Enterprise Should Know Social Media is a CEO Problem


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Social media Problems:
1. I have 2 M fans on Facebook. How many of them are actually my customers or potential customers?

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Enterprise Should Know Social Media is a CEO Problem

  1. 1. Enterprise should know Social Mediais CEO problemBhupendra Khanal, CEO Simplify360
  2. 2. • Social Problem : 1 • SolutionI have 2 M fans on Get the CRM integration. Add the Social Fields in your CRMFacebook. How many of system and start collecting thethem are actually my Social Profiles in the customercustomers or potential application forms.customers?The Social CRM Systemwill tell you the answer.
  3. 3. • Social Problem : 2 What is the ROI of Social Media? • Solution ROI comes in 3 forms – Sales Generated, Cost Saved, Buzz Created. Use coupons, micro-sites/landing Use Social CRM for Customer Service Buzz generated, if it ispages, FB apps etc., feed the data to and track cost per case solved. Use the a metric for you (it will the CRM system. ad cost saved for impressions or leads be if you are brand generated, or use cost saved to get the conscious), its fairly Convince the CFO to release the space in the mainline media. ROI is just straight forward.financial data. Create the metrics like there. leads generated, leads converted, revenue earned. System Integration and Analytics is the answer.
  4. 4. • Social Problem : 3 How do I build my Social Media Strategy? What is the ultimate strategy? • SolutionEvery company have their Marketing Social Media is no different. There is no Build a strategy.strategy or Finance Strategy. Best ultimate way to succeed. Defend it with properpractices can only take so far. Every focus and action.business success comes from the art Build a Story!leader shows while using theavailable resources. First think – What is your story?
  5. 5. How should an Enterprisemove forward?
  6. 6. Corporate Celebrity Innovation Brand Story Strategy Media You either SUCK. Or you ROCK! Social Media = Social + Media Social You either capitalize and earn. Or miss the opportunity. Social Media Marketing Social Listening OnlineCommunity Social Contact Social CRM Reputation Building Center Management Social Social Social PR Social AuditCommerce Intelligence
  7. 7. You are DOOMED
  8. 8. You competition isn’t better too!
  9. 9. Modern CompaniesThe CXOs – Chief Finance Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer Human Finance Operations Technology Marketing Resources These are the CEOs problem. The CXOs directly report to the CEO. • Corporate• Corporate • Book keeping • Product Communicatio • Hiring Finance • Office Security Building n • Employee• Accounting • Office Set-up • Technical • Branding Management• Taxation and Team• Inventor • Lead Gen • Employer Maintenance Management Relations • Business Dev Branding • Sales These are CXOs problems
  10. 10. CEO, CMO and CTO Social Commerce BrandCMO, CFO Social Management CTO, CMO, CFO Intelligence Social Media Customer CIO, CMOHR Head Service Audit Social Media Marketing CMO Social Media – The Working Model
  11. 11. Who pays for Social Media?
  12. 12. Chief Introducing Social Media OfficerThe Fund should get allocated andpassed from the CEOs and CFOsOffice
  13. 13. CEO, CMO and CTO Social CommerceCMO, CFO Brand Social CTO, CMO, CFO Management Intelligence Chief Social Media Social Media Officer CustomerHR Head CIO, CMO Audit Service Social Media Marketing CMO Solution CEO’s Office pays for it. Social becomes a part of the company culture.
  14. 14. Recommended Model for SocialMedia
  15. 15. Social Enterprise Working Model 1 CEO’s Office BPO/CS Social Media Team M/AD Agency Human CMO’s CTO’s CFO’sResource Office Office Office s
  16. 16. Social Enterprise Working Model 2 CEO’s Office Social Media Head CMO’s Office CS Agency/Social Media Team [Functional Heads] BPO M/AD Human CMO’s CTO’s CFO’sResource Office Office Office s
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