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Social Media Health of eCommerce Players in India [Report]


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This report considers the top players in the eCommerce industry and seeks to understand their digital presence in terms of social presence and online reputation.

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Social Media Health of eCommerce Players in India [Report]

  1. 1. Understanding the Need Hence, measuring the health of the Social Media is a huge phenomenon Social Media presence of eCommerce Social Media Portals is eCommerce is sentiments growing faster impact consumer pertinent to the than ever sentiments and thus business business they are in and to their stakeholders
  2. 2. This report considers the top players in theeCommerce industry and seeks tounderstand their digital presence in termsof social presence and online reputation . Social Reach Engagement Growth Response Audience Content Type Time Quality Online Share of Brand Online Voice Sentiment Reputation 8 eCommerce Players considered because they enjoy the highest Source Keyword word of mouth As per data collated from June 2012- December 2012 Understanding the Framework
  3. 3. Top 3 Players – Social Media Reach 1 2 3With over 2.1M Facebook Fans , eBaY India boasts Restrictions are noticed in Jabong , with the brandof the largest audience on Facebook , with Flipkart restricting its fans from posting queries on thefollowing close. Facebook wall, which leaves a negative impression about the brand and acts as a conversation restrictor.On Twitter, Flipkart holds the top position, followedby Jabong and eBay India. A similar trend has been seen in the case of Yebhi with the brand keeping its profile on Twitter protected, as aOn YouTube, HomeShop 18 is the leader amongst all result , no one can see the tweets posted on the profilethe others, followed by Flipkart.In terms of a combined footprint, however, eBayIndia enjoys the maximum reach, followed byFlipkart and then Yebhi
  4. 4. Top 3 Players – Facebook Growth123 eBay India and Flipkart being the most popular have a loyal Fan following, however, when it comes to Fan Growth rate, the big players take a back seat. Homeshop18 and Snapdeal boast of the highest growth rate in Fans, with Homeshop18 launching various campaigns (like Land of Luck) to improvise its brand positioning and Snapdeal introducing several discounts for its consumers
  5. 5. Top 3 Players – Twitter Growth123 Flipkart has maintained its lead, when it comes to community size with more than 33k Followers. This can be attributed to the excellent services by the brand and the trust of the customers they have managed to win In terms of growth though, Homeshop18 is in the lead and has managed to achieve an amazing growth rate with the help of campaigns and a healthy engagement with its audience Myntra follows suit with the second highest growth rate in terms of followers Snapdeal follows a city-wise approach with multiple properties for multiple cities. The brand uses geo-targeting for its audience to offer them specific deals that they may be interested in.
  6. 6. Top 3 Players – Youtube Growth123 Homeshop18 has maintained its lead when it comes to gathering highest Views on the Video sharing platform with a nice blend of content on Youtube, right from beauty reviews, technology, self promotional videos ebay is next in terms of views as well as has the highest number of subscribers
  7. 7. Top 3 Players–Overall Social Media Growth123 Overall, considering Facebook and Twitter, the top 3 players in terms of social media growth are Homeshop18, Snapdeal and Myntra Homeshop18 has a small community, but with the help of effective campaigns on social media has managed to attain a noticeable growth rate Myntra has its Fan growth rate attributed to a lot of paid activities online (Facebook Ads)
  8. 8. Top 3 Players – Facebook Engagement123 eBay India, Homeshop18 and Myntra are the flag bearers in terms of Engagement with their audience. Each of them have made sure they have enough interactions on the page. Myntra is well aware of the influence Bollywood has on the Indian population and audience and has taken advantage of this for engaging with its audience Snapdeal showcases the highest Fan growth, however, it doesnt seem to be engaging well with its Fans. Most of the posts on the page are restricted to brand promotion, which is not responded to well by its audience every time.
  9. 9. Top 3 Players – Facebook Engagement Jabong leads this section with the highest Sharing rate and thus the highest Amplification rate of the posts, although it is majorly attributed to its Paid activities (a lot of Facebook ads) Also, the high Like rate observed in the case of is totally attributed to the extensive use of Facebook ads by the brand for sales, Like Ads, Tab Ads, Page posts Ads, Sponsored stories, etc. Homeshop18 has a small Facebook community but has managed to keep its audience engaged with self promotional posts, which are mostly discounts offers. Also with its recent Land of luck campaign, it has managed to attract a lot of eye balls. Flipkart which has more than 1.1M Fans on Facebook, posts interesting content, but fails to connect with the audience which is the reason for a poor Like rate.
  10. 10. Top 3 Players – Twitter Engagement123eBay India leads the engagement race on Twitter, with an active interaction with its audience inevery aspect- customer service, proactive tweets, response to queries, etc.Myntra comes distantly second in the league with an exceptional performance at handling thecustomer queries . Also the brand gets into casual conversations with its followers unlike mostbrands.
