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Social Media Marketing for Health Insurance


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Health Insurance marketing has always been perceived as a challenging subject. The key players in the Health insurance industry have been dealing with the key issues for consumer trust and category education.

Social Media Marketing for Health Insurance

  1. Social Media Marketing For Health Insurance Industry
  2. Health Insurance Brands face key customer acquisition challenges with Trust & Category Education being the biggest of them.
  3. So how do we build Trust, Seek attention & Create impact?
  4. 5Must Do’s for Health Insurance Players on Social
  5. Create FB Apps that Drive Business Value 1
  6. For Max Bupa, a leading Health Insurance Brand in India, we created “Get Help”
  7. Get Help- It is one of a kind customer service platform that helps users to get services right from Facebook
  8. The main application dashboard enables customers to buy a policy, interact with the brand & get instant customer service
  9. When a customer wants to Buy a Policy and needs a callback , he can submit his details in the dashboard and he receives an instant callback.
  10. Customers can also share their complaints/compli ments directly through Get Help. The messages listed here are instantly sent to the support team for quick resolution. Complaints & Compliments
  11. Using the hospital locator the users can easily search and choose for their preferred network hospital. Find Hospitals
  12. Video testimonials of happy customers speaking about the brand amplify word of mouth! Customer Testimonials
  13. Define Brand Positioning- Own a category to win consumer’s mind 2
  14. In reality, positioning is a perception built in the minds of a consumer. As a brand we need to create our own space in this mind.
  15. For Max Bupa, we created buzz by positioning it as a Family Brand and promoting its health insurance product for families.
  16. We nurtured the concept of a Family Tree to emphasize on family bonds and relationships.
  17. We also created a fun Facebook application which created family trees of facebook users, their friends, families & bollywood stars.
  18. Users created and shared their family trees!
  19. To Create awareness about the family first policy, we crafted the TVC contest where users had to see the commercial & answer questions based on it. Landing Page for the campaign-
  20. The social media communication amplified the family communication further.
  21. Spin Rich Storylines With Brand Characters 3
  22. Characters with personality, tone, voice & belief can drive sustainable brand engagement on Social Media
  23. We introduced “Satya & Mythya” to educate consumers about myths associated with Health Insurance
  24. Satya, the Protagonist! Honest friend next door! Busts the health insurance myths and tells the truth.
  25. Mythya, the pocket dynamo of Mischief! Creates doubt in your mind with his myths.
  26. Satya & Mythya created category education by spreading product information through fun comic strips.
  27. Satya shared his gyan through health insurance tips.
  28. & together these 2 characters, brought in humour in their conversations 
  29. Use Digital Engagement to Drive Offline Actions 4
  30. We powered Max Bupa’s Flagship event Walk for Health An event that spreads health awareness & promotes walking among individuals as the easiest form of exercise.
  31. We built Organic conversations around the event through Community Outreach
  32. Instead of traditional media buying burst, you could reach out to relevant online health & hobby communities.
  33. Organize Micro walks in collaboration with focus-groups to spread the buzz about your event.
  34. Convey benefits of “Walking (Your Brand’s Health Activity)” through meaningful infographics.
  35. Create a contest around the health activity to drive participation from your Facebook Fans. (e.g. My Walking Pic Contest)
  36. Conversations on Twitter Tap on twitter influencers by partnering with brands who can amplify your event/activity message.
  37. Once the event is over, Thank your Participants!
  38. Develop a well thought- out Contest strategy to expand your fan-base 5
  39. Establish a seasonal connect with health (Monsoon) e.g. Monsoon Mantra contest What’s your mantra to be healthy during monsoon season?
  40. Seasonal Connect with Health (Winters) #Hotshots Reward your fans for sharing tips and treats to make winters warm and fuzzy.
  41. Adding festive flavors in Relationships (Family Connect) #Bond of the best contest to re-emphasize the core message of “Brother Sister” relationship during Rakshabandhan festival.
  42. Celebrating Motherhood (Family Connect) #MaakeNuskhe contest to celebrate Motherhood in a special way on the occasion of Mother’s Day .
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