efficient social enterprise ecosystem along Italy. The principal mission is to create a supportive and responsive environment to help the Italian social enterprise ecosystem to develop, grow, succeed. In order to favor and accelerate the process, Social Enterprise Italy believes in the need to integrate the Italian Eco-System with the International Social Enterprise Scene.
  3. 3. A bridge to connect international change makersShare&Learn London Trip is a peer learning international program offered to the italian social entrepreneurs community.Thanks to SEI, small groups of Italian social entrepreneurs will be able to visit some of the most disruptive and developed social innovation eco-systems inside and outside Europe. The first stop is London and Oxford.A small delegation of italian social entrepreneurs will meet their UKcounterparts to exchange knowledge and stimulate collaborative social impact.
  4. 4. The importance of peer learning When first considering a startup enterprise, entrepreneurs often need basic coaching and hands-on tips about issues such as writing a business plan, leasing space and finding staff. As a firm matures, these needs become more focused, with a special emphasis on growing the business through financing or strategic partnerships. Research from the Kauffman Foundation has shown that businesses in this stage of development, second stage, learn the best from their peers — the people who have "been there, done that." These individuals often become their most credible sources for information and insight as they share similar responsibilities, stresses, opportunities and a passion for growth. Other research indicates that peer learning activities typically result in: (a) team-building spirit and more supportive relationships; (b) greater psychological well-being, social competence, communication skills and self- esteem; and (c) higher achievement and greater productivity in terms of enhanced learning outcomes.
  5. 5. The program Fee and SponsorshipThe trip will be divided in 3 days between London and Oxford. We offer sponsorships however we are asking also a free donation toDuring the second and third day the delegation will attend the delegates.Oxfordja, one of the most innovative conference for socialentrepreneurs, where SEI have planned tailored made sessions The sponsorship includes flight and present the italian community to the world. For more information send an email to info@socialenterpriseitaly.netItalian Change Makers will be able to :1.Gain insights and Learn about one of the most vibrantsocial enterprise community in Europe2.Engage with various social entrepreneurs and other importantactors in the UK’s social entrepreneurship space. These includea range of intermediary organizations working topromote social innovation.3.Be inspired from high quality individuals4.Share their own experience in front of an internationalaudience5.Be ambassador of the change among the italiancommunity6.Have a lot of FUN
  6. 6. March 28/29/30th 2012 London-Oxford Some highlights 1st Day Peer Learning Roundtable in London @ SEL Site visit and Workshop @ Nesta Site Visit @ Unltd Dinner with Social Enterprise Italy Ambassadors 2nd Day OxfordJam Conference 3rd Day Oxfordjam Conference Social Impact Measurement Workshop @ Red Ochre
  7. 7. We Connect People and Changemakers! Italian International Community Community
  8. 8. The first Italian Changemakers Circle• For the first peer learning trip SEI has selected 3 italian changemakers.• S el e c ti o n c r i t e r i a have been: 1.Experience of the entrepreneur 2.Business model quality 3.Level of innovation 4.Social Impact 5.International exposure
  9. 9. Officine Creative is a social cooperative formed in 2007 byLuciana delle Donne after a carreer in the banking sector, Lucianahas decided to stake his professional skills to find a way to helpwomen prisoners. Officine Creative launched the brand Made inCarcere (Jail) which manufactures shopping bags, fashionaccessories and special items. All products embed the values ofrespect,solidarity and freedom. All the products are in fact createdby prisoner women who are studying, invent and create new itemsby using recycled materials. Luciana Delle Donne Made in Carcere Lecce
  10. 10. Eugea (Ecologia Urbana Giardini E Ambiente) was groundedby a group of researchers in entomology from the Department ofScience and Technology at the University of Bologna. Their mainaim is to bring beauty, colour and purity in your life.Eugea promotes Private Ecology, reminding us that the rights andduties of the citizen are to contribute to the knowledge and to careof the delicate balances in nature. The lack of understanding in thenature’s balances and their variations are fundamental for ourexistence on the Earth.The packaging is made by the Cooperative Sociale ASSCOOP –ONLUS, dedicated to integrating and helping people with socialproblems. Gian Umberto Accinelli Eugea Bologna
  11. 11. Last Minute Market is a spin-off of the University of Bologna,which was founded in 1998 as a research activity. From 2003 LMMbecame a business and starts to operate throughout the country bydeveloping local projects aimed at recovery of unsold goods (ormarketable) in favor of charitable organizations.Last Minute Market has always been involved in analyzing all thesteps of the food chain and identify where and why waste it isoriginated.LMM in 2000 has developed the first system of professional reuseof unsold goods from the mass distribution in Italy. Matteo Guidi Last Minute Market - Bologna
  12. 12. The Team Alberto Campora Founder of Social Enterprise Italy @yes_we_tweet @SeItaly Paolo Campagnano Co-founder of Social Enterprise Italy and founder of Hub Rovereto. @paolocampagnano @SeItaly Francesca Barisani Community Manager @ Social Enterprise Italy @LaChiiicca @SeItaly
  13. 13. Social Innovation places we will visit NESTA Red Ochre OxfordJam Social Enterprise London Unltd
  14. 14. Special thanks to our Advisory Board Lily Lapenna Founder and CEO of MyBnk and Advisory Board Member of Social Enterprise Italy @LilyLapenna @MyBnk @SeItaly Flaviano Zandonai Director of Iris Network and Advisory Board Member of Social Enteprise Italy @Editormanque Paolo Venturi Director of Aiccon and Advisory Board Member of Social Enterprise Italy @AICCONnoprofit
  15. 15. Special Thanks to our SEI Ambassadors Marco Zappalorto Social Enterprise Italy Ambassador Research and Analysis @ NESTA @MarcoZappalorto Francesca Cignola Social Enterprise Italy Ambassador Business Development Manager @ NESTA Carolina Bandinelli Social Enterprise Italy Ambassador Phd Candidate @ GoldSmiths University Martin Cooper Social Enterprise Italy Ambassador Senior Consultant @ Red Ochre
  16. 16. Special Thanks to our Friends circle OxfordJam HUB Westminster CIVA Lama Agency MyBnk Common Ground
  17. 17. What’s next?The March Trip is the first of a series of Peer LearningExperiences that SEI would like to offer to the Italian SocialEnterprise Community.For more information contact us at
  18. 18. Contacts Social Enterprise Italy Uk HQ 9 Mansfield Place, London NW3 1HS Italy HQ Via Valbusa Grande 2, Rovereto 38068 Email Twitter @SeItaly Social Enterprise Italy is a project registered under CIVA Charity Number 1122095