  11. 11. Top 3 Players – Youtube Engagement123Yebhi India and Myntra have performed well on Youtube when it comes to Engagement. Among all theplayers, HomeShop18 has the maximum number of videos uploaded, it has minimal negativeconversations. However, Flipkart has the maximum likes on its videos, followed by eBay and Myntra.
  12. 12. Top 3 Players–Overall Social Media Engagement123Overall, considering Facebook and Twitter, the top 3 players in terms of social mediaengagement are ebay, Myntra and Homeshop18The three brands have ensured they maintain consistent engagement with their audience.The brands converse well with their Fans when it comes to customer grievances, replies totheir queries and at times converse proactively as well
  13. 13. Top 3 Players – Facebook Response Time123 Homeshop18 turns out to be the most socially devoted brand with the lowest Average response time to customer questions on Facebook. The brand has proved itself fairly active by responding to 29.9% of their Fan posts. Flipkart and eBay India follow next in terms of having low average response time amongst all the players. On the contrary, doesn’t seem to be interacting well with its audience with more than 92% of its Fan posts not yet responded, clearly indicative of a laid back attitude towards its customers.
  14. 14. Top 3 Players – Twitter Response Time 1 2 3Homeshop18 and Flipkart clearly standout when it comes to actively respondingto its Followers (with most queries beingresponded to within one hour of the tweetbeing posted), making sure that theyrespond to ~95% of queries or questionsraised by their audience within 24hrs.Homeshop18 boasts of the shortestturnaround time and is a tough competitorfor Flipkart, with Myntra following suit
  15. 15. Top 3 Players – Overall Response Time123 Overall, considering Facebook and Twitter, the top 3 players in terms of social media growth are Homeshop18, Snapdeal and Myntra Homeshop18 has a small community, but with the help of effective campaigns on social media has managed to attain a noticeable growth rate Myntra has its Fan growth rate attributed to a lot of paid activities online (Facebook Ads)
  16. 16. Analysis by Content Type: Facebook Since most brands make use of appealing pictures to post offers and deals, Photo is the most shared content, clearly justifying Facebook is a more visually driven medium for brands Out of the total posts across the brands, ~23% constitute of admin posts. Amongst these 80% of the conversations were “about the brand” or brand related Jabong is utilizing the page from sales perspective only, although with the help of Facebook ads it has managed to account some engagement.
  17. 17. Analysis by Content Type: Twitter Platform is mainly being used for customer grievance by most brands. Replies to queries form a major section of the overall tweets, while Proactive tweets by brands comes second. Homeshop18, Snapdeal and Flipkart top the list again with the maximum Tweets per day as well as Tweets per month Flipkart , eBayIndia and Myntra have an edge with regards to personal attention to audience with not many templatic responses seen. Myntra gets into friendly conversations with customers and even takes them to separate complaint forums
  18. 18. Analysis by Content Type: YoutubeAmong all the players, HomeShop18 has the maximum number of videos uploaded andminimum views. However, Flipkart has the maximum likes on its videos, followed by eBay andMyntra. Flipkart has kept its content restricted to TVCs, but since the content is good enough, ithas managed to catch eyeballs. Creativity and right approach are the key points that help thebrand acquire a lead amongst its competitorsMyntra and Snapdeal recently created their channel but there is not much content found hereMost brands have restricted their videos to self promotional videos and TVCs, which is the reasonwhy not enough audience is engaging with them
  19. 19. Analysis by Audience Quality: Facebook RELEVANCY The most active group on Facebook belong to “Single “ category, Below 21 yrs age group, which clearly states the youngest generation is the most active on eCommerce brand pages on Facebook
  20. 20. Analysis by Audience Quality: Facebook GENDER BALANCE Overall India Demographics on Demographics of eCommerce brands on Facebook Facebook A look at the overall demographics in India showcases that the ratio of Males to Females on Facebook is 3:1. This trend has been overruled by eBay India, Flipkart and Yebhi with 36% of their Fans being Females. The visually appealing content regularly posted on the eBay India Facebook page has managed to grab good amount of Female eye balls, with 36% of their audience being Females. Myntra is mostly targeting the Female audience through extensive ads, however, the efforts spent on paid activities don’t seem to be fruiting well, at least in terms of the sex- ratio on the page fans
  21. 21. Analysis by Audience Quality: Twitter Platform is mainly being used for customer grievance by most brands. Replies to queries form a major section of the overall tweets, while Proactive tweets by brands comes second. Top 5 Influencers on eCommerce brands The Young Marketer Gina Carr (@ginacarr) Ashwin Sanghi Sidin Suave-dukutTinu Cherian Abraham (@farukazi) Top stories today (@ashwinsanghi) (@sidin)(@tinucherian) RT @FaruKazi: Truly, via @CRXGamesInterac @ashwinsanghi RT @bumsonthesaddle:New cute ads from Madly, Deeply [ Author @monicacesana Http:// check out the Bike toNow @flipkart I just Signed Copies @HomeShop18 @flipkart | Twicsy, the work GuideFlipkart It! ] from @flipkart #Flip Twitter Pics Engine via @flipkart
  22. 22. Audience Quality Benchmarking: Overall Audience relevancy on Facebook showcases that Inkfruit is the clear winner with maximum audience belonging to the most engaging group on Facebook, i.e, Males: Below 21 years of Age. However when it comes to Audience Value on Twitter, Flipkart is outstanding in the league with the most potent influencers following the brand.
