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Social Tribe Pulse Report


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Here's an inside look into what we're reading to stay current. Follow along!

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Social Tribe Pulse Report

  1. 1. Monthly Pulse Report February 2019
  2. 2. Highlighted Trend: LinkedIn Takes On Live Video + New Features Connected Efforts: Holidays, KPIs, and Amplification Good Reads: Learnings from 50 Most Popular Blogs, How Your Enterprise Matches Up, Stock Photos, & More In This Report
  3. 3. Sources: Tech Crunch | Social Media Examiner LinkedIn is beta testing a new invite-only service called “LinkedIn Live” in effort to reap the benefits of video—the fastest growing format on LI. Similar to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter’s live functions, LinkedIn Live allows you to instantly share videos with followers and invite them to join in on the conversation. Highlighted Trend: LinkedIn’s Move Toward Live Video
  4. 4. Content Suggestions If you have over 300 active users, find out what topics are trending in your communities and what articles followers are engaging with most. Suggestions can be tailored to specific audiences. Click for more on Social Media Today Updated Page Analytics Ensure that your content is reaching your target audience and know what attracts visitors to your Page with LI’s more detailed analytics offering. Click for more on LinkedIn Business New Group Features Since relaunching Groups six months ago, LI is now adding additional features including notifications for all group members, recommending interesting posts to members, and more. Click for more from Matt Navarra Pages Toolkit This toolkit contains six short guides to ensure you’re page is completely up-to-date and optimized. Click for more on LinkedIn Business New Recruiting & Job Hunting Features Intelligent Hiring Experience is a dashboard that brings together LinkedIn’s hiring suite into one streamlined interface, enabling the different products to easily share data. Click for more on Venture Beat Highlighted Trend: New Linked In Features
  5. 5. Plan ahead for Live Video Look for opportunities to create content to be shared on LinkedIn Live. Are there any upcoming events that can be posted on LinkedIn Live? Use Content Suggestions Use this feature to find what articles and topics are resonating with your followers. Then, be sure to align your shared content accordingly. Tap into Pages Toolkit Double check that your LinkedIn page is fully optimized by referring to the Pages Toolkit. If it’s not, follow the toolkit’s step-by-step guide. Create a Group to Increase Share of Voice Consider creating a Group as an employee advocacy tool. Direct the content published on your LinkedIn page towards Group members. Highlighted Trend: How to use Linked In’s New Features
  6. 6. Connected Efforts: What’s New This Month Preparation for International Women’s Day Social Tribe coordinated efforts to promote content featuring women’s stories in honor of the holiday. We worked with clients to select specific female team members and industry leaders to highlight across different social channels. Updating reporting decks Social Tribe has created new reporting decks to more effectively highlight key KPIs for each client. This will allow us to provide more streamlined reporting and making metrics easily accessible.
  7. 7. Here’s What We Learned From 50 of the Most Popular Blogs: Content Marketing Institute “Timely content could turn your blog into a regular stop for target audiences.” Why should you care? This roundup includes a break down of the most common traits for the most popular blogs. In regard to B2B, longform content still rules but is competing with B2C content appearing frequently in followers’ feeds. B2B content can learn from B2C by implementing more timely content, offering unique takes on crowded conversation, and repurposing content in multiples way. How Does Your Enterprise Measure Up? A Look at Challenges, Trends & Opportunities: Content Marketing Institute ”Only 19% of enterprise marketers report that their content marketing and sales teams are extremely or very aligned.” Why should you care? Here’s a chance to take a deep dive into the state of content marketing in enterprises right now. Find out where your enterprise falls among other enterprise companies and what challenges and opportunities may be awaiting you. Good Reads: Social Landscape Top Reads for February
  8. 8. A Minimalist’s Guide to Visual Content Marketing (Even If You’re Not a Designer) It might be time to rethink the stock photos you’re using. How to Improve Your Instagram Story Engagement If you’ve just started experimenting with IG Stories, now’s your chance to take it to the next level. 17 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools That Will Increase Your Engagement by 154% Could you be missing out on lesser known tools to improve your Facebook marketing? Good Reads: Social Landscape Reading List Extras
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