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[Report] Digital Habits of School Students in India


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Tata Consultancy Services has released a study titled, “TCS GenY Survey 2012 – Digital Habits of School Students”. The study was undertaken with the objective of capturing the trends and pulse of the youth across the nation with focus on technology. The study also tried to compare the difference if any, among students in major metros and mini metros in India.

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[Report] Digital Habits of School Students in India

  1. 1. 1Copyright © 2013 Tata Consultancy Services LimitedTCS GenY Survey 2012Digital Habits of School StudentsJune 14, 2013
  2. 2. 2ContentsBackdropObjectivesLogisticsFindingsConclusion
  3. 3. 3About TCS IT WIZ TCS IT Wiz, Indias biggest IT quiz for schools, started in 1999, forstudents of class 8-12 as an educational initiative. This has become anannual calendar event for schools across India. The programme aims tobuild awareness and encourage students to get excited about InformationTechnology. The Quiz strives to enhance IT awareness among students, keeping themabreast of the latest developments in the world of Information Technology, asIT has become an integral part of our lives today and has today put India onthe global map. After the quiz was rebranded as TCS IT Wiz in 2005, the growth of the quizhas been stupendous and now reaches 14 across India, making it India’sbiggest Inter School IT Quiz.Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings Conclusion
  4. 4. 4The GenY SurveyThe TCS IT Wiz has grown receives the physical participation of over15,000 students across India, TCS conceptualized a questionnaire basedsurvey administered as part of the nation wide quizObjectives A Nationwide study that would capture the trends and pulse of theyouth across this nation with a focus on technology. A study to comprehend and compare the difference (if any) amongschool students in the major metros and mini metros of India An exclusive study of this scale to capture information access trends,social networking preferences, future education mindset, careerinterests and youth aspiration products.Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings Conclusion
  5. 5. 5TCS GenY Survey 2012-13TIME PERIOD OF STUDYAugust 2012 – December 201217,478students,12 citiesLargestSurvey of UrbanHigh SchoolStudentsin IndiaRespondents12-18 year old,Questionnaire-basedBackdrop Objectives Logistics Findings Conclusion
  6. 6. 6Survey Reach14 cities across India Classified as Metros and Mini MetrosMETROSBangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad,Kolkata and MumbaiMINI METROSAhmedabad, Bhubaneshwar, Cochin,Coimbatore, Indore, Lucknow, Nagpur andPuneTOTAL RESPONDENTS - 17478 TOTAL SCHOOLS : 1660 AGE OF RESPONDENTS : 12 - 18 yearsBackdrop Objectives Logistics Findings Conclusion
  7. 7. 7Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionSurvey Findings
  8. 8. 8Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionSurvey FindingsGADGETS
  9. 9. 9Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionNarrowing gap in ownership betweenMetro and Mini Metro when it comes togadgets like Laptops and Tablets.Gaming Console is still considered apremium product and hence it stillpreferred more in Metros.GADGETS > Mobiles emerge the principal deviceWhich of the following GADGETS do you own?Mobile Phones have overtakenthe Home PC in metros whilemini metros are not far behind.Which is your favourite GADGET?GADGETS All India Metro Mini MetroMobile Phone 65.71 67.34 64.09Home PC 65.64 64.16 67.12Laptop 51.20 54.24 48.15MP3 player 47.93 45.09 50.77Gaming Console 40.61 44.07 37.14Tablet 37.73 39.99 35.4865.7165.6451.2047.9340.6137.7367.3464.1654.2445.0944.0739.9964.0967.1248.1550.7737.1435.48MobilephoneHome PCLaptopiPod/MP3playerGamingConsoleipad/TabletAll IndiaMetroMini Metro