  23. 23. A Closer Look at Posting Activity Tuesdays and Thursdays are the most active days on Facebook. The weekdays are found more active than weekend. On Twitter, Monday and Friday turn out to be the most active days of the week with the maximum volume of tweets observed on these days For all the brands, the afternoon hours are the most active hours, with 12 pm to 5 pm being the busiest hours, with maximum post volume concentrated in this time of the day
  24. 24. Analysis by Online Sentiment E-commerce Industry From an overall e-Commerce Industry perspective, negative sentiment stands at 48% as against positive sentiment of 13%. Rest all conversation of 39% found neutral in nature. Maximum share of Negative conversations revolve around services, product quality, product delivery, and fraud related conversations. E-commerce Players (Brand related) Out of all the brands compared, Flipkart has maximum negative conversations followed by Yebhi and Homeshop18. While comparing the positive sentiments of the brands, Jabong has managed to sustain the top position followed by Inkfruit, EBay and Jabong has dominated all other brands with the least share of negative Conversation of 26% and maximum share of positive conversation (20% ) Also, Jabong , at 54% has maximum neutral conversations to its credit.
  25. 25. Analysis by Social Sentiment Facebook While comparing the social image of the brands in light of Facebook , Myntra is the brand which has least negative conversations along with maximum positive conversations Twitter It is observed that at 40% , has least number of negative conversations as compare to other brands while Myntra has maximum share of positive conversations on Twitter (35%)
  26. 26. Analysis by Share of Voice Share of voice represents the different topics consumers are talking about. The largest share of 27% conversations is all about news related topics
  27. 27. Share of Voice : Brand and Service Brand Related: 90% of the brand mentions were found to be neutral in nature. Only 5% of the Brand mentions were found negative or positive. Maximum conversations with brand mentions were news related conversations. This could be a part of paid reviews by the brand or PR releases. Flipkart found to be the only brand which has 50 – 50 percent of neutral and negative conversations. Services Related: 86% of conversations found were negative with conversations centred around complaints from consumers about quality of services provided by the brands.
  28. 28. Share of Voice : Reviews and Product Quality Reviews Related: Out of all conversations, 32% of the conversations were negative 9% of conversations found were neutral in nature, 59% conversations found positive Possible reason why most of the brand reviews found Positive could be because of paid reviews or PR done by the brand Product Quality Related: Out of overall conversations 87% of the conversations found Negative against 11% of the positive conversations. Only 2% of the conversations found neutral in nature.
  29. 29. Share of Voice : Delivery and Promotions Delivery Related: Only 16% of Products ordered from e- commerce brands are delivered on time. There is a huge chance of delay in the product delivery. As shown in the graph most of the brands have failed in delivering the products on time. E-Bay, Flipkart and Homeshop18 brands are topping the chart with 100% of negative conversations. Promotions Related: Out of the total promotions related conversations 57% found negative, 16% conversations found Positive and 27% Conversations found neutral in nature. A large percentage of the negative conversations revolve around brands like E-Bay, Inkfruit, Snapdeal, and
  30. 30. Share of Voice : Refund, Replacement, Warranty Refund & Replacement Related: 96% of the conversations found negative, 4% positive Yebhi And Ebay topped the chart in replacing the products or refunding the amount. Warranty Related: While monitoring the conversations related to product warranty issues it is observed that majority of the conversations have been generated by EBay, Flipkart, Homeshop18.
  31. 31. Share of Voice : Stock and News Stock Related: 20% of the conversations found negative. Where as 50% of the conversation found positive against the 30% of neutral conversation. News Related: 48% of conversations found negative. While 13% of the conversation found positive against the 39% of neutral conversation.
  32. 32. Source Capture Source Capture represents the different sources from where the data has been collected.,,, are the forums where large number of consumers have registered their complaints against the ecommerce Brands.
  33. 33. Social Media Scorecard As per data collated from June 2012- December 2012 AND THE TOPPERS ARE1 2 3
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