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Social Media Case Study: Vogue Eyewear ‘Guess Who?’ Campaign


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For Vogue Eyewear’s ‘Guess Who?’ campaign, Brandmovers developed the world’s largest fan generated mosaic with 20,000 tiles, which once filled, revealed the new face of Vogue

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Social Media Case Study: Vogue Eyewear ‘Guess Who?’ Campaign

  2. 2. Brandmovers INWorld’s Largest Fan Generated MosaicObjective:• Reveal the new face of Vogue Eyewear India in a manner that would strike a chordwith the target audience and generate significant buzzIdea:• Use digital as the primary medium to unveil the new brand ambassador• Build the World’s Largest Fan Generated Mosaic in order to do this• Supplement the mosaic with 4 Twitter activities which would enable the brand to reachout to the TG• Rope in influential bloggers to help boost the campaign
  3. 3. Brandmovers INKEY ACHIEVEMENTS
  4. 4. Brandmovers INThe World’s Largest Fan Generated Mosaic wasbuilt with over 20,000 unique entries• The microsite wherethe mosaic washoused received a totalof 40,216 page views• Out of these 26,620were unique• While there, visitorsspent an average ofover three minutes onthe site•Over 9,000 peopleliked the microsite byconnecting with theirFacebook profiles
  5. 5. Brandmovers IN7002,6650500100015002000250030003500Before AfterTwitter Followers238%Twitter followers shot up by 280% and FacebookFans in India increased by 390%2,0009,80002,0004,0006,0008,00010,00012,000Before AfterFacebook Likes390%280%Twitter followers of the VogueEyewear handle shot up from700 to 2,665 over the span ofone month. Special contests canbe conducted for them in thefuture to keep their involvementwith the brandThe huge Indian fan baseacquired during thiscampaign can be used forpromotions and contests inthe future
  6. 6. Brandmovers INOver 100,000 mentions and 41 million impressionswere generated over one month0100002000030000400005000060000ImpressionsMentions•The campaigngarnered more than108,000 total tweetsover the course of onemonth•It generated a total of41 million impressionsNOTE: Mentions have been scaled down by a power of 10 and Impressions by a power of 1000
  7. 7. Brandmovers INSource: TwitterAll the Twitter hashtags trended despite coincidingwith events like Holi and Women’s Day
  8. 8. Brandmovers INThe hashtags not only trended in India but also inUSA, Canada and MexicoSource: Trendsmap#10SongsInVogue#IStayInVogueWith#ForVogueEyewear#ILoveSunglassesBecause
  9. 9. Brandmovers INSeveral influential bloggers were roped in for thecampaignFollowers: 84,183Following: 1,712Klout: 80Fans: 30,178Followers: 1,771Following: 566Klout: 66Fans: 9,445Followers:1,325Following: 88Klout: 46Fans: 9,765 Followers:1,325Following: 88Klout: 46Fans: 30,178
  10. 10. Brandmovers INFacebook Ad buy also gained significantimpressions and click throughs for the campaignSource: FacebookMetrics PerformanceNumber of Ad Units 78Impressions 36,907,239Clicks 41,637Click Through Rate 0.11%CPC 5.33CPM 6.01Actions 60,880CPA 3.64
  11. 11. Brandmovers IN#10SongsInVogue
  12. 12. Brandmovers INThere were over 11,000 contributors for#10SongsInVogueSource: Hashtracking
  13. 13. Brandmovers INDeepika Padukone tweeted on the second day,pushing the trend forwardSource: Twitter
  14. 14. Brandmovers IN#IStayInVogueWith
  15. 15. Brandmovers INSeveral Social Media Influencers took part in the#IStayInVogueWith contestSource: Twitter
  16. 16. Brandmovers INUsers liked the contest and displayed theircreativitySource: Twitter
  17. 17. Brandmovers IN22 different companies tried to cash in on thepopularity of #IStayInVogueWithSource: Twitter
  18. 18. Brandmovers INMissMalini also took part in #IStayInVogueWith andhelped push the trendSource: Twitter
  19. 19. Brandmovers IN#ForVogueEyewear
  20. 20. Brandmovers IN#ForVogueEyewear started generating buzz andgot popular very fastSource: Twitter
  21. 21. Brandmovers INFans actively engaged with the hashtag andcreatively displayed their love for the brandSource: Twitter
  22. 22. Brandmovers IN#ILoveSunglassesBecause
  23. 23. Brandmovers IN#ILoveSunglassesBecause trended in major citiesin India for several hoursSource: Twitter
  24. 24. Brandmovers INOnce Deepika Padukone tweeted, the hashtag gota jumpstart and it continued to trend for longerSource: Twitter
  25. 25. Brandmovers INBrands and celebrities took part in#ILoveSunglassesBecause due to its immense successSource: Twitter
  26. 26. Brandmovers INThree of the Top Bloggers did FB posts about thecampaign and got us additional buzz and entriesSource: Twtter
  27. 27. Brandmovers INParticipants kept going due to the encouragement& appreciation given by the Vogue Eyewear teamSource: Twitter
  28. 28. Brandmovers INValue Of Twitter Impressions
  29. 29. Brandmovers INWhat We Think Is The Value Of Twitter ImpressionsCPM ($) 0.2 0.35 0.5 0.75 1 1.25Value ($) 8,200 14,350 20,500 30,750 41,000 51,250Value(INR) 4,46,162 7,80,783.50 11,15,405 16,73,107.50 22,30,810 27,88,512.50 Through the 4 Twitter campaigns we have generated 41,000,000 impressions whichcan be valued at Rs.11.15L to Rs.16.73L based on the CPM of $0.5 to $0.75Check Appendix for methodology of valuation of Twitter CPM
  30. 30. Brandmovers INTHANK YOU
  31. 31. Brandmovers INAPPENDIX
  32. 32. Brandmovers INThe spikes represent tweets containing@VogueEyewear and correspond to the Twitter activitiesSource: Topsy
  33. 33. Brandmovers INThe activity associated with #IStayInVogueWithgarnered the most impressions, a total of 18.8 millionSource: Topsy
  34. 34. Brandmovers IN#10SongsInVogue garnered over 16,000 tweetsSource: Topsy
  35. 35. Brandmovers IN#10SongsInVogue generated over 8 millionimpressionsSource: Topsy
  36. 36. Brandmovers IN#IStayInVogueWith acquired over 31,000 tweetsSource: Topsy
  37. 37. Brandmovers IN#IStayInVogueWith garnered over 18.8 millionimpressionsSource: Topsy
  38. 38. Brandmovers INThere were more than 23,000 tweets using#ForVogueEyewearSource: Hashtracking
  39. 39. Brandmovers IN#ForVogueEyewear received more than 5 millionimpressionsSource: Hashtracking
  40. 40. Brandmovers IN#ILoveSunglassesBecause acquired more than38,000 tweets during the campaignSource: Hashtracking
  41. 41. Brandmovers INThis hashtag also got more than 8.5 millionimpressionsSource: Hashtracking
  42. 42. Brandmovers INValuation of Twitter ImpressionsSource CPM ($)$ Value of ourimpressionsINR Value of ourimpressionscomScore valueof Facebookearnedimpressions 3.33 136,530 74,28,597.30comScoreaverage onlinecpm (Ads)* 2.48 101,680 55,32,408.80Quora - defaultrecommendedCPM forsponsored tweets 4 164,000 89,23,240 The above numbers for global level, in India the CPM on Facebook is around $0.25on average But research shows that the Twitter impressions are more valuable than Facebookimpressions since they have higher visibility We estimate the CPM for Twitter in India to be in the range of $0.5 to $0.75Sources:comScore - The Economics of Online Advertising August 2012