Mango Frooti V/S Slice Aamasutra [Report]


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One Day later after Frooti launched it's campaign Slice Aamasutra launched their campaign with Katrina Kiaf #Pheeka pad jayega

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Mango Frooti V/S Slice Aamasutra [Report]

  1. 1. Mango Frooti Vs Slice Aamsutra Social Media Campaign Review Powered by: MindShift Interactive Powered by MindShift Interactive
  2. 2. What happens when two biggies launch their summer campaign in the same week with too many similarities? Find out in our exclusive review right here! Find out who rules on Social Media with a detailed review from MindShift Metrics! Powered by MindShift Interactive
  3. 3. (76%) (24%)
  4. 4. About the campaign - #SRKLovesFrooti • Frooti, a 27 years old Parle Agro sub-brand signed Shah Rukh Khan as it’s Brand Ambassador • This is it’s (Frooti’s) biggest celebrity endorsement campaign (after it’s association with Siddharth Malhotra) • Focus of the campaign - ‘King of Bollywood’ endorsing the ‘King of Mango Drinks’ • Frooti’s ‘Social First’ approach stands out Powered by MindShift Interactive
  5. 5. Campaign Flow Powered by MindShift Interactive
  6. 6. March 5 – Frooti launches it’s #SRKLovesFrooti Campaign and reveal their association with Shah Rukh Khan! More than 11,000 Tweets on Day 1 and trending in India! More than 11,000 Tweets on Day 1 and trending in India! Powered by MindShift Interactive Over 2.7 Million Outreach within three days Over 2.7 Million Outreach within three days
  7. 7. March 6 – When Shah Rukh tempted everyone on the field…. Phase 2 of the Twitter Campaign began with an interesting sync with the TVC Tweeps had to share their interpretation of the Video Lyrics No. of Tweets – With 8610 Tweets, the excitement still continued Powered by MindShift Interactive
  8. 8. Frooti Ad 2013: Shah Rukh Khan • Published on March 5, • SRK AdViews – 1,84,269 • 3Videos have been shared on theYouTube Channel • 2,19,678Views on their latest campaign in 7 Days Powered by MindShift Interactive
  9. 9. Powered by MindShift Interactive Tweets on #SRKLovesFrooti Total Outreach: 27,98,620 Over 2.7 Million Campaign Outreach via 29k Tweets Over 2.7 Million Campaign Outreach via 29k Tweets More than 60% Tweets from Mumbai, Delhi and New Delhi
  10. 10. One day later after Frooti launched it’s campaign….. Powered by MindShift Interactive
  11. 11. March 6 - Slice Aamsutra launched their campaign with Katrina Kaif #Pheeka Padh Jayega Slice opts to stick with their campaign tag line and engage users with their innovative campaign activity Powered by MindShift Interactive Over 1.7 Million Outreach within three daysOver 1.7 Million Outreach within three days
  12. 12. • Campaign - Iske saamne sab kuch Pheeka pad jaega • After showcasing a seductive side, it’s time to witness the playful love triangle • The twitter campaign highlighted on all things that were hot, but are now #Pheeka Powered by MindShift Interactive About the campaign
  13. 13. Campaign Flow Powered by MindShift Interactive
  14. 14. Tweets on #Pheeka Powered by MindShift Interactive Total Outreach: 17,97,405 More than 50% Tweets from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi
  15. 15. • Launch with a Teaser on March 6, 2013 • TwoVideos with over 1393Views on both of them • FacebookVideo Stats are unavailable Powered by MindShift Interactive Slice Aamsutra – TVC on YouTube
  16. 16. Social Media Review – MindShift Scorecard © Frooti or Slice? Who leads the Social Media Race? Read ahead… Powered by MindShift Interactive
  17. 17. MindShift Scorecard © Sr. No Particulars Frooti Slice ******* Brand Ambassadors Shah Rukh Khan Katrina Kaif 1. Facebook Fans 5,63,699* 2,33,423 2. Fans Increase (Since March 5, 2013) 23,570 29,759* 3. Talking About Us 24,101* 14,534 4. Engagement Ratio 4.28% 6.22%* 5. Twitter Followers 1390 1628* 6. Increase in Twitter Followers (Since March 5, 2013) 218* 129 7. Twitter Hash Tag Popularity 29,024* 9341 8. Outreach Via Twitter Handle 2.7 Million* 1.7 Million 9. YouTube Views 2,19,678* 1393 10. Press Articles 60* 24 MindShift Scorecard © 7/10 3/10 * Refers to leading in that social media aspect Powered by MindShift Interactive
  18. 18. Sentiment AnalysisVs ConversationVolume Powered by MindShift Interactive
  19. 19. Sentiment Analysis - Tweets Frooti Slice
  20. 20. Influencers for Frooti Helped increase the outreach as the follower reach of these Influencers was 8 Lakh+ Powered by MindShift Interactive
  21. 21. Influencers for Slice Low Influencer Outreach as compared to Frooti
  22. 22. News & Blog Articles Powered by MindShift Interactive SRK’s association with Frooti made News, leading to a larger chunk of Press Releases SRK’s association with Frooti made News, leading to a larger chunk of Press Releases
  23. 23. Hits & Misses • Frooti emerged as a front runner, dominating Twitter & YouTube numbers • Frooti managed to engage with Twitter Audience in three Phases, keeping in mind the attention span of Twitterazi • Frooti Tweet Volume was 76%, whereas Slice Twitter Volume was 24% • Innovation, Celeb Power & Gratifications worked in Frooti’s favour • Slice led the race on Facebook, with a higher increase in fans and engagement ratio • Brand Ambassador’s associations on Digital was missing (especially SRK’s presence wasn’t leveraged) • Facebook was given a Miss, only being used as a mediator to launch and spread awareness about the campaign • Slice did not leverage it’s YouTube Channel, by sharing videos on Facebook directly Powered by MindShift Interactive
  24. 24. Insights • Twitter is the ‘NEW’ destination for brands to launch their campaigns • A brand needs to be ‘UNPREDICTABLE’ on Twitter (Frooti revealed it’s campaign in three phases, keeping the ‘ELEMENT OF SURPRISE’ intact) • Influencers HELP – So don’t hesitate to rope in a few who’d LOVE to associate with your brand • GIFTS Always WORK • Have FUN and Keep Tweeting! Powered by MindShift Interactive
  25. 25. Yet, the #Magicof @Frooti continues… March 8 – 11, 2013 (Ongoing) Powered by MindShift Interactive & Counting for #Magicof….
  26. 26. Research Methodology • Data as of March 11, 2013 has been taken into consideration for this campaign analysis • MindShift Metrics – A tool by MindShift Interactive has been used to track data across the web • Analysis & Insights are based on the stats shared in the presentation • Data Collection is restricted on the choice of keywords and platforms and hence may vary at times Powered by MindShift Interactive
  27. 27. ThankYou. Like it, Hate it? Do share your feedback and let us know if you’d like any additions in our next Campaign Analysis report. Want us to study your Campaign and know in-depth your data and results. Contact Us at Mobile No - 9820089207 Powered by MindShift Interactive