Social Media Case Study: Carnival Media


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Social Media Case Study: Carnival Media

  1. 1. postboxcommunications.comA wholly owned subsidiary of Raincheck Networks Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. CASE STUDY Carnival Media Event : Carnival Mauritius SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Ashish Gandhi +91 9167696999 A wholly owned subsidiary of Raincheck Networks Pvt.
  3. 3. About Carnival Mauritius • Carnival Media Pvt Ltd paid a befitting tribute to the legendary star on Friday 26 October 2012 at 8 pm at SVICC, Pailles, on the occasion of Pravasi Bhartiya Divas- a day of immense pride for every Mauritian of Indian origin. Be it the occasional tilt of the head, the paused blink of the eyes, piercing gaze, the customary dance steps or the close- up of his enchanting smile – all went well with Rajesh Khannas irresistible persona and romantic image. The musical evening brought life Rajesh Khanna’s charming persona through the nostalgic numbers of his films, whilst original song picturisations showcased shall bring the Super Star to life amidst the audience. Ashish Gandhi +91
  4. 4. Objective • Brand- “Carnival Mauritius” was organized by Carnival Media for all those who are fans of the Bollywood Superstar - Rajesh Khanna… • TG of the brand was 18 and older, across Mauritius. It was no surprise that this TG was spending a more of time online. • Positioning of the brand was based on remembering the superstar and his memorable hits. • The challenge was to extend the positioning of the brand on online media and create buzz. • Also look at social media to engage with the Youth TG. Ashish Gandhi +91
  5. 5. BRAND Scenario Background Objective Challenges • Platform for all • Drives Entries of • Niche events , targeted Bollywood Movies, Participants to mass Entertainment • Driving Traffic to • Narrow target audience website • TG’s above 18 yrs. • Registrations online • Creation of Events to invite and share with Audience about Event Ashish Gandhi +91
  6. 6. Execution STAGES Creating Twitter Handle Presence for the Event Creating Awareness Micro blogs SNS (via ) Engaging Rajesh Khanna Bollywood Movie Highlights Of Hits Event Influencers Ashish Gandhi +91
  7. 7. Few Breakthroughs Ashish Gandhi +91
  8. 8. WOM – Targeting Group / Pages Online Rajesh Bollywood Khanna Actor’s Fan Groups Page One million Mauritians Group on Fb Ashish Gandhi +91
  9. 9. Postings • Jai Jai Shiv Shankar... A fun song from movie Aap Ki Kasam. Handsome Rajesh Khanna and beautiful Mumtaz danced like crazy after having bhang in this song. With composer Pancham Da and singer Kishore Kumar, it couldn’t have gone wrong!! Ashish Gandhi • BEST songs Of Rajesh Khanna +91
  10. 10. Event Postings • Tickets are now available at • Witness the magic of legendry Rajesh Khanna in magical Voice of Sudesh Bhosle and his team paying tribute to the Superstar at the Grand event of Carnival Mauritius! Ashish Gandhi +91
  11. 11. Event Creation On Facebook • An Event was created in month of Sept to promote the Event in Mauritius. • All friends & followers were sent invites. Ashish Gandhi +91
  12. 12. Contest Executed Online Participant in the Contest - Best Of Rajesh Khanna Love being in the limelight??? So start interacting!! Out of below few best snaps displayed “Answer few questions on the from Rajesh Khanna movies vote for your favorite one with a reason. Bollywood Superstar – Rajesh Khanna & If you think we have missed any best shot or you cant see your favorite one Win 2 tickets to the Tribute to of Rajesh Khanna, Upload it! Rajesh Khanna show Pravasi Mentioning the name of movie to which it belongs. Bhartiya Divas” We have a surprise for you!! So stay tuned!!! Ashish Gandhi +91
  13. 13. Online Facebook Contest – User Response Bollywood Quiz – Best Of Rajesh Khanna – ( Rajesh Khanna Trivia ) Response – 1 Participant only Response – 5 Participants | 3 Ashish Gandhi winners +91
  14. 14. Other Social Networks Ashish Gandhi +91
  15. 15. Twitter On Twitter we can use hash tags, Mentions like #Mauritius , @SrBachchan @SaregamaIndia… along with information related to event. Using hash tag allows important info to be shared with people Tweeting using the same hash tag . Ashish Gandhi +91
  16. 16. Online Targeting via Twitter Bollywood Stars / Others Singers 1.Amitabh Bachachan 1.Le Mantinal ( lematinal ) 2.Dimple kapadia 2.Mymauritiusnet 3.Akshaya Kumar 3.Mauritiusnow 4.Twinkle Khanna 4.Mauritian Club Mag 6.Dev Anand 7.Shammi Kapoor 8.Laxmikhant Pyarelal ( Music Director ) 9. Lata Mangeshkar 10. Kishore Kumar 11.Boxofficeindia 12.R.D.Buman Ashish Gandhi And many young actor and actresses as +91 9167696999
  17. 17. Event Creation On • An Event was created in month of Sept to promote the Event in Mauritius on •, basically has max. TG from Mauritius • All friends & followers of Rajesh Khanna in Mauritius were invited by sharing the event. Link : super-star--rajesh-khanna Ashish Gandhi +91
  18. 18. Social Bookmarking • Delicious is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. • We used this for bookmarking Ticket Booking & share any other news / update related to event. Ashish Gandhi +91
  19. 19. THANK YOU Ashish Gandhi +91
  20. 20. postboxcommunications.comA wholly owned subsidiary of Raincheck Networks Pvt. Ltd.