Social Media Case Study - Wipro e.Go using social media to engage and establish thought leadership


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A case study that illustrates how a technology brand like Wipro e.go used social media to build stronger engagement with its consumers and to establish thought leadership amongst online technology enthusiasts.

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Social Media Case Study - Wipro e.Go using social media to engage and establish thought leadership

  1. 1. Case Study for Wipro e.go
  2. 2. Objectives
  3. 3. What we did
  4. 4. Stage I Reviving Presence
  5. 5. Announcing Come-back Low Credibility and Dormancy– Initial challenges
  6. 6. Customizations for e.go Twitter Page
  7. 7. Customizations for e.go YouTube channel
  8. 8. Stage II Awareness Making people know we exist
  9. 9. Using Cyrus videos to create buzz Uploaded 1 Cyrus video per day. Sensational titles worked and some popular videos generated an average of 208 views/video.
  10. 10. Cyrus Videos uploaded on 13 Video Sharing sites along with Facebook and Twitter
  11. 11. Stage III Engagement Encouraging audience to contribute in response to posts
  12. 12. Rapid Fire Contest Rapid Fire Contest got us 82 new fans in a week and 398 responses on 21 posts.
  13. 13. Other Text based contests Contest on Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Such contests got us 70 responses over 6 posts. One Marathon task you’d like your laptop to do for you
  14. 14. One word answer contests on Twitter We got about 24 responses to our one word answer contests on Twitter
  15. 15. #funonego on Twitter Endeavour to project Wipro e.go as a thought leader 7 retweets received Fun tweets put under a hash tag called #funonego to increase engagement and visibility
  16. 16. Image based interaction Photo Albums fetched us 55 responses over 4 albums. Fans talking the language we talk
  17. 17. Interacting through Cartoons We reached a stage when fans posted cartoons before we did! Cartoon-of-the-day fetched us 220 responses over 27 posts Uploading 1 computer based cartoon per day
  18. 18. Photo Tagging Photo Tagging done to gauge fans’ liking towards various models of e.go. Result= 54 responses on this photo album Election of the new Profile picture by asking fans to tag themselves on their favorite e.go picture
  19. 19. Bollywood e.go Contest Used the hype around Bollywood celebs to enhance engagement. This fetched us 183 responses out of 8 posts
  20. 20. DIY tips and photos on Twitter Uploading pictures of cool laptop bags. Retweet by a follower
  21. 21. Introducing the Tablet PC Introduced fans to the latest addition to the e.go family- Tablet PC
  22. 22. Test for engagement Checked if the popularity of the video depends on it’s title being sensational by re-uploading it with a new title Plausible reason for Cyrus videos not working– Content not engaging enough to generate any responses. Cyrus videos that got no response earlier fetched us 14 responses on 1 post this time due to increased interaction on FB fan page..Another step ahead in enhancing engagement
  23. 23. Raising levels of engagement Polls Got us 279 new fans in 2 weeks and 32 responses over 1 post.
  24. 24. Interesting Fan posts
  25. 25. Rapid rise in interactions Registered a 5x increase in no of interactions per post over 2 months
  26. 26. Increase in total interactions The no. of comments overtook the no. of likes indicating an increase in involvement of the fans
  27. 27. Increase in fans Registered a 107% increase in the no. of fans since March 12,2010
  28. 28. Stage IV Participation Participating in conversations online
  29. 29. Recommending Wipro e.go
  30. 30. Participation in Trending Hash Tags As a result of posting useful tech information, we have a new list following e.gobywipro
  31. 31. Growth on Twitter No. of followers on June 10th ,2010= 231 34 new followers since March 12,2010 Average Response/Tweet= 1.42
  32. 32. Establishing thought leadership We made an attempt at solving computer related queries on Q&A sites to promote Wipro e.go as a thought leader.
  33. 33. Q & A sites Their Question Our Suggestion Total no. of questions answered= 60 3 answers selected as Best Answers
  34. 34. Best Answers on Q & A sites
  35. 35. Conversation threads initiated to gauge what brands people were talking about in the laptop space Initiating Conversations Tech Related Discussion Forum Some Recommendations by the members
  36. 36. Thank you