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Kdkl twitter contest 2nd may


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Kdkl twitter contest 2nd may

  1. 1. Twitter Contest Report Date: April 30th
  2. 2. Twitter Contest Overview • Total number of tweets – 53,854 • Total Impressions/Timeline Deliveries – 2.76 millions • Trended in 14 cities for 5 hours 35 cities • Trended in India for 5 hours 35 mins overall out of 7 hours
  3. 3. What was the plan? • Kya Dilli Kya Lahore- The Movie was releasing on the 2nd May, 2014. We had to plan and execute a Twitter contest which would create mass engagement about the movie. • We planned a Twitter contest which would run from 11 Am in the Morning Till 6:30 in the Evening. • A Series of 14 Questions were prepared where 7 were easy and 7 were to be answered creatively. • Also, 5 Bonus Questions were given to the contestants. • Prizes of the Contests were a Moto-G, Flipkart Vouchers & KDKL Goodie Bags.
  4. 4. Work Before the Contest Began • Work for the Twitter Contest Began 3 nights before the 30th April,2014. • Firstly, through thorough Researching we identified a set of people who were regularly participating in Different contests and informed them about the contest on the 30th. • Effective creatives were made highlighting the contest and the prizes and the gratification Involved. • Approximately 300-350 Contest regulars/Movie aficionados were targeted and invited for the contest. • Result: We started Trending even before the Contest Started
  5. 5. We Trended in India all over for 5 Hours and 35 mins in the duration of 7 hours of the contest
  6. 6. Pre- Contest Banner • The Contest Creative Said It all, What the contest was all about.
  7. 7. Pre-Contest Banner-2 • After a period of two days, the contest grand Prize was announced on the 29th March to create more madness
  8. 8. Rules of the Contest • As we announced the Rules at 11:00 AM, What happened?
  9. 9. Before We started the contest, We asked tweeple’s to change their Twitter Handles to Kya Dilli Kya Lahore And the response 100+People had changed their handles Lets have a look at a few
  10. 10. We Trended even before the contest began at 11 AM We began to trend at 10:47 AM, even before the contest started
  11. 11. At 2 PM, We Were Still Trending in India
  12. 12. At 6 PM, We Were Still Trending in India
  13. 13. Lets Have a Look at a few Questions
  14. 14. We also created Bonus Questions which included Spot Prizes These Questions were activity based which included taking the participants on different platforms. These Questions created massive engagement
  15. 15. Bonus Questions were put up at a gap of every two Questions which created perfect time gap between the contest and some fun
  16. 16. In between every Question, We created a list of a few Tweets which included all the Promos, trailer , Motion Poster and other Promotional Content which we kept posting throughout the contest.
  17. 17. Lets Have a Look at the few fillers
  18. 18. Twitter Contest Analytics Data Interpretation
  19. 19. • We received a total of 53,914 Tweets in the contest in the span of 7 Hours • 27 Lakh TimeLine Deliveries • 904 People Participated in the contest • The Contest Reached 1.2 million People through various accounts
  20. 20. • The Graph depicting the total number of tweets and the timeline deliveries on a frequency polygon curve.
  21. 21. • The combination of words maximum used in the contest.
  22. 22. • Sources from where the followers of the twitter contest are coming from
  23. 23. • There was an average of 28 Tweets received per Minute.
  24. 24. • Here are the Top sources from where the contestants have arrived for the Twitter Contest.
  25. 25. • The Hashtags used during the Contest apart from #KyaDilliKyaLahore • #Contest, #Movieprediction were the top hashtags used in the contest.
  26. 26. • The Most Popular Pages associated with the Twitter Contest were Kya Dilli Kya Lahore, Contest In and Mintybay. Most Popular Pages
  27. 27. Most Tweets by One Person
  28. 28. Most Reach by A Tweeter
  29. 29. Most Timeline Deliverables
  30. 30. Most Retweeted Tweets
  31. 31. • An Analogy over the Tweets with Links and the Other with Media that is Photos and Videos
  32. 32. • A Look at the creatives and the no of Impressions each Picture created and the retweets received.
  33. 33. • A Look at the creatives and the no of Impressions each Picture created and the retweets received.
  34. 34. • A Look at the Contributors and the total no of impressions created by the contributors. .
  35. 35. Thank you