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Game of Thrones Top 5 Predictions: Season 6


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With season 6, of the hit HBO TV series, in production, we look back at season 5 and make some predictions about what may happen next!

NOTE: Possible spoilers alert!

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Game of Thrones Top 5 Predictions: Season 6

  1. 1. Top 5 Predictions
  2. 2. Season Five left a lot of unanswered questions
  3. 3. Where will Game of thrones take us in season six?
  4. 4. Here are our top five predictions
  5. 5. Spoiler Alert!
  6. 6. 1
  7. 7. Daenerys will get a new army!
  8. 8. We last see Daenerys surrounded by a Dothraki army
  9. 9. How long will it be until she rules them too?
  10. 10. … just as soon as her dragon has recovered
  11. 11. And doubled in size (supposedly!)
  12. 12. It’s time to cross that Narrow Sea!
  13. 13. 2
  14. 14. Myrcella will survive the Dornish poison!
  15. 15. and eventually be crowned Queen of Westeros!
  16. 16. and will later be killed off
  17. 17. As prophesised by the witch, 'Maggy the Frog'
  18. 18. Meaning current King Tommen will die sooner or later too!
  19. 19. 3
  20. 20. Cersei will be murdered by her 'little brother'
  21. 21. This may occur in Season 6 or later
  22. 22. The Maggy the Frog prophecy states...
  23. 23. "The valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you"
  24. 24. “Valongar" is Valerian for ‘“little brother”
  25. 25. This could be Tyrion Lanister
  26. 26. Or even twin and lover Jamie Lanister
  27. 27. 4
  28. 28. 'Sam the slayer’ will learn how to defeat the White Walkers
  29. 29. He has gone to Oldtown
  30. 30. The largest library in the World
  31. 31. He is likely to discover how to defeat the White Walkers
  32. 32. Or uncover the Night King's true identity
  33. 33. 5
  34. 34. Jon Snow will return
  35. 35. Red Priestess Melisandre will bring him back to life
  36. 36. Or he'll be resurrected somehow
  37. 37. or he’ll be reborn as Azor Ahai
  38. 38. Or he has Warg powers like his brother
  39. 39. So he may subconsciously be in his Direwolf, Ghost
  40. 40. And who are his Parents?
  41. 41. Bonus!
  42. 42. Bran Stark will be back (but you saw that one coming right?)
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