Social Media Case Study : Sula Fest 2014 Campaign Report


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This is social media case study of Vero Moda SulaFest which recently hosted on 1st & 2nd February, 2014, it is a one of a kind wine and music festival. The festival brought together music lovers, wine enthusiasts, partners and foodies. The objective of the Social Media campaign was to create a buzz around this festival on the digital platform. The objective was to attract new audiences and loyalists to attend SulaFest 2014, highlight new partnerships and drive sales through digital.

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Social Media Case Study : Sula Fest 2014 Campaign Report

  2. 2. Objectives  Increase buzz, engagement and desire to attend Sulafest amongst loyalists and new audiences  Build awareness of the schedule and partners  Highlight what’s new and expected in 2014 at Sulafest  Generate sales for the event
  3. 3. Insightful Digital Outreach CHALLENGE INSIGHT SOLUTION The need to attract new audiences and loyalists to attend SulaFest 2014 Too many Fests make it complicated for people to choose where to go Outreach via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram with 1 # across everywhere - #SulaFest Highlight new partnerships The loyalists will always land up at SulaFest but driving new audiences was a focus Developed Engagement activities in partnership with Lifestyle & Gourmet Brands, attending Bands & Event Partners towards increasing desire to attend Increase website & sale traffic via media spends & influencers Drive Sales Artists help engage Increased talkability via Live Tweets & Live contests during the Fest
  4. 4. SulaFest Promotion Schedule Phase 3: Post Fest Sustenance Phase 2: Live Updates Phase 1: PreFest Buzz • Dec 7th – Jan 31st, 2014 • Feb 1st – Feb 2nd, 2014 • Feb 3rd – Feb 6th , 2014
  6. 6. Cover Photos go up!
  7. 7. Website with all the information!
  8. 8. SulaFest ‘14 Event Page… Invited: 13,036 Maybe: 807 Going: 3,122 Main stage line-up, Travel plans, Accommodation and Ticket Sales went up on the Event Page & allowed people attending to co-ordinate
  9. 9. #SulaFest 2013 Flashback Relived the good memories Shared the key Artists Shared Brand loyalist testimonials
  10. 10. Partner buzz
  11. 11. Details on the Bands What? - We disclosed 1 band every alternate day - True fans were identified by clues given before the Event - Recall & Adoption for artists created through sharing Band Videos
  12. 12. 10 day Countdown….
  13. 13. Facebook Contests 400 participants 280 participants
  14. 14. Twitter Contest #1: Can’t miss #SulaFest because…. Contest: Users were asked to share their reason to attend #SulaFest Impact: Engaged with people who had attended previously to share their experiences
  15. 15. Contest Statistics Twitter Outreach: 192,354
  16. 16. Twitter Contest #2: Bond with the Band Contest: Send in a warm welcome to the Band & meet them at #SulaFest! Impact: Create awareness about the Bands & increased excitement to attend
  17. 17. Trended in Mumbai for the entire day & across India for a few hours Twitter Outreach: 309,124
  18. 18. Twitter Contest #3: Musical Name Twist Contest: Give a Musical Twist to your name Impact: Got the whackiest names & additional virality as people tagged others
  19. 19. Twitter Outreach: 416,197
  20. 20. Instagram Outreach OUTREACH: 5.7 Million
  22. 22. Contest: What would you wear at the Hottest Music Festival of 2014? Impact: Reached out to the fashion-conscious fest-goers & gave dress up ideas
  23. 23. Phase2: Live at the Event
  24. 24. Live Facebook Album Updates Outreach 5.2 Million
  25. 25. Live Coverage by Sula Vineyards
  26. 26. Live Coverage by Tweeps
  27. 27. Live Coverage by Sula Vineyards
  28. 28. Live Coverage by Vinoteca By Sula
  29. 29. Live Coverage by Sula Selections
  30. 30. Live Coverage by Miss Malini
  31. 31. Live Coverage by Vero Moda
  32. 32. Live Contests at Venue Stay Fashionable while at #SulaFest & share it with us by clicking a photo, along with a bottle of Sula Outreach: 3 Lakh
  33. 33. Top Influencers for #SulaFest
  34. 34. Phase 3: Post Fest Sustenance
  35. 35. Closing up #SulaFest ‘14  #Sulafest ‘14 Album uploaded  Posts thanking fans for their love at Sulafest  Posts talking about the next year & new experiences
  36. 36. Closing up #SulaFest ‘14  #Sulafest ‘14 Album uploaded  Posts thanking fans for their love at Sulafest  Posts talking about the next year & new experiences
  37. 37. SulaFest ‘14 – Social Media Impact Particulars Numbers Fans increased 4,805 Fans Talking about it 4,503 Engagement Ratio 12% Current Fan Base 22, 249 Twitter Followers increased Current Follower Base Social Media Sentiment Analysis 802 5, 291 77% Positive Instagram Outreach 5.7 million Facebook outreach 25.5 million Twitter outreach 1.06 million Twitter Timeline Deliverables 18.10 million Total outreach 50.36 million
  38. 38. QUOTE BY SULA AND MSI “SulaFest 2014 was a great success and sold out once again!The fest saw close to 10,000 fest-goers all who had a weekend to remember and this year was a grander production than ever before. This year we doubled our digital and social media efforts and saw the results with a massive amount of our ticket sales coming from Facebook & Twitter, with thrice the amount of outreach than last year as well.” -Cecilia Oldne “A Fest always creates a lot of noise on digital through loyalists but we wanted to go bigger and far wider this year. Using Fest loyalists and targeted Partners, we created the right kind of buzz across social media while also creating constant offline touch points at the event to increase recall for our brand and gain live feedback about SulaFest. This year has been legendarily larger than 2013.” - Zafar Rais, CEO, MindShift Interactive
  39. 39. Thank You