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Social Media Case Study: How Womens Take Over the Street of Bangalore Sporting a Moustache


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Social Media Case Study on How Womens Take Over the Street of Bangalore Sporting a Moustache by Wooplr

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Social Media Case Study: How Womens Take Over the Street of Bangalore Sporting a Moustache

  1. 1. T • The campaign was a roaring success with over 60 women sending in their photo quotes. • These quotes were not just statements but were symbolic of a feminist movement igniting the fire of women's empowerment in the light of recent events. • Along with the photo quotes women participated in the moochie walk where they sported fake paper cut moustaches and walked around the city with pride. • The winners were sent a basket of goodies for sporting their enthusiastic outlook towards the need to encourage the modern female to liberation in a male dominant society. • The change of course is undeniable, the value addition was the explicit display of the same.
  2. 2. MOUSTACHEPHOTOQUOTES • Participants were asked to voice what they thought of the moustache. • These entries came not only from societal movers and shakers, but also from local celebrities, and many from among us who gathered the courage to speak up. • The top 30 entries were given goody baskets to celebrate and encourage their zeal. • These goodie bags contained an assortment of products from local entrepreneurs.
  3. 3. • In a heartwarming turnout we saw several women from Bangalore join us for the walk • The walk was symbolic of a public display of gender equality in clothing and expression igniting a passion towards woman’s empowerment. • These women walked about the central districts of Bangalore, during peak hours making heads turn. • These women became the part of a video launched virally. • THEMOOCHIEWALK
  4. 4. SOCIALEFFECTS • Women's empowerment is a cause that gains greater importance with each passing day, the campaign not only attracted online but offline attention. • Awareness was created while igniting a passion to fight for a cause that is close to each woman’s heart the world over. • In the video these women have not only encouraged healthy discussions on issues faced by women in the current day and proposed solutions were also discussed. • What drives change in a society is the courage to propagate radical propositions towards the greater good, and that is what was encouraged through this effort by the team at Wooplr.