Social Media Case Study:McDonalds Food Blogger Campaign


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In a unique concept, McDonald’s invited well known food bloggers to a Mumbai McDonald’s outlet to give them a first-hand experience of creating and savoring the new burgers. In the event, conceived and managed by Digiqom, the Chef behind the new creation took the bloggers through the journey behind introducing the new product. This initiative, which was next in line after #McDElections, was intended to attract the audience attention and launch the new burger variants.

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Social Media Case Study:McDonalds Food Blogger Campaign

  1. 1. Influencer Engagement Blogger Meet To Introduce Two New Products
  2. 2. Event Details Date: 28th March, 2014 Time: 5.30 pm Venue: Star Mall Store, Dadar Products to be introduced: Surprise!
  3. 3. List of Bloggers Name Handle Email ID Ashrita @caramelwings Renita Mascarenhas @renita_m Roxxane Bamboat @roxannebamboat Perzen Patel @bawibride Dakshin Adyanthaya @upsidedakshin Benaaz Pherozshaw @benaazp Aditi @stuffednstarved
  4. 4. Experience Sharing Online
  5. 5. Ashrita
  6. 6. Aditi
  7. 7. Renita Mascarenhas Feedback for the chef: Would like the burger buns to be toasted a little more, because the paneer is soft and the buns also soft makes the sandwich a bit squishy. The Paneer in the McRoyale that has been marinated in italian herbs is delicious. The jalapenos add to the refreshing flavours. The burger itself is quite filling. A perfect snack to beat hunger pangs. And don't forget to ask for extra cheese!
  8. 8. Roxxane Bamboat Firstly - the bread is average at best. I don't see why the bun needs to change and even if it does it looks and feels dry- or drier than the others. Also the Paneer and Chicken burger should be identical except for the meat difference. They look like to very different burgers and from what I heard from the other bloggers they are very different. The meat patty is bland and on its own not very impressive at all. Again it's dry. A LOT of meat between bread on one layer so its actually 4 layers of chunky meat ( 2 salami and 2 patty ).
  9. 9. Perzen Patel
  10. 10. Dakshin Adyanthaya
  11. 11. Benaaz Pherozshaw
  12. 12. Blog Updates burger-mcroyale-at.html
  13. 13. Blog Updates nalds-introduces-two-new-burgers.html
  14. 14. Blog Updates oyale-at-mcdonalds-dadar-west.html
  15. 15. Surround Sound
  16. 16. Numbers Exposure during Blogger Meet: 66,002 Timeline Deliveries* Estimated Reach** : 15,035 Twitter Accounts *Source – Digiqom Discovery Tool *Timeline Deliveries: Timeline Deliveries are same as Twitter impressions which are described as the delivery of a post or tweet to an account’s Twitter stream. **Estimated Reach : Number of Twitter Accounts Reached.
  17. 17. Clicks
  18. 18. What Next?  Use testimonials from each of the bloggers to collate for a print ad.  Create Facebook updates by tagging these bloggers and sharing their reaction/update about the new products.  Create an interesting video using pictures clicked and recite the story of the burger using the video displayed during the event as the background.
  19. 19. Thank You!