Social Media Case Study: #FAASTWEETUP by Puma


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The audiences on Twitter are known to be really opinionated and subsequently, individuals with opinions on different life genres have huge amounts of following. It is then, when these individuals talk about PUMA and their experiences with the brand at the event that really bring the brand and it’s product to the forefront of conversations for the duration of the event.

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Social Media Case Study: #FAASTWEETUP by Puma

  1. 1. Date: March 22nd 2012 Venue: C’est La VieTime: 8:00 pm onwards
  2. 2. Be a part of the #FAASTweetup on Thursday at Cest La Vie in Bandrafrom 8 pm on wards.The Activities planned were as follows:1. Run the FAAS Test and be crowned the FAAStest Tweep (Male &Female) and win PUMA gift cards2. Pick a date, Pick a Hashtag with the word FAAS in it and run a contestfrom your twitter handle and we will give away goodies to the winners.3. Karaoke SessionsAnd thats not it,3. Every attendee gets a PUMA FAAS Shoe and Bag. And obviously, drinksand food were on the house.
  3. 3. Sr. No Name Twitter Handle Reach 1 Adarsh Munjal thebigbhookad 1666 2 Anisha Bangera theblacksakura 1611 3 Akhil Shah smokingskills 2293 4 Chinmay Shah chin80 1852 5 Vikas Manipulle pablovikasso 2651 Total 6 Esha Rihal perniciously 2258 7 Aalok lokarlotweet 1730 Reach: 8 Vanessa Rebello fabulist 1391 9 Aneesh Bhasin aneeshb 4168 10 Binoy Parekh beeayeanoowhy 1591 81,700 11 Gaurav Puranik taklooman 4241 12 Vinit Bharucha thatvinitguy 2227 13 Nik nikster007 2053 14 Ashwin Mushran ashwinmushran 9090 15 Priyal priyal 5113 16 Roycin Dsouza roycinD 4470 17 Stuti SaaliKhushi 3297 18 Anuya boozeandshooze 2822 19 Tushar YawnOkPlease 2755 20 Mulchand Dedhia mulchand 1233 21 Richaa Agarwal richaaagarwal 22211 22 Khyati Theblackcanvas_ 977 Total Reach 81700
  4. 4. Impressions: 1,044,922 I Reach: 1,55,954No. of Tweets: 386. 50% of the tweets were @mentioned to @PUMACricket
  5. 5. Sr. No Name Twitter Handle Reach1 Anuya boozeandshooze 28222 Akhil Shah smokingskills 22933 Ayoosh Gupta InsidiousBrain 1214 Alok lokarlotweet 17285 Anisha Bangera theblacksakura 16396 Hitesh Ratnani hiteshratnani 1217 Yash coolyash98 1288 Stuti Sakhalkar sallikhushi 33159 Rishabh Shah RishabhShah48 27010 Binoy Parikh beeayenoowhy 159711 Gaurav Puranaik taklooman 426112 Vikas Manipule pablovikasso 2651 Total Impressions 20946 Total No. of Followers increased- 12 Total Impressions- 20,946 Total No. of @mentions- 176 in 2 hours
  6. 6. We surely achieved much more than just numbers!!!!
  8. 8. @Netra : 12,362 followers@shiladitya: 2,087 followers@BoySuperior: 2,709 followers @probablytrippy: 3,708 followers
  9. 9. For those who missed the FUN!
  10. 10. FAAS just didn’t end there!We created waves on Twitter for a month post the #FAASTweetup
  11. 11. What?•From the influencers who attended the tweetup we asked tweeps to run acontest on their personal twitter profilesHow?• For the contest we asked the tweeps to choose a hashtag where the wordFAAS was mandatory. For eg. #FAASfood #YoMamaSoFAAS and so on•The contests were run in the format of quizzes, trivias, captions etcWhy?•This created a lot of buzz on twitter as people started getting curious about theword FAAS.•The brand connect here was that we gave away FAAS 300 shoes as giveaways
  12. 12. Contest by: @theBlackSakura (1,833 followers) Total Tweets: 323 I Total Impressions 2,16,665 I Reach: 62,434Description: She put up pictures of local fast food from across the world and askedparticipants to identify it. The first person to answer all of them correctly won.
  13. 13. Contest by: @theFabulist (1,440 followers) Total Tweets: 200 I Total Impressions 1,08,600 I Reach: 50,434Description: A quiz based on speed. General questions were asked to the users and theywere asked to reply to the questions. The person who replied to maximum questionsquickly won.
  14. 14. Contest by: @RoycinD (4,693 followers) Total Tweets: 238 I Total Impressions 3,60,267 I Reach: 57,806Description: A 10 question contest based on #TAD365 project by Roycin D’Souza on Twitter
  15. 15. Contest by: @beeayenowhy (1,591 followers)Total Tweets: 140 I Total Impressions 1,45,508 I Reach: 17,660 Description: A trivia contest based on F1
  16. 16. Contest by: @smokingskills (2,494 followers) Total Tweets: 105 I Total Impressions 1,34,747 I Reach: 24,987Description: A simple and fun contest where people were asked to tweet with the hashtag#FAAS to their followers
  17. 17. Contest by: @thebigbhookad (1,851 followers) Total Tweets: 279 I Total Impressions 2,78,027 I Reach: 85,611Description: A photo quiz based on local food across India. People had to reply the fastestto win
  18. 18. Contest by: @mulchand (1,279 followers) Total Tweets: 279 I Total Impressions 2,78,027 I Reach: 85,611Description: A photo based contest based on the theme FAAS. The best pictures werejudged by Mulchand who himself is a photographer
  19. 19. Contest by: @pablovikasso (2,861 followers) Total Tweets: 439 I Total Impressions 6,32,761 I Reach: 83,515Description: The words were jumbled and people were asked to guess the original word.The FAAStest replies were tallied in the end and the winner was chosen
  20. 20. Contest by: @yawnokplease (1,277 followers) Total Tweets: 140 I Total Impressions 1,22,529 I Reach:20,324Description: Clues were given out and the basis of that the famous personalities had to beguessed.
  21. 21. Contest by: @shoozeandbooze (3,221 followers) Total Tweets: 149 I Total Impressions 1,45,789 I Reach: 45,774Description: A quiz based on Amitabh Bachchan
  22. 22. • Trending in India (4 times) 1• Trending In Hyderabad & Chennai (4 times) 2• Trending in Mumbai (2 times)• Trending in Ahmedabad (1 time) 4 4
  23. 23. Wait and RUN FAAStill we meet again…