  10. 10. 10Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings Conclusion“ I like a TAB but own a Laptop”is the current trend whenmapped to the previousquestion (i.e.: gadgets owned) .High ratings for Mobile Phones as afavourite gadget could be reflective ofthe fact that children nowadays aregraduating to smart-phones. Hencethey are claiming it to be their favouritegadgetGADGETS > TAB is the way ahead.Which is your Favorite GADGET?The TABLET is emerging as a popularas MP3 Players. Though the Laptop isused more, The Tablet is a greaterfavourite than a LaptopWhich is your favourite GADGET?GADGETS All India Metro Mini MetroMobile Phone 28.08 26.46 29.69MP3 Players 18.52 19.40 17.64Tablet 18.41 20.10 16.72Computer 14.71 14.21 15.21Laptop 13.35 12.93 13.77Gaming Console 6.81 6.86 6.76Camera 0.15 0.10 0.2128.0818.52 18.41 14.71 13.356.8126.4619.40 20.1014.21 12.936.8629.6917.64 16.7215.2113.776.76MobilePhoneMP3PlayersTablet Computer Laptop GamingConsoleCameraMini MetroMetroAll India
  11. 11. 11Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionDecline in usage of MP3 Playerscould be because of Mobilesbeing smart phonesMini Metro Children Show greaterusage of Gaming ConsolesGADGETS > Smart Phones replace MP3sWhat gadget do you use the most ?Mobiles emerge as the first UsageDevice ahead of the ComputerWhat gadget do you use the most?GADGETS All India Metro Mini MetroMobile Phone 33.65 36.71 30.58Computer 21.27 20.64 21.89Laptop 18.03 16.85 19.22Tablet 13.38 13.94 12.82MP3 Players 12.57 12.18 12.95Gaming Console 15.61 12.76 18.46Camera 0.02 0.04 0.0033.6521.27 18.03 13.38 12.57 15.6136.7120.6416.8513.94 12.1812.7630.5821.8919.2212.82 12.9518.46MobilePhoneComputer Laptop Tablet MP3 Players GamingConsoleCameraAll IndiaMetroMini Metro
  12. 12. 12Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionNokia still outscores AppleThe large ‘Others’ percentage could bereflective of emerging brands likeKarbonn, Lava , Xolo etcGADGETS > Samsung leads the wayWhich of these brands of electronic items do you use?Samsung is clearly the marketleader in preference of brandsused by these children.Which of these brands of electronic items do you use?Brands All India Metro Mini MetroSamsung 48.28 49.45 47.10Nokia 46.46 46.48 46.43Apple 39.56 38.01 41.11HTC 36.54 37.64 35.45Other 33.96 34.16 33.7648.28 46.46 39.56 36.54 33.9649.45 46.4838.01 37.64 34.1647.10 46.4341.11 35.4533.76Samsung Nokia Apple HTC OtherAll IndiaMetroMini Metro
  13. 13. 13Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionWindows is picking up its pace.GADGETS > Generation AndroidWhich Operating Platform is used by your Smart Device ?Android is definitely the leadingOperating Platform which Gen -Youth of India Prefers.Which Operating Platform is used by your Smart Device ?Operating Platform All India Metro Mini MetroWindows 33.69 32.99 34.39Android 53.70 53.45 53.95iOS 22.91 22.58 23.2433.6953.7022.9132.9953.4522.5834.3953.9523.24Windows Android iOSAll IndiaMetroMini Metro
  14. 14. 14Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionGADGETS > Smart Phone please….Do you own a Smart Phone ?The Youth of India definitelyhas graduated to utilising thefull potential of Smart Phones.Do you own a Smart Phone ?Answer All India Metro Mini MetroYes 58.93 58.50 59.36No 41.07 41.50 40.6458.9341.0758.5041.5059.3640.64YesNoAll IndiaMetroMini Metro
  15. 15. 15Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionSurvey FindingsSOCIAL NETWORKING
