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Pinterest overview - social samosa


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The online ’PINBOARD’ is driving serious traffic and proving to be a powerful online marketing tool. Here is a quick summary on Pinterest by @missing_link_in

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Pinterest overview - social samosa

  4. History Dec 2009 : Development of Pinterest started March 2010 : The site launched as a closed beta Aug 16, 2011 : Time magazine published Pinterest in its "50 Best Websites of 2011" column Oct 2011 : the company secured $27M in funding Dec 2011 : the site entered the top 10 social networks, according to Hitwise data, with 11M total visits per week Jan 2012 : ComScore reported the site had 11.7 million unique users, making it the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor
  5. Some Pinteresting Facts About
  6. What is Pinterest?
  7. Getting Started on Pinterest? Request Invite Create an
  8. Using
  9. Using Pinterest A pin is an image added to Pinterest. A pin can be added from a website using the Pin It button. Each pin added using the Pin It button links back to the site it came from. Upload images from your Computer. A board is a set of pins. A board can be created on any topic, such as Cool Posters, Recipes For Dinner, or Wish list. You can add as many pins to a board as you
  10. What’s what in Pinterest? „Follow Button‟ for Websites. When you are browsing the web, push the „Pin It‟ button to This is a Board. pin an image. Adding a „Pin It‟ button to your product pages or blog posts will allow your This is a PIN. customers and readers to pin your products onto
  11. With Pinterest you can…
  12. A Sample Profile on
  13. Men‟s apparel Category selected. Showing various products. Click for more
  14. Pinning or Socializing?? Pinning‟s a lot of fun. To find Pinners who have the same taste as you do, access the „Everything‟ drop-down menu and filter board types by category. When you see a good Pin, you can either leave a comment, Like it, or re-pin it to one of your own boards. If you find a really interesting board, you can follow its updates, or head to the users profile and follow all of his/her boards. This is quite similar to Twitter as it‟s an open network, you can follow anyone you want to. No permissions required. You can Tweet or Share pins on Facebook, Twitter to help expand your hold across all three social networks. Mention other accounts @mention like Twitter on Pinterest, the mentioned user will get
  15. Trends on Pinterest? The Popular button shows what pins are trending at the moment. It‟s a great way to find new stuff and to find Pinners who you share your interests with. Trending =
  16. What’s for the Brands?? In order to determine if your brand is suitable for Pinterest, understanding the features of Pinterest is important, then try it out for yourself once you understand the basics. Most brands should be able to find a use of Pinterest, but certain industries are a perfect fit for Pinterest based on the visual nature of their offering and what is already popular on the
  17. Businesses that can benefit from Pinterest Brand categories
  18. Advantages for Brands/Businesses Direct Sales: „See It – Like It – Buy It‟, this will always happen on Pinterest. Customers will be directed to the website when the user makes 2 clicks on the image/pin. Always good for an E-commerce website selling variety of products. This is probably the best way in which ROI will actually show up as Pinterest drives significant
  19. Brands Can: Showcase New Products. Run Contests. Establish a creative communication between brands and consumers. Display various departments of the company. Set the personality of the brand. By: By posting compelling images. By adapting to the medium and experimentation. Being consistent and treating it like a process. Not many brands are there yet, be the first
  20. Running Contests Brands can always create a buzz by running contests on social networks. Its an easy way to gain popularity and engagement. Contests can range from creating the “Best Board” to a earning the most Re-pins.. Similar to photo contests on Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest offers a way for brands to build visually stunning interaction between themselves and their valued
  21. Showcasing New Products When launching a new product, companies always want to determine initial reactions to the product‟s look and feel. Pinterest is an ideal visual platform on which a new product can be introduced. As Pinterest isn‟t popular as Facebook and Twitter, reactions to the product can be easily determined without much risk. As users Re-pin a photo, more intelligence can be gathered, and a decision can be taken whether their companies should move forward with mass production. Think of it as a social media test group similar to a test
  22. Establish a creative communication between brands and consumers. Pinterest holds immense potential for brands to interact with their audiences and to visually entice current and potential customers. Using the power of image, companies can create buzz around products, display more in-depth aspects of their businesses, and ultimately create more personal and visually pleasing social experiences for their audiences. Display various departments of the company. Organized displays would allow businesses to display teams which work in one department. This feature makes Pinterest a strong B2B community. Set the personality of the brand. Every Pin allows for a description and a link to the original story. Therefore, any company can quickly connect an audience with its story, mission and future plans, all via photo
  23. 10 most followed brands on Pinterest Perfect Palette Real Simple The Beauty Department HGTV Apartment Therapy Kate Spade New York Better Homes & Gardens Whole Foods West Elm
  24. Last but not least…Not to forget Pin Etiquette Be Nice Pinterest is a community of people. We know that tastes are personal, but be respectful in your comments and conversations. Credit Your Sources Pins are the most useful when they have links back to the original source. If you notice that a pin is not sourced correctly, leave a comment, so the original pinner can update the source. Finding the original source is always preferable to a secondary source such as Google Image Search or a blog entry. Avoid Self Promotion Pinterest is designed to curate and share things you love. If there is a photo or project you‟re proud of, pin away! However, try not to use Pinterest purely as a tool for self-promotion. Report Objectionable Content No nudity or hateful content. If you find content that is objectionable or violates the terms of service, you can submit the content for review by pushing the “Report Content”