Social Media Case Study: How Drove 40% of Traffic to its Site Using Facebook


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Here is a Social Media Case Study on how being only a few months old in India used Facebook as its main social media channel to build its brand.

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Social Media Case Study: How Drove 40% of Traffic to its Site Using Facebook

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA CASE STUDY How drove 40% of its traffic from Facebook and became the fastest growing Cashback site in India
  2. 2. ABOUT CASHKARO.COM  is India’s fastest growingCashback and Coupons site. It has been started by Pouring Pounds Ltd UK who run 4 Cashback sites in the UK  Through the site, members can get Cashback on all online orders at Snapdeal, Myntra, Yatra & Cashkaro’s 350+ ecommerce partners  When you go to any ecommerce site via Cashkaro and shop, the site pays Cashkaro a commission for that sale. Cashkaro gives you ‘Cashback’ from that  Cashback is paid in addition to Coupons and ongoing Sales so is a great additional saving!  Cashback as a concept is very popular in theWest and now taken off in India as well  Cashkaro got 2.9 Lac Facebook fans in less than 6 months time!
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES OF FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT  Being only a few months old in India wanted to use Facebook as its main social media channel to build its brand  Objectives of Facebook campaigns were:  Make people aware that they can save so much money through Cashkaro  Get fans to sign-up to Cashkaro (free membership)  Build Facebook as a key customer relationship management channel  Raise awareness of the brands Cashkaro has partnered with  Increase take-up of Cashkaro Deals and offers  Channel for new product launches e.g. restaurant offers launch  Educate people about who Cashkaro and Cashback works, timelines of payments, method etc  Understand more about fans’ shopping preferences so content can be customised  Engage fans on a daily basis which makes them think of Cashkaro more often
  4. 4. EXECUTION – PARTICIPATION DRIVEN  A carefully thought out content strategy was planned for Cashkaro Facebook page every month. Cashkaro also engaged Echovme, a leading social media agency in India to manage Cashkaro’s social media strategy & implementation  Interesting deals, posts, questions, puzzles were posted everyday that made people participate with the brand and prompted them to Like & Share the content  Some posts (like the one on the right) got over 3,300 Likes, over 2,000 comments, 175 Shares and reached over 1,00,000 people just over 2 days time
  5. 5. EXECUTION – PARTICIPATION DRIVEN  Posts with almost a thousand Likes and reaching over 75,000 people. Excellent participation from fans in all Cashkaro’s questions and contests
  6. 6.  Along with interesting questions and puzzles Cashkaro also posts attractive deals. Fans respond really well to these and share generously as well EXECUTION – DEALS DRIVEN
  7. 7. EXECUTION – COMIC STRIPS DRIVEN  In a recent campaign,Cashkaro introduced a brilliant comic strip with characters Raja and Rani who share their funny shopping experiences and how Rani loves shopping through Cashkaro  The series has had 15 episodes so far showing great creativity, ideas and demonstration of how Cashkaro works  Fans have absolutely loved this series and commented, shared and Liked many posts.The full series can be seen here:
  9. 9. EXECUTION – CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN  Facebook has become an important channel of customer relationship management for Cashkaro  Potential members come to ask queries about how much Cashback they can earn on purchases while existing members come with feedback and transaction queries. A number of comments are exchanged between members and Cashkaro, showing healthy engagement and interaction
  10. 10. EXECUTION – CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN  Facebook is being used as an important feedback channel through many testimonials were received
  11. 11. EXECUTION – FACE OF CASHKARO CAMPAIGN Cashkaro launched a Face of Cashkaro campaign where people sent in pictures expressing how much they love Cashkaro!
  12. 12. EXECUTION – CONTESTS DRIVEN Exciting contests and prizes kept Cashkaro’s community engaged and also helped build their understanding of how Cashkaro works
  13. 13. BRILLIANT RESULTS  Cashkaro Facebook Fan base increased from 17,000 fans to about 2.9 Lac fans in less than 6 months (mid-April to end-September)  In such a short duration, Cashkaro has become one of the fastest growingCashback & Coupon sites in India. Cashkaro gets about 40% of its traffic from Facebook  Cashkaro has among the largest Facebook presence of all deals related sites in India  Cashkaro has among the highest engagement on its Facebook page even when compared to much larger, older and well established Indian ecommerce brands  Many everyday posts got over 1,000 Likes and a number of comments and Shares
  14. 14. CONTACT US ANYTIME Thank you for reading through this case study. Cashkaro is a very social media friendly brand and we are excited about our upcoming social business campaigns and gaming apps. For further information or to learn more about our latest campaigns please email Swati Bhargava (CEO & Co-Founder of on Cashkaro social media links: Thank you!