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Social Media Case Study: HomeShop18 #TWSS Women's Day Campaign


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HomeShop18 leveraged Women’s Day differently from the regular women-related tags with #TWSS Women's Day Campaign to make the conversations fun and exciting

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Social Media Case Study: HomeShop18 #TWSS Women's Day Campaign

  1. 1. 8th March, 2013 #TWSSWomen’s Day Campaign
  2. 2. HighlightsFor Women’s Day we decided to run #TWSS … a differentangle from the regular women-related tags.#TWSS began trending at 2:20pm across IndiaWe received 1,117+ @mentions &621 621RT’s 621Gained an overall Outreach of 2,65,751302 tweepsparticipated in the contestThe hashtag trended all the way until the next day!
  3. 3. Why we chose #TWSS?Most brands played safe and used Woman, She or Lady in theircontest hashtags… either that or created Cause-specific hashtagsBased on Insights, we got in a widely popular term & gave itmeaning via wit as well as towards meaning cause related outcome.People tweeted with a slapstick angle but also used it as a # tocreate some CSR effect. #MindShift
  4. 4. The IDEA!
  5. 5. The Results! Impressions - 265,751 Audience Reach - 140,843621 Retweets
  6. 6. Trends #TWSS began trending at 2:20pm until the next day!
  7. 7. Took over trendsmap too..
  8. 8. Overall we had 302 tweeps using our hashtag
  9. 9. Indirect Outreach via other brands
  10. 10. #MindShiftGain insights on what works for your audiences before you set out to invest in something and the outcome is guaranteed to be legendary!
  11. 11. Thank You