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Listen and monitor data across the social media channels and web- analyze using dynamic sentiment analysis, text analysis and much more

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Social Media Tool Feature: SocialAppsHQ

  1. 1. SocialAppsHQ Largest Automated Social Media Marketing Platform Rajat Garg (CEO)
  2. 2. About SocialAppsHQ - Strong & PassionateTeam Strong Product team with background at large tech companies and startups • Runs the largest Facebook app store (28 Apps) • Only Social Media Marketing platform that encompasses Facebook Apps, Social Media Monitoring & Post Planner on a single dashboard • Used by over 1.3 M+ businesses Selected by Google as one of the six companies in India to watch out
  3. 3. SolidTeam enablingOver 1.3 M+ happy businesses 
  4. 4. SocialAppsHQ offers 3600 Social Media Solution Social Media Marketing Listening & Monitoring Engage Viral Campaigns • Common dashboard to manage all your social media marketing activity • Listen & Monitor data across the web – analyze using dynamic sentiment analysis, text analysis and much more • Engage/Notify via Post Planner with influencers and others (Social CRM) • Run awareness campaigns through apps on FB (like contests, sweepstake & 26 other apps) Processing millions of data points in real-time to provide on-the-go intelligence & insights
  5. 5. • Facebook Apps : 28 Apps to increase the virality of your content. Photo/Video contest, Sweepstake, Coupons tab… You name it, we have it. • Social Media Monitoring : Monitor keywords across the web through our enterprise grade platform. Real time data, Word cloud, Advocates & Influencers, Post tags and many other features. • Post Planner : Connect all your social accounts to a single platform and schedule posts for future. • Custom Apps: Want a custom made Facebook app exclusive to your company or an appealing YouTube page. We are here to help!! Products
  6. 6. Facebook Apps
  7. 7. Facebook Apps – Main Features 1) Likegate– Increase fans by enticing people to like your page for getting access to exclusive contests, prizes, coupons etc. 2) Share with Friends – Increase the virality of the content by giving fans option of sharing with, inviting and tagging their friends. Also, ask them to like and comment on the content. 3) Internationalize – You are a global company with pages for different countries. Not a problem, customize the apps according to the language of your fans. 4) Full CSS Control – Customize the look according to your requirement and make your tab more appealable. Have a full control of your data and export when required. 5) Real time Analytics – Have a real time track of the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and see visitors to the app. Lots of more features available …
  8. 8. Social Media Monitoring
  9. 9. Monitoring – Main Features 1) Data Collection – 1) We create a search profile which is a group of keywords. 2) Data is then imported based on search profiles from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, video websites (YouTube/MetaCafe etc), forums and discussion boards millions of blogs, news websites, press releases etc in almost real-time. 3) Data is cleansed and enriched for user consumption. 2) Actionable Streams – We pull everything together in a simple, easy to consume Unified Stream that not only allow you to see all data but also take action on it. 3) Workflow Management – You can reply, assign to another user for follow up, see author bios etc to help you manage/take action on large amount of data better and faster. 4) Real-time Analysis and Insights – Automatically determine sentiments, trending topics/increase in chatter, user behavioral analysis (when/where they are talking) and ability to segment/filter to drive your own insights
  10. 10. Monitoring – Additional Features 1) Geo Targeting – You can identify where data originated from (geo-coordinate, city, country) and see it all on a live map 2) Multi Language Filtering – You can filter data by different languages. Know and understand the language your audience speaks in. 3) Behavioral Analysis – See what time and day of week most activity is happening using our patent pending clustering technology 4) Sentiment Trends – Identify sentiment for every mention – tweet, fb post, web page and more as well as look at aggregate sentiment index. Ability to customize sentiment trends based on your rules exists. 5) Advocates and Influencers – Automatically determine advocates and influencers on any topic using our internally built influencer score Lots of more features available … monitoring
  11. 11. Post Planner Schedule posts across multiple social networks
  12. 12. Post Planner– Main Features 1) Connect multiple accounts– Link your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts into a single platform. 2) Unlimited Posts – You can send unlimited posts through it. Post any content- picture, video etc. 3) Schedule posts – Schedule posts for future for any one account or all the accounts. Post according to the time zone of your audience. 4) See History– See historical as well as all future dated scheduled posts 5) Track traffic from Social media– See visitors coming from different social media channels and find the engagement of the post on page/app. Lots of more features available …
  13. 13. Case Study 1.3 M+ brands have used our tools to achieve greater success in Social Media Marketing
  14. 14. Rajat Garg (CEO) +91 995 808 3052