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'Winterlicious' was held in the month of December 2013 with aim to generate a buzz around promotional winter events taking place at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. The voice of the campaign was 'Snowie' (The Winterlicious Mascot), whose personality, expressions & props were used to push out content related to current affairs, special days & event related updates . The campaign was divided into 4 parts namely, 'Hello Winter', 'Fashion Freaks', 'Chocofest' & 'Party Poppers'. Social media posts, tweets & contests were the primary promotional channels used to generate a hype around the events.

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Winterlicious ppt social samosa

  1. 1. Social Media Campaign Ambience Mall – Gurgaon (Time Duration – 30 days)
  2. 2. The Campaign 1st Dec 2013 – 1st Jan 2014
  3. 3. About Ambience Mall, Gurgaon Ambience Mall, is an apogee of lifestyle distinction, offering unprecedented scale in terms of size and unparalleled retail mix combined with the entertainment and leisure attractions. Ambience Mall - Gurgaon is the largest operational shopping mall in India, with one kilometer of shopping experience on every floor. The mall offers a wide range of facilities including Premium international and domestic retail brands, Hypermarket, multiplex cinema, Restaurants and coffee shops, Food court, Car showroom, Fitness and meditation centre, Beer garden, Bowling alley, Kids play zone, Recreational zone etc.
  4. 4. Social Media Platforms Facebook Twitter
  5. 5. Objective - Promote & drive awareness about in-mall Winter events at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. - Increase in Twitter followers and engagement. - Increase fan base & engagement on Facebook
  6. 6. Campaign Mascot ‘Snowie’ was the Central character and the voice of the brand during this campaign. Using his clothing & props the theme of the week was displayed as per the events taking place at the mall. Examples are as below: Choco Fest Fashion Freaks Party Poppers
  7. 7. In-Mall Events Duration: 3 days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday of each week in December) Promotions: 4 days of social media promotions took place which included – Posts, Tweets & Contests. The Hello Winter was an exhibition held at the mall with stalls selling all winter clothes and essentials The Fashion Freaks was a bazaar at the mall with stalls selling outfits for New Years Eve.
  8. 8. In-Mall Events The Choco Fest bazaar had stalls selling various types of chocolates and a live chocolate fountain. The Party Popper was an exhibition with stalls selling decorations, masks etc for New Years Eve.
  9. 9. Cover photo The cover photo was changed every week with the theme & logo of the event. Hello Winter Choco Fest Fashion Freaks Party Poppers
  10. 10. Facebook Content Planks One post a day • Event Promotion • Interactive • Contest Promotion • Current Affairs • Special Days
  11. 11. Event Promotion Post Caption: #Winterlicious presents to you the ‘Fashion Freaks’ Bazaar. Are you looking for the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit? It’s waiting just for you at the Fashion Freaks bazaar at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.
  12. 12. Interactive Posts Caption: #TeaTimeBreak HINT: We found 6 differences, what about you?
  13. 13. Contest Posts Caption: #ContestAlert
  14. 14. Special Day Posts Caption: Take the lead and pledge your support for ‘World Aids Day. Stand up. Make a difference. 'Like' to show your support
  15. 15. Current Affairs Post Caption: Vote today. Make your voice be heard. (Delhi elections)
  16. 16. Twitter Contests • #HelloWinter • #FashionFreaks • #ChocoFest • #MyNewYearResolution
  17. 17. Twitter Contests #ChocoFest
  18. 18. Twitter Contests #MyNewYearResolution
  19. 19. Campaign Results
  20. 20. Prepared by
  21. 21. Thank you!