Social Media Case Study : Naturals India #ThePurpleBoxReveal


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This is a social media case study of Naturals India #ThePurpleBoxReveal campaign .The objective was to build Hype around kareena Reveal. Develop an asset/ property which Naturals can use for future sale promotions.

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Social Media Case Study : Naturals India #ThePurpleBoxReveal

  1. 1. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox DIGITAL AGENCY – BLUGRASS STUDIOS
  2. 2. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox  Introduce Purple box.  Build Up Hype around it.  Revealing the Purple Box .  Make people talk about Kareena.  Carry it on towards Valentines Day.  SOLIDATE the Online presence of Naturals India
  3. 3. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox Jan 29 – The Introduction of Purple box  What do you think is inside the purple box?  If genie was inside the purple box, what would you ask?  How should the opening ceremony of the purple box be?  If you had the purple box who would you gift it to?  If the Purple box was a person, who would that be ?
  4. 4. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox Feb 3 – Build the hype around the purple box! Be Shikari shamboo for a day!! Video + Activity based Contest
  5. 5. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox  First Video is used to show that Shikari finds the purple box but it asks to complete 6 tasks to open ! (  Tweeps are asked to complete the tasks.  Second video comes after completion of three activities, where they try to open it again, but it says three more to go! (  Third video comes after all activities are completed, and purple box is opened.. Tweeps are being asked to Stay tuned for the reveal! (
  6. 6. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox Feb 3 - The tasks/ Activities  Replace popular movie names with the word “Purple”?  Form Sentences in the form of ( Celebrity Name + Verb + purplebox) ?  Use the word purple box with lyrics of famous songs ?  Write wacky punch dialogs for the purple box?  Give one nickname for the purple box?  Name one thing you want to have in “purple” permanently ?
  7. 7. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBoxReveal The Purple Box Reveal Feb 8th – 12 th 5 Elements associated with the box would be revealed. One element every Day
  8. 8. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBoxReveal Feb 8 – Solutions to all your beauty Needs  Beauty according to me is __________?  The most beautiful person according to me is ___________?  If given a chance how would you beautify the world ?  Who would you pick as your beauty icon?  How do you think purple box will solve your beauty needs?
  9. 9. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBoxReveal Feb 9 – Surprise gifts and offers.  What has been the sweetest gift that you have received ever?  If you could gift one Gift to a person.. What would you gift and to whom?  Which is the one gift you are dreaming to get for your birthday?  What kind of gifts do you think you would get from purple Box?
  10. 10. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBoxReveal Feb 10 – Unique Experiences and Sweet Memories.  Name one unique person you have met in your life?  Name one unique place you have gone to in your life?  Tell us one unique experience that has happened in your life?  How do you think your experience would be with Naturals?
  11. 11. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBoxReveal Feb 11 – Makeovers, to make you feel like a celebrity  If you want your partner to be like a celebrity, who would it be?  “This Celebrity” is my style icon because _________ ?  If you had to pick a brand ambassador for Naturals Salon, who would it be?
  12. 12. Naturals India - #ItsKareena, #KareenaforNaturals Feb 12 – The Grand reveal of Kareena Kapoor Nearly 6000 tweets were recorded regarding the reveal function  The stage is set, now describe how the Diva would arrive to the centre?  What will she be wearing in our grand event?  Tell us one message that you have for Kareena?
  13. 13. Naturals India - #PurpleLove #AskKareena Feb 14 – Reinforcing the brand color purple with Love  If you could script a love story for your parents , how would you do it?  Show some love to your sibling ,If you could escape to a place with ur sibling, where would you go?  If you had a chance to show your love towards Bebo, how would you show?
  14. 14. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox TRENDS JAN 29 FEB 3 FEB 8 FEB 9
  15. 15. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox TRENDS FEB 10 FEB 11 FEB 14
  16. 16. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox Numbers #ThePurpleBox #ThePurpleBoxReveal #ExcitingPurpleBox #NaturalsSalon #ItsKareena #KareenaForNaturals #AskKareena #PurpleLove - 4677 4684 1218 5653 2776 1844 1637 1608 TOTAL Tweets - 24,097 Data Source – Hashtracking, Tweet Binder, Tweet Archivist, Keyhole
  17. 17. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox Numbers Impressions – 9.6 Million Contributors – 1200 + Tweets – 24,097 Reach – 1.6 Million Sentiment Score - 84 Timeline Deliveries – 20 Million Data Source – Hashtracking, Tweet Binder, Tweet Archivist, Keyhole
  18. 18. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox Talking Points WORLD WIDE TREND  ON feb 3rd , we had also trended worldwide for a brief amount of time
  19. 19. Naturals India - #ThePurpleBox Facebook was used as a support medium through the campaign
  20. 20. Thank you