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SocialViral is a social media marketing agency that creates social brands.


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SocialViral is social media marketing agency based in New Delhi, India. At SocialViral, we help brands go social and viral.In a nutshell we create SOCIAL brands through unique marketing strategies which are seamlessly integrated with the technology to ensure better ROI. As a social media enthusiast we constantly think of innovative ideas for brands.Please get touch with us, we are just a call away. and the best part is we don't act or work like a typical agency. We call our self your 'Friends' and 'Brand Advocates'.

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SocialViral is a social media marketing agency that creates social brands.

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  2. 2. SocialViral is a social media marketing agency, which helps brands go ’Social ‘ & ‘Viral‘. The social media landscape is continuously growing and it has become an necessity for BRANDS capitalize this medium. At SocialViral, we understand what it takes to make a brands be social and go viral. We create unique brand specific content and run integrated brand campaign to increase the brand presence on social media. At SocialViral, we also keep a track on online reputation of brand to create a positive brand image. Also, we use best of social media analytic tools to monitor the progress of brand campaign. If you are looking to increase your brand presence on social media and run viral campaigns.
  3. 3. In a nutshell, we are a social media experts who helps brands with these: •Manage brands on SOCIAL MEDIA platforms •Create WINNING social media strategies •Ideate and run VIRAL CAMPAIGNS •Track Online Reputation & Sentiment Analysis
  4. 4. 1. Social Media Consulting & Management 2. Social Media Strategy Building 3. Brand Specific Viral Campaigns 4. Paid Advertisements 5. Bloggers Outreach Programme 6. Mobile APP Marketing 7. Website & App Development 8. Social Media Workshops
  5. 5. Social Media Consulting & Management We provide social media consulting to brands across different sectors to help them manage their social media properties, increasing digital footprints and their brand reach. The social media consulting can be an onetime service or we can offer it on regular basis as per changing needs. We also help brand in building social media presence and managing it through regular post on various channels to keep user. We manage presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs etc.
  6. 6. Social Media Strategy Building In social media world, not having a clear strategy will not take brands anywhere! We help brands devise a WINNING social media that is aligned to their long term and short objectives. We provide ROI oriented social media solution to brands by defining a clear social media strategy and implementing the same. In the social media strategy building follow these steps 1. Understanding the brands goals & objectives 2. Understanding the target audience 3. Competition analysis 4. Defining the content strategy 5. Ideating and implementing brand campaigns 6. Defining the social media measurement framework 7. Monitoring the progress
  7. 7. Brand Specific Viral Campaigns In social media world, VIRAL CAMPAINGS play a great role in engaging the consumers as well as amplify the BRAND REACH in short span of time. Nothing spreads faster than a word-of-mouth in real world and in social media word viral campaign does the same. Precisely, we help you brand go VIRAL, through twitter hashtag campaigns, Facebook campaigns, online-offline integrated campaigns, video campaign & more. We have a experience in ideating out-of-box campaign and implementing the same by seamlessly integrating it with the brand objective. We monitor the impact of campaign through analytics tools. Ping us anytime, we are constantly keeping our brains active and thinking ways to make brands go VIRAL.
  8. 8. Paid Advertisements With the changing dynamics of online word, paid advertisements have become a must for brand to increase their visibility in the highly competitive and cluttered space. At, Socialvrial we helps brands with these advertising solutions: •Facebook Advertising •LinkedIn Advertising •YouTube Advertisement •Pay per click •Display Network Advertisements •Mobile Advertisement
  9. 9. Bloggers Outreach Programme Bloggers are the INFLUENCERS in social media world and they can help you to increase your brand visibility by spread a word about your BRAND. We understand the power of BLOGGERS and thus we constantly keep in touch with bloggers who writes about various topics and industry. At SocialViral, we can help you launch a bloggers outreach programme by inviting bloggers to write about your product and spreading a word about your brand.
  10. 10. Website & App Development Website Development Websites are the first thing that people will see when they GOOGLE you. In a way, a website is a digital asset for brands and a well made website can drive traffic and help in conversions. We can help you build aesthetically good look, conversions optimized and search friendly websites. We can also help you build an ECOMMERCE site for you. APP Development Our team can help you build mobile applications of various kinds. If you have idea of an app, our team can turn that idea into reality through coding.
  11. 11. Social Media Workshops We are social GEEKS bitten by social media and we love sharing our knowledge and skills with others. We conduct workshops for corporate and working professionals on various topics. We simply LOVE doing it! Get in touch with us for SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOPS & TRAINING SESSIONS.
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