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Social Media Case Study: #YaarTuGodHai Contest by


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The objective of the campaign was to create awareness about the TVC launch and a friend can get you a job via #YaarTuGodHai contest.

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Social Media Case Study: #YaarTuGodHai Contest by

  1. 1. campaign #YaarTuGodHai
  2. 2. #YaarTuGodHai- build anticipation for twitter contest (June 10, 2013) #YaarTuGodHai- twitter contest (11 June, 2013) campaign on June 11, 2013
  3. 3. Campaign Agency: Webitude Twitter Handle: @Shinedotcom Hashtag: #YaarTuGodHai #YaarTuGodHai (Pre-launch and launch) Twitter Contest:  To create awareness about the contest, tweets were posted June 10, 2013 using the hash tag #YaarTuGodHai.  Launch contest on June 11, 2013. using the hash tag #YaarTuGodHai.  We were asking the users various scenarios where there would say there friends YaarTuGodHai.  We also seeded Tweets on how friends can also get you a job through Shinedotcom.  The contest was live for 11 hours, from 11am to 10pm.  #YaarTuGodHai created the awareness about the TVC launch and a friend can get you a job.  We started getting excellent response and virality as soon as we started the contest.
  4. 4. Contest Teaser on Pre-launch Day Kickoff Post Guiding the Contestants Winner Announcements Winner Tweets ReTweets Campaign
  5. 5. Launch Day contest result #YaarTuGodHai
  6. 6. Snapshot of #YaarTuGodHaiTrending World Trend # 4 India Trend # 1  #YaarTuGodHai started trending in India and Worldwide within 15 and 30 minutes of its launch respectively
  7. 7. Twitter Screenshots #Yaartugodhai From the Brand: Other Brands: Funny/Interesting Tweets by Twitterverse:
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