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Social Media Case Study: How HCL ME Tablet Received Over 10,000 Entries for its Children's Day Contest


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Social Media Case Study on ME CHAMP TABLET connected parents and adults to promote and launch the ME CHAMP TABLET with the help of Social Media...

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Social Media Case Study: How HCL ME Tablet Received Over 10,000 Entries for its Children's Day Contest

  1. 1. How HCL used social media to connect with parents and adults to promote the ME CHAMP TABLET
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGE Parents (especially whose kids are in school) have a general discomfort with allowing their kids free access to gadgets and the web Our task was to find a way to involve them in a conversation and help ease some of their concerns
  3. 3. THE OPPORTUNITY One of the most potent conversation starter for any new age parent is to discuss ways of better parenting In our case we triggered the conversation by discussing parenting issues pertaining to hazards of technology, privacy and gadgets amongst other topical issues
  4. 4. OUR STRATEGY A COMING TOGETHER OF THREE KEY ELEMENTS Right Context (Parenting in the digital age) Right Time (Children’s Day) Right Place (Social Media Channels)
  5. 5. CONTEST OVERVIEW #MeAndMyChamp - 3 Days. 6 Questions. 6 ME Champ Tablets.  We conceptualized a contest on Facebook and Twitter for parents asking them to give their creative solutions to everyday parenting issues in todays connected world  We started on 14th November and kept the momentum going till the 16th November  2 questions were put up everyday  We identified 6 super parents basis their suggestions Winners won a ME CHAMP Tablet for their real life CHAMP for Children’s Day!
  7. 7. AN OVERWHELMING RESPONSE 7.6 mn impressions 12605 mentions 10711 entries 1384 retweets 187 new followers
  8. 8. MOST GRATIFYING RESPONSE Amidst the mass hysteria on Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell test match #MEandmyChamp trended along with #ThankYouSachin #SachinTheStar, #SRTForever and #SRT on all 3 days!
  10. 10. RESPONSES
  11. 11. BUZZ
  12. 12. LOVE
  13. 13. In just 3 days, ME TABLETS actively engaged and interacted with over 2000 parents via social media!