Social Media Case Study:How Mahindra Centuro Used Social Gaming For Its Brand


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Social media case study on how Mahindra Centuro launched and promoted its new two wheeler across various social media platforms like vine, Facebook, Instagram

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Social Media Case Study:How Mahindra Centuro Used Social Gaming For Its Brand

  1. 1. How Mahindra Two Wheelers Launched
  2. 2. India A Nation with Over 1 Billion People Most Travel On Bikes
  3. 3. Two Wheelers Is A Cluttered Market! We Had To Launch The Unique Mahindra Centuro!
  4. 4. Our Digital Challenge Launch The Bike Make The Features Stand Out Get The Audience Booking It
  5. 5. From Sneak Peek Banners
  6. 6. To The Reveal Of The Features
  7. 7. From Countdown Promos
  8. 8. To A Dynamic Real-time Cover Photo We Left No Stone Unturned To Get Everyone’s Heart Racing!
  9. 9. The Live Webcast of the launch was Featured Both On Facebook &
  10. 10. Www.Mahindracenturo.Com
  11. 11. Centuro In 60 Seconds Adding Glamour To The Launch Campaign, TVC Was Premiered Exclusively For The Digital Audience And What Did We Achieve? Over 2 Lakh Video Views In 4 Days
  12. 12. Share & Win Activity On Facebook Increased The Reach Of Our TVC
  13. 13. Talk Of The Town The Centuro Received Excellent Feedback From Top Auto Publishers
  14. 14. And This Was Just The Teaser The Real Deal Was Yet To Unfold… If We Took The Social Race That Seriously, We Wanted To Ace The Digital Race Too! During The Post Launch Phase We Rode Through Sites Like Yahoo And Msn, A Little Too Literally
  15. 15. Times Of India iPad Innovation u/33046124/Work/Video/Mahindra%2 0Centuro%20iPad.m4v
  16. 16. The Edge We Created 6 Custom Games Highlighting 6 Features Of The Bike!
  17. 17. The Edge Remote Filp Key With Key Light Find Me Lamps DTE Feature
  18. 18. The Edge Anti Theft Alarm System Mci-5 Engine Guide Lamps
  19. 19. Centuro Gaming Challenge These Games Were Further Leveraged To Carry Out A Gaming Contest For Our Loyal Fans We Created A Dashboard For The Gaming Zone
  20. 20. And Received Overwhelming Response From The Users We Also Gave Out Profile Badges To All The Users Who Played Our Games 6 Winners For The Gaming Contest Were Given A Samsung Tab And The Top Winner Received An XBOX 360
  21. 21. We Promoted The Games Through The New Platform ‘Vine’. We’re The Only Two Wheeler Company To Leverage This New Platform
  22. 22. Instagram We Entertained Our Fans On The Most Popular Online Photo-sharing, Videosharing And Social Networking Platform Instagram! All The Behind The Scene Action Was Captured And Showcased!
  23. 23. The Chequered Flag Achieved A Lot Of Digital Media Success We Gained Over 3.5 Lakh Fans On Facebook On The Day Of The Launch. We Have Crossed 9 Lakh Fans On The Page Today
  24. 24. Over 2.7 Lakh Visitors, With Over 7.8 Lakh Page Views We Received Online Leads Over 7000
  25. 25. 900 Fans Inviting Over 1.5 Lakh Friends Through Share & Win We Received 6700 + Views On The TVC
  26. 26. The New TVC Received More Than 2 Lakh Views In A Span Of 4 Days
  27. 27. The Media Innovations On Yahoo, MSN & iPad Crossed Over 18,500,000 Impressions
  28. 28. Now That’s The Digital Storm Of The Century!
  29. 29. Thank You! Credits: Social Media, Website, Games: WAT Consult Yahoo, MSN & iPad innovation: Interactive Avenues