  16. 16. 16Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionInteresting to see the rise of sites likePinterest and LinkedIn, especially inthe METROs.SOCIAL NETWORKING > A national phenomenonWhich of the following Social Networking Sites have your registered with ?There is HARDLY ANYDIFFERENCE between theMetro and Mini metro cities onthe top preferences.Which of the following Social Networking Sites have you registeredwith ?Website All India Metro Mini MetroFacebook 83.38 83.95 82.81Twitter 29.43 29.79 29.08Orkut 27.85 29.01 26.68Others 23.99 24.59 23.39None of the Above 22.33 22.47 22.20Pinterest 15.73 22.23 9.23LinkedIn 14.54 20.22 8.8683.3829.4327.8523.9922.3315.7314.5483.9529.7929.0124.5922.4722.2320.2282.8129.0826.6823.3922.209.238.86FacebookTwitterOrkutOthersNone of theAbovePinterestLinkedin Mini MetroMetroAll India
  17. 17. 17Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionSOCIAL NETWORKING > FB is young India’s biggest ColonyWhich is your most preferred site?Facebook reigns supreme as themost preferred Social Networkingplatform at a staggering 91.54%National Average.Which is your most preferred site?Website All India Metro Mini MetroFacebook 91.54 92.00 91.09Others 4.96 4.90 5.02Twitter 2.21 1.64 2.77Google 1.24 1.42 1.05LinkedIn 0.06 0.04 0.0891.544.962.211.240.0692.004.901.641.420.0491.095.022.771.050.08FacebookOthersTwitterGoogleLinkedin Mini MetroMetroAll India
  18. 18. 18Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionSurvey FindingsINFORMATION ACCESS
  19. 19. 19Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionMobile Phone as an internetaccess device is growing inmetros. 1 out of every 4 Metrochildren browses on a phone.Cyber Cafes are still relevant in MiniMetros with one in five childrenvisiting.INFORMATION ACCESS > Home rules. Phones risingWhere do you access Internet ?Internet access in METRO Schools ison the rise.Where do you access Internet ?Source of Access All India Metro Mini MetroHome 72.03 71.76 72.30Mobile Phone 18.17 26.01 10.33School 14.41 18.43 10.39Cyber Café 13.57 4.38 22.76Do Not Access 2.49 2.23 2.7572.0318.1714.4113.572.4971.7626.0118.434.382.2372.3010.3310.3922.762.75HomeMobile PhoneSchoolCyber CaféDo Not AccessMini MetroMetroAll India
  20. 20. 20Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionCyber Cafes remain still relevant as apoint of access in Mini Metro’s.Though Schools in METRO’s areincreasing access, students preferbrowsing from Home.INFORMATION ACCESS > Home is default locationHowWhich is your favorite place to access Internet ?Home is still the preferred placefor access.Which is your favorite place to access Internet ?Source of Access All India Metro Mini MetroHome 83.60 82.26 84.93Cyber café 11.04 6.81 15.27Others 7.02 8.27 5.77School 2.60 2.66 2.5383.6011.047.022.6082.266.818.272.6684.9315.275.772.53HomeCyber caféOthersSchoolMini MetroMetroAll India
  21. 21. 21Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionThe Need for Internet is equally feltacross the nation.1 out of every 4 children spends morethan an Hour on the Internet while50% of the respondents spend morethan 30 minutes.INFORMATION ACCESS > Internet Need is equal acrossIndiaHow much time do you spend on the Internet in a day ?The device, access points andpreference may vary betweenMetro and Mini Metro but timespent is more or less same.How much time do you spend on the Internet in a day ?Time spent on Internet All India Metro Mini Metro1-2 hrs 25.48 25.90 25.0530 - 60 minutes 24.55 24.69 24.412-3 hrs 18.86 19.39 18.3315 - 30 minutes 15.63 14.56 16.69<15 minutes 15.11 15.55 14.6625.4824.5518.8615.6315.1125.9024.6919.3914.5615.5525.0524.4118.3316.6914.661-2 hrs30 - 60 mts2-3 hrs15 - 30 mts<15 mtsMini MetroMetroAll India
  22. 22. 22Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionProject work and Academic Researchfor information is highest followed bySocial Networking.INFORMATION ACCESS > Internet behaviour similar Pan-IndiaWhy do you access the Internet?Children reflect similar patternsin both Mini and Metros asreasons to access the internet.Why do you access the internet?Reason to Access All India MetroMiniMetroResearch School subjects 73.65 73.70 73.59Chat/Connect/Blog 62.34 62.51 62.17Access Email 49.10 48.62 49.58Listen/Download Music 45.47 45.74 45.21View Movies 44.01 45.53 42.48Do not Access 3.42 3.87 2.9873.6562.3449.1045.4744.013.4273.7062.5148.6245.7445.533.8773.5962.1749.5845.2142.482.98Research SchoolsubjectsChat / Connect /BlogAccess EmailListen/DownloadMusicView MoviesDo not AccessMini MetroMetroAll India
  23. 23. 23Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionINFORMATION ACCESS > Online shopping gets youngerDo you Shop Online ?4 out of every 10 children areshopping online today .Where do you access Internet ?Answer All India Metro Mini MetroNo 62.91 54.66 71.17Yes 37.09 45.34 28.8462.9137.0954.6645.3471.1728.84NoYesAll IndiaMetroMini Metro
  24. 24. 24Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionInteresting to note that 1 in every 4 kidsbuy clothes and accessories onlineINFORMATION ACCESS > E-com is young India’s newMallWhat do you buy online?Movie tickets dominate onlinepurchase followed by BooksDVDs and MusicWhat do you buy online?Product All India Metro Mini MetroMovies tickets 61.71 57.68 65.73Books/DVD/Music 46.99 46.20 47.77Airline /railway tickets 39.46 36.85 42.06Clothes & accessories 25.50 29.26 21.75Others 9.01 9.45 8.5661.7146.9939.4625.509.0157.6846.2036.8529.269.4565.7347.7742.0621.758.56Movies ticketsBooks/DVD/MusicAirline /railway ticketsClothes & accessoriesOthersMini MetroMetroAll India
  25. 25. 25Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionSurvey FindingsCAREER INTERESTS
  26. 26. 26Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionNew areas like Retail, Tourism,Media &Entertainment are attractive toMETRO kids.CAREER INTERESTS > New Career Options emerge inMETRO’sWhat are your top 3 career options ?IT and Engineering are still clearpreferences in Mini Metro’s.What are your top 3 Career Options ?Stream All India Metro Mini MetroIT 41.71 31.77 51.65Engineering 34.04 21.12 46.96Medicine 14.74 13.31 16.17Banking / Financial 13.10 10.42 15.77Others/Not Sure 12.56 7.74 17.38Media/ Entertainment 10.54 14.70 6.39Retail 9.86 14.65 5.08Tourism / Hospitality 9.52 16.17 2.88Government 8.40 6.69 10.11Interesting to note that 1 in every 4 kidsbuy clothes and accessories onlineInterest in Medicine declining inMetro’s
  27. 27. 27Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionSurvey FindingsCOMMUNICATION (Preferences)
  28. 28. 28Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionCOMMUNICATION > Email - a thing of the Past. Its aWhatsApp world.How do you communicate the most ?How do you communicate the most ?Mode of Communication All India Metro Mini MetroFacebook /Twitter 73.68 76.30 71.06SMS 53.84 56.75 50.93Voice Call 43.54 43.40 43.68Email 41.89 40.07 43.71Instant Messaging 39.39 37.78 40.99Facebook continues to grow asthe principal mode ofcommunication.SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS are theprincipal medium of Communication.Emails are on the decline as a mediumof communication and featured evenbelow SMS and Voice calls.The growth of Instant Messaging isreflective of the growth incommunicative applications likeWhatsApp and Blackberry Messenger73.6853.8443.5441.8939.3976.3056.7543.4040.0737.7871.0650.9343.6843.7140.99Facebook /TwitterSMSVoice CallEmailInstant Messaging Mini MetroMetroAll India
  29. 29. 29Backdrop Objectives Logistics Findings ConclusionInsights from the Survey Mobiles emerge the principal device for students Laptops surge ahead with one in two kids having a laptop athome Tablets emerge as an aspiration device for children Social life is clearly lived online by this generation One in two students use Android One in four uses smart phone to connect online Home remains the preferred location to surf the internet One in four are online for 60+ min; 50% spend 30+ minutes. Four in ten are shopping online be it for books, movies or music. New careers like Retail, Tourism, Media are attracting